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  1. The cranky thread

    My condolences.
  2. Funny pics

    Putting together stuff for my Lego Hero game for GhengisCon and had a Jon Peter's moment Getting some Polar Bears as well.
  3. Con survival pack

    It's been awhile since I've gone to a Con to run. (Holy crap, 2008...) Stuff I'm bringing to Genghis Con: Couple totes of Lego for the Lego Hero game Binder with characters and printouts of game materials Laptop and Wacom tablet Camera gear (Mainly because I'll be doing some photo stuff to and from) Dice Debating if I'm bringing the gaming mat & picking up pens. Lego will be the main focus in one game and the second game can use Lego for representation purposes. Food of an easily snacked nature, water bottle, packs of Emergency, and the usual supply of vitamins.
  4. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    CathyCat hanging out with Ava in the back
  5. In other news...

    We should get crows to help out. They'd probably work for peanut butter filled pretzels.
  6. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Catching up in Netflix: Agents of Shield, Ash vs The Evil Dead, and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.
  7. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

    Definitely a lot of stuff in the show is derived from comics and other shows as well. I get the Spider-Man & Black Cat vibe along with a lot of the characters you can find in other sources. Cheesy and formulaic, but done with love for the source it seems. Pretty sure one of the powers that Ladybug & Cat Noir get from the Kwami is Hypnotic Disguise, just like Clark Kent and his glasses.
  8. In other news...

    Story on ESPN
  9. Just wondering if anyone else has looked at this show. (Currently season 1 is on Netflix)I'm only in around episode 8, but I'll have to say the supervillains monologues are quite entertaining. Also the dangers of putting all your points into an OAF. It's pretty fluffy and very anime influenced, but it's got some charm.
  10. Laundry Detergent Pods... Really?

    I used to use one for my socks while growing up. Though the soap my grandmother made had a decent lye component, so that would probably cause worse internal issues than a tide pod.
  11. In other news...

    I was more concerned for a bit since we're close to a couple Rattlesnake named landmarks, but that ridge is quite a ways from Fall City. (Though I plan to be driving that route in February) Hopefully they can help those people out in the slide area.
  12. Musings on Random Musings

    De-constructed taco.
  13. The "Nice Happy" Thread

    Made shelves for the pantry and though I had a couple issues with the initial cutting, it worked in the end. First shelf was more a measure once, cut six times and sand to fit... Second one worked on first try. Will work on the screen door a bit more tomorrow. Just have to attach the hinges and hang it, but I traditionally have issues doing that.
  14. Bright

    I enjoyed it, but the scenario could have done with more play testing before publishing.