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  1. Site Upgrade

    Ok, since I'm still getting notifications when I login here as expected, but none of those resulted in email, this was definitely the cause for me getting a few emails. So, yay!
  2. A Thread for Random Musings

    House stuff is seven months late, but I might be able to pick the house up next Monday Nov 13. And of course it's now snowing. I really wanted getting used to the trailer during the summer.
  3. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Freya, one the cats rescued down in Houston. She did get adopted a couple days after this photo was done.
  4. Site Upgrade

    Went thru and switched nearly everything email related to off. And added another user that's a bit more active to test with. I expect success this time. Greywind, make sure to turn all the email switches to off lower down. There are 19 of them, though I'm leaving a couple of mine on. (I figure if someone messages me here directly, I can respond...)
  5. Site Upgrade

    Ah, site upgrade might be the cause of something I jut noted. Hadn't been on here for months, but just recently I started getting email from here telling me of some of the people I follow posting articles or replying. We'll see if my latest try on not getting emails works. (Hadn't bothered to scroll further down to note more options, my bad.) p.s. New version looks good.
  6. Musings on Random Musings

    Not sure if I'm back, just coming around for a quick checkup. Just hanging out in Portland for another month, though setting up our residency for Oregon so that we have some sort of address. Will be staying in the Seattle area for about a month while the tiny house gets finished, and then hitting the road, probably end of May or in June.
  7. A Thread for Random Musings

    Checking in here just to leave a vapor trail and see how things are.
  8. Musings on Random Musings

    Very icky.
  9. Longest Running Thread EVER

    It's been raining non-stop in Portland it seems. (Like usual)
  10. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    Stretch goals, pdfs of the old versions like Strikeforce has done would be cool. I'm not as much into hardcovers either.
  11. I would have preferred Sanders, however I'll wind up voting for Clinton because I see her terms to be functionally equivalent to Obama. Everything bad would get rubberstamped by a republican, and some good will happen. And I don't have my backup plan of having a cross country vehicle capable of fending off hordes of mutants ready yet.
  12. A Thread for Random Musings

    Have now changed location from Southern Utah (Kanab) back up to Portland, Oregon. Last Monday, got the moving truck and lots of people helped pack it with two expert Tetris masters getting everything in. Only hiccups was the crate I was packing my computer room stuff into got put on the truck before most of the computers were put in the truck, and some loose parts got put in other boxes and onto the truck. (And then the final packing of the computer room was still to be done.) Wasn't a huge deal then, but made the setting up the computer room smoothly at the destination more difficult. Tuesday morning, woke up to snow on the ground and bad weather from Kanab to Boise. Truck was heavy enough, that the snow didn't really matter much, but at least in Utah, it seemed if we hit the wrong type of bump, the truck would go into a weird harmonic dance that felt like the truck would tip over. Figured out how to spot the road conditions that caused that and slowed down when needed... Got into Boise around 9pm, took off early the next morning and drove thru very nice weather arriving in Portland around 2pm. A bit early for the landlord, but his son was able to let us into the apartment. And since most of my friends work, I did most of the unloading. A few showed up and we got the truck done at 8pm. Thursday was return the truck, run some errands including getting a new phone. (I now have a "smart" phone). Friday, I drove to San Diego for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Today, I'm having an early dinner with friends, then driving back to Portland part way tonight, and finishing tomorrow. I think Tuesday will be an all sleep day...
  13. The "Nice Happy" Thread

    Moving back to Portland, OR at the end of the month! Looking forward to many things.
  14. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Checks mic.
  15. The cranky thread

    My Condolenses Ternaugh