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  1. Martial/Non-Martial Maneuver

    In 5Ed it says on "Strike" the damage is STR or by weapon type. I go into HD6 and make a new character with str of 10. I go to martial arts and select the "Basic Strike", not the "Martial Strike" and it gives me the damage as 4d6. There is no "Strike" maneuver, so I would guess the "Basic Strike" as being the maneuver. The basic strike is also giving a +1 ocv/+0 dcv, whereas the book gives strike as +0/+0. What am I missing.
  2. But they messed up in conquerors, killers & crooks. Mechassassin's gun is bought with charges in the framework and at +1/4 mod instead of 0 mod. I only came across it while converting to Hero designer using him as a template for one of my players
  3. Players wanted in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

    I was interested, but unfortunately you are 2 hrs from me at Niagara Falls NY
  4. Looking for an Online Group

    Well I guess this post died. If anyone is still interested in getting the game moving or anyone looking for more players send me a message
  5. Looking for an Online Group

    http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/428-6th-ed-excel-character-sheet/ I saw some excel character sheet. I have uploaded one I started and looking for input.
  6. Version v1


    This is a character sheet I have been working on to make character creation a little easier. I'm looking for input pn the sheet. There are still portions I want to work on more, but I wanted to start getting some opinions on things to change or add.
  7. Looking for an Online Group

    The teleport should work on anyone, willing or not, as long as I go. The UOO or UAA are required if I send you by yourself because I am the power not you. I have bought-in x8 mass, so unless the blob is part of our group I should be able to get us somewhere. I did buy it with the extra time (1 turn) to make it like the cartoon, you see Thor spinning his hammer for a short period then the gate establish and they walk through. I do like the bricks and Thor has always been a favorite. I had to limit him because he of points, like the teleport can only get a couple hundred km not around the world. It sounds like Teusday evenings are going to be the nights from al the previous posts. I am good after 7:00 pm eastern until around 9:30-10:00. So maybe next Teusday we can at least get on at the same time and get underway.
  8. Looking for an Online Group

    I am planning on using a character that I used to run years ago. I have remade it with the new rules. It is Thor from marvel comics/cartoon/movies. With one of the powers being teleport (gate) with extra passengers built-in. I am using mega scale and the extra time limitation to get the gate that they portray in the avengers cartoon, also using the safe blind teleport. I would still have to say being in the city would be more advantageous. There could always be times in the story arc where we would not all be together to take advantage of the gate power. The idea of a abandon subway tunnel, small warehouse would be good ideas. They are not in a typical high traffic area to help keep the anonymity of the base. Also consider the base, just like us are fairly new to the game. While a 400 pt character isn't low powered, they aren't high powered either. So the base may not every possible thing included, at least to start. I know everyone like having the mega base, but I really don't want to give up 20-30 points for the base. If the base is camouflaged/hidden well we wouldn't need a huge defense system built-in to start. Depending the types of missions we start with, we may not need huge computer systems to start either. Also the base doesn't have to be totally thought out to start the game. We can always get the game started, then flesh-it-out as we go. Then if we want to put a couple extra point in as we go we can. This way we can get into the game instead of going through weeks of talking about how to built it.
  9. Looking for an Online Group

    The base doesn't need to be that big, at least not to start. It could be hidden in a high-rise. An uncounted floor an inbetween floor. Add in some disguise or invisibility or illusions or something of the sort. That will allow for easier response to the center of the city. I'm also buying a gate type power into my character to allow for near instant travel in the city and the surrounding area. I don't think we need helicopters and several followers. Maybe just one follower, something like Jarvis from iron man, a normal not a super or AI. That would get the cost down to 10 points or so each.
  10. Looking for an Online Group

    I've tried text and chat. The text games tend to run very slowly. I'm fairly decent at typing, but it can be hard for some people to get into the action because they type slowly.
  11. Looking for an Online Group

    So it looks like there are 6 people interested, and I think the most available days are Tuesday, Friday or Saturday evenings. Please give a vote for the most desired day and start times, or if one of those days are not good for you. It also sounds like Bob is GMing, or at least being the first GM if we rotate which sounds like a good idea. Not sure about everyone, but to use a defined world (like marvel) would be the easiest on most people. To try and make a world can take weeks of someone's time, let alone if we rotate GMs. There is a reason Marvel went to the real world compared to DC that tried to make up cities. The new GM may not want to invest large amounts of time learning a fictional world. If we use a fairly close to current world with powers thrown in, you can at least look at what is around the base city for inspiration. Look at the map of the base city and you can pull locations pretty easily. Then as each GM does a scenario he can develop his villains or use a developed villain from existing comic lore, that would just require him to make up the actual characters. Also, when we change GMs the new GM is not hamstrung trying to use your villain or story line and can fairly easily pick up a new villain to throw at the group in his scenario. The super prison in and of itself is not a bad idea, but if the next GM wants to do something different it can leave a big hole in the continuum. Maybe tone down the break to a couple villains not the whole prison. Then if the next GM wants to pick up on the story line he can, if not when you GM again you can pick up and bring one of the villains back that has been hiding out. This may allow us to start as a more episodic game instead of a huge novel. Either way can we start to finalize the game and get started. The discussion has been going for a couple weeks with no sign of starting.
  12. Looking for an Online Group

    Let alone who is going to GM. How many people are serious about gaming and what nights and times are you not available. It would be nice to play weekly, but that may be too much commitment for everyone. It seems like we have a decent amount of interest so lets get moving towards actually starting a game.
  13. Looking for an Online Group

    I can GM, but I need to do a lot of reading before I could. I have GM a good amount of other games, but I haven't played 6ed yet and it's been several years since 5ed play also.
  14. Looking for an Online Group

    New York sounds like a good place to start. A lot of things happen there; between people, politics, commerce, & crime. At the 400 pts character level we would not be taking on the average street thug so we need a big city to keep a group busy.
  15. Looking for an Online Group

    I like the idea of a local/regional team. I'm a fan of marvel, so something similar to the FF, X-Men, Avengers. All of them have a starting point as being more local. The idea of a big brother coordinator helps get the game moving (FBI, CIA, Shield, or whatever you want to call it) The team being already establish would also help the game get moving. I've seen too many games get side tracked for hours from the one person saying "well maybe I don't trust these people and go do my own thing anyway". To act as a team should already be established.