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  1. Doing a Halloween / Dia de Muertes "special"

    I searched and got that, so... *shrugs* Still a great quote. I think I heard it in reference to Doctor Who originally
  2. (Also posted at RPG.net) Last year I ran a Christmas "special" for our supers group involving Krumpus. This year I'm doing a Halloween / Dia De Muertos special. The basic premise is that a representative of each have come together to promote both events. Why? Because the year has been so crappy, people are stressed with all the horrors of real life, they're so busy they're not remembering friends and family, etc. Kind of a Hallmark movie type of thing. The world is doom and gloom and paranoia, and people need reminding that the metaphorical monsters in their lives are beatable! “Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.” ~G.K. Chesterton Additionally - and this is stealing from "The Book of Life" animated movie plus "Grim Fandango" (classic adventure game) with a touch of "Lanterns" (a wonderful board game) - there are people who need remembering to help them on their path to the afterlife. The solution the two came up with? Giant monsters will "attack" on Halloween night, and will explode into candy when defeated. Some of the candy is the standard stuff, but some of it will also be nostalgic, reminding kids and parents of happy times with passed on loved ones and more, and hopefully getting them to spend time as a family reminiscing about it. That's where the heroes come in. The heroes beat the "monsters," candy goes everywhere, and by dedicating each defeat to some of the souls in limbo? They get extra help on their journey out of there. And therein lies the "how should I do this?" part. I was initially thinking of players sacrificing dice to make the dedication, but that favors folks with large dice attacks. I'm now leaning towards them making Presence attacks with modifiers to wow the crowd as it were, with the results basically building up into a pool to see how many souls they help out. Thoughts? Anything else to consider? Side note: one of the PCs just *nuked* an army of something (I wasn't there for it), so when the main story comes up he's going to be sanctioned/under investigation/etc. I was debating his actions either counting against their total (foreshadowed with "Oh hell no, I ain't taking no dedications from THAT guy!") or maybe helping people go to hell I was also thinking of adding a twist where all the negativity made the candy monsters go crazy, but am unsure about it so far.
  3. Name a RPG system you can't stand.

    Honestly, I find if you truly want to hate something, you have to go to their official forums
  4. Questions on current version

    Thank you! I'll think about getting it next payday
  5. Name a RPG system you can't stand.

    I guess my question is whether or not its working as designed/intended. Did they have the same design goals as other games? Why would they have a system that has diminishing returns, particularly with point-buy character creation? Does it do anything for power creep like some games have? Is it to discourage over-buying of things while encouraging *some* level of buy in for skills and such? To help competence in characters without significant expenditure of character points in Heroic campaigns? Is it to encourage broad-based characters or hyper-specialists? To encourage horizontal progression versus vertical? To limit bonus bloat (I seem to recall a bit of that in the old Palladium games I played in high school)? Its not as clear as a +y for a 1dx system, I'll readily give you that, but I don't see the problem either. On another forum I go to someone started throwing around words like "standard deviation" in regards to the dice combinations. When I asked about what that meant, they said it basically translated to how "swingy" the combinations are. 3d6 is not very swingy because the "standard deviation" is pretty low. 1d20 is swingier, and 1d100 is horribly swingy compared to either (which, now that I think about it, might be why I really, really hate percentage based games). I was running Fuzion for a while years ago, and the rules gave the option between 1d10 versus 3d6. From their rules: I think there are pros and cons to both, and that from my experience? Personal taste might be more important here than any logical discussion of math.
  6. Questions on current version

    I'm considering getting it. I'd be using it on my desktop PC and my Surface Pro if I got it. Easy to use? Touch friendly? Can I print out speed charts? Add/remove characters for quick new charts? Thoughts? Also, does it make it easy/fast to do things that change the speed chart mid-game? We have 8-13 people in our HERO games every week, so there are parts of the system we deliberately block off because they mess with the speed chart...
  7. Name a RPG system you can't stand.

    Hrm... I would say that there's some diminishing returns to chasing +1's and +2's, so at least for me that frees up character points to other things (be it for my own characters or NPCs I'm designing). Likewise, in the games I've played with d20's, rolling a 1 or 20 has an automatic result, and there's always a 5% chance of it (auto-fail or critical more often than not) which I find frustrating as a player and GM. I'm assuming that when they looked at their options they probably intended for things to work towards favoring the middle versus the outliers. And I get that folks might like the dramatic swinginess of rolls and the constant, perpetual improvement from +X. But, as is, I'd have to say its a difference in design philosophy and design goals, and I find it to be a feature of the system for the games I want to run with it just as I find Cypher System's use of the d20 to be a feature of its system.
  8. Usually when folks talk about HERO, it seems there's an assumption you're running a full-fat, RAW game with extra optionals turned on. But I was wondering - what's the leanest, most bare-bones you've run it? Recognizing its a tool box, you can do quite a lot with it! Did you get rid of the speed chart? Stop tracking END? Ignore STUN? Toss hit locations away? For instance, I just ran a game based on Doom and really, REALLY pared things down. And after that? I trimmed a little more off to boot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dkBHyXsZaReTF0aG9MNGlkRVk/view?usp=sharing I was inspired by some board games as well as games like Fate, Marvel Heroic, etc. Also, I was trying to emulate the game in question, which was very fast paced, had no STUN, etc. Pulled from games like Team Fortress and Halo for role inspiration. It worked well, and the players had a great time. How about you?
  9. What would Hero Lite be like?

    Okay, upon asking for recommendations on Atomic Robo, and mentioning Fate never made sense to me? Someone gave me this... http://www.uptofourplayers.com/fate-core-rules/ So, I'd want a bare minimum of rules PLUS a comic "how to"/playthrough. Seriously. Because walls of text can be an obstacle.
  10. What would Hero Lite be like?

    A true HERO Lite, IMO, would have no powers creation. It might have powers, but they'll be pre-fabs and the like. It might have some base pre-gens/archetypes, but then have customization options for them. Honestly, the base mechanics are pretty easily, but the overall presentation is what freaks people out. I'd happily kickstart alternative character creation method books if the option came up. A simplified method book would compliment the main books nicely, since sometimes you want a nice and easy front end (like a smartphone) instead of REAL ULTIMATE POWAH (Unix command line).
  11. How would you run professional wrestling in HERO?

    I'll have to look those over, thank you!
  12. How would you run professional wrestling in HERO?

    Not really fluff. It'd be the basis of the game.
  13. How would you run professional wrestling in HERO?

    I'll have to look. IIRC, Lucha Libre was going a different route, like the old movies and such, and the assumption was "this stuff is real!"
  14. How would you run professional wrestling in HERO?

    Its "real enough," meaning that everyone except the newest/youngest of fans knows its theater where the actors do their own stunts, are there for the show, etc., but the players/wrestlers themselves? Yeah, its "fake" but it still puts you through the wringer. As Diamond Dallas Page puts it, "you can't fake gravity." So trying to balance putting on an exciting show versus "I actually need to live through this" would be part of it.
  15. So, the players are in the squared circle, locking in, and trying to put on a hell of a show for a small time promotion. They need to make everything look good, sell each hit, make every slam believable, yet be able to walk out of the venue in one piece at the end of the night. How would you run this without making it into a morass of skill checks? When I first thought of it, it went down the line of STR check, acting check and crowd reaction, etc., then trying to figure out how much a move actually hurt versus "man that looked brutal!", with failures resulting in actual damage or worse. But the more I thought about it, I began to wonder, "is there a better way?" Something more streamlined, to the point, but without getting too bogged down in actual simulation? Thoughts, anyone?