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  1. In other news...

    He's going to 1800 feet. 1800 feet. Any money on him coming back and saying 'Yep, earth sure looks flat from here. Flat earth confirmed!' Which will be publicity for his campaign. Also his statement that rocketry is just 'formulas and stuff', not 'science' is amazing.
  2. Help with Magic Items

    Aid is less limited in a lot of ways when compared to Attribute as power: 1) Aid is already usable on others. Attribute as power (AAP) must purchase it. 2) Aid can hit any number of targets, given time. AAP is limited to whatever level of Usable on Other you purchased. 3) Aid doesn't keep your VPP or MP reserve 'locked' after being 'cast', as its duration is instant. This is actually one of the most potentially unbalancing things about Aid - you can free switch to another slot without ending the effect. Unless you have Uncontrolled (another expensive advantage) or Continuing Charge on Attribute as Power the 'buff' ends the instant you switch to another slot. If you take 'standard effect' on a strength Aid, for example, you can get 3 points of str for 5 AP. You can throw this at whomever you want whenever you want, fire and forget. +3 str attribute of power with usable on others, uncontrolled will cost at least the same but probably more to make it as 'good' as Aid with regards to targeting ability. Also, for GM who are sticklers for it, there's a lot less stop signs involved with Aid than the advantages needed to make AAP fake Aid.
  3. Funny pics

    Blood for the blood god, Flakes for your bowwwwl!
  4. What Have You Watched Recently?

    First few episodes of the Punisher. Despite personally being lukewarm to the source material at best I am enjoying it.
  5. Can we forgive old movies?

    It's a viable target for this topic. Deliberately over the top or not. Persecuting those who are different and objectifying them as lesser or evil is as old as man itself: These tones echo back through art and culture into antiquity. Most of it is still on display and most of the writings with these tones often get a pass on 'well, they didn't know any better'. Which is not true, in my opinion - many people have always 'known better': we're probably not significantly more intelligent or self-aware than our ancestors (just better educated). Should they be buried or should they be used as examples of why society has needed, still needs, and will always need to change its approach? It's something close to my own heart as my children are half African-American. The thought of them seeing these old depictions and taking them to heart in some way... hurts. So bury them? At the same time while things are better there's still enough racism to go around and they will be exposed to it sooner rather than later (and my son has been - he just isn't old enough to understand it yet, but he's getting there far too soon). So prepare them? I believe that pretending that these works were never made isn't the right call ... but that perhaps limiting access until context can be established is. But what is that context? "People used to suck, but we're getting better (hopefully)?" What does contextualising accomplish? Does saying 'People don't think like this anymore' negate the hurt or insult of the original work? I don't know - I can't know - but I suspect not.
  6. Using held actions

    That 'for some reason' is not wanting a penalty for distance moved and ending up prone at destination if they succeed or prone in current hex if they fail. So, cake and eating it basically. Also another use for dex in 6th - my group has tended to dump it in favor of lighting reflexes for initiative or skill levels with dex skills if they're a dex-skill using type (most aren't) since it was decoupled from OCV/DCV.
  7. Stranger Things

    I think most people winced whenever they talked about D&D. From the outside looking in knowing that 'rolls' are made to do things is fine, though - I remember when I first showed my now-wife my dice bag ('Oh my." /Takei): "Those are dice?" indeed. (Also I wouldn't be surprised if it was a licensing condition to make whatever mechanics they talked about closer to the current version of the game in case someone watching decided it sounded cool.) Fun fact: We used to convert percentile rolls to d20 rolls in my group (rounding up for thieves skills or other values not divisible by 5). So if a wizard wanted to overcome a 60% spell resistance he would indeed need to roll a 13 (I don't recall what good old double chicken monkey had around then - it probably depended on if they they were playing D&D or AD&D).
  8. I am currently uncertain which is worse: That supporters of both factions (yeah, they're factions these days) are trying to weaponize the 'silent no more' movement that's sweeping through the country (a long overdue movement that I support so long as the allegations are just). Or that representatives of both factions have done things to make themselves viable targets for it. Oh, what the heck - there's no need to assign magnitude to every point of disgust. I'll dislike both equally.
  9. Using held actions

    Funny story - even the most dedicated min-maxer in my group once wrote up an instantly resetting triggered teleport to 'automatically dodge' any attack made against him... then said 'no... just, no.' himself and erased it.
  10. Using held actions

    Makes sense. Without a declaration of intent, though, what's the difference between using a held action to move or aborting to a held action to dive for cover? It seems like you'd be crazy to DFC in that situation (which I suppose I might be ok with, as it's meant to be a desperate action to protect yourself or another - the later of which a held move can't do.)
  11. Using held actions

    Good points all around. I like DSA's specfic beating the general a lot so I'll probably go with it. Waiting to generally 'jump in' can go after whatever made you decide to jump in is resolved - waiting for a specific situation resolves before that situation. I have another, though - 4 - Held action to move By the rules you cannot move as an abort (for good reason) - that's what moves like dive for cover are for. Could you move as a hold, though? ie: Cheshire knows that Ogre is going to move next to him and punch him out. Cheshire has a higher dex and declares he's holding his action to teleport 10 meters when Ogre moves next to him. It's not quite the same as aborting to dive for cover with teleport because Cheshire has declared this is what he's waiting for as opposed to holding in order to react later. It's very close to it, however. I think I might let it slide with a dex roll off (since moving isn't a defensive action, even used defensively). My gut leans towards saying 'You just described dive for cover', though (and that's really what this is - except better because succeeding doesn't leave you prone). "Why yes my group is made up of old school Magic the Gathering players, how did you know?"
  12. Using held actions

    Just want to make sure I'm using/ruling on held actions correctly - due to the nature of my current game (damage vs defense levels) players are really starting to use them: 1 - Held Action used defensively: Always goes first. A character with dex 15 Holds and is later attacked by a character with Dex 13 so he decides to Martial Dodge. Easy. 2 - Held Action used offensively as a 'trigger': A wrestler brick Holds his action for when Speedy Jim, who keeps using Passing Strike on him, gets within reach. When Speedy Jim gets within reach but before Jim attacks the brick wants to use Sacrifice Throw. Requires a dex roll? (Which the brick will probably lose anyways) 3 - Held action used defensively on behalf of another: A support character Holds his action and wants to use Aid: PD on a team-mate that is successfully hit before damage is rolled (he didn't just use it beforehand because he wants to see which of his team-mates is actually being attacked this phase but doesn't want to waste it on a 'miss' so wants to go between hit and damage). Dex roll again? Or no dex roll because it's defensive in nature? Or even possible? I think that's it.
  13. In other news...

    Definitely. My statement goes both ways - they stay in power because people fear the alternative, but at the same time history has shown them that they often have reason to. So, it's a good thing ... but as you say watch out for what fills the vacuum.
  14. In other news...

    Yeah, 'the devil you know' is one of the factors that keep these despots in power for so long.
  15. Marvel's The Inhumans

    I think they're saving that, should they be so lucky as to get another season, for destroying a Kree cruiser or something. But yeah...