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  1. In other news...

    No, that would be (Space:) 1999.
  2. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Thor: Ragnarok --Saw it last night with friends at the cheap theater. It was a lot of fun.
  3. Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.
  4. Random Song Lyrics Thread

    O' beautiful, for spacious skies But now those skies are threatening They're beating plowshares into swords For this tired old man that we elected king Armchair warriors often fail And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales The lawyers clean up all details Since daddy had to lie
  5. In other news...

    A commodified version of the tech in Looker and Rising Sun, with the ethics shown in Jurassic Park.
  6. Funny pics

    The balloon needs an EA Games logo on it.
  7. The cranky thread

    My condolences on your family's loss.
  8. Policy for Fan Fiction

    A writer friend of mine generally recommends that if this is a stated goal, then it's usually best to not try to play with other people's toys, and to create what's needed from whole cloth. It avoids many types of issues down the line.
  9. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Night of the Comet - I remember seeing this at the movie theater when it came out. Still an enjoyable film.
  10. In other news...

    And a lot more polite than many other commuters, by not hanging over the other seat.
  11. In other news...

    Up in the canyons around here, we have chipmunks*. *Some of which carry Bubonic Plague.
  12. Funny pics

    We had Yellow Book People when I worked at a deep discount bookstore a couple of decades ago. They were so named by the encounter of the Third Key* that I replaced. Customer: "I'm looking for a book, I don't know the title or the author, but the cover is yellow." Employee: "Let me take you to our yellow book section." Customer: "You really have a yellow book section?" Employee: "No, not really." *Third Key was explained to me as "You'll be opening and closing the store some days, and you'll supervise other employees when the managers aren't around, if we ever get more employees."
  13. Funny pics

    "And we'll keep the planet."