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  1. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Question from one continent away: What happend to Jill Stein's campaign? When I was in the States during the summer she was oracled at 5 to 10 percent maybe. Now I don't hear anything about her anymore (at least in Germany) but for some strange reason about some guy on the right who came from outta nowhere and could be the guy who takes votes from Trump. Is that by any chance the libertarian who didn't knwo who, where or what Aleppo is? So: What happend to Stein? Who is this candidate out from the cold? And who, where or what is Aleppo? ;-)
  2. Complicate the Person Above

    Kaeto is known as "The Lambada King" - in North Korea. He was the reason it almost came to open warfare between the North and the South when he mistakenly danced into a timemachine and danced into Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. In that timeline the South (C.S.A.) won because Lincoln was taken by the rythm and didn't end the speech. As a further result the North (Korea now - still following me?) became a Lambadacy when he returned and the South (of Korea) a slave-holding society (that is black American expats enslaving Koreans) who cannot stand lambada (responsible for their enslavement in the Confederate States of Canamerixo) and thus was on the verge of declaring an all-out nuclear holocaust on the North AND Canamerixo. Only the triple power of Doctor Who, Doktor Why and Doctor Because-I-say-so could stop this mess and make the world and the timeline whole again. "Sane" is unfortunately still out of the window ...
  3. Complicate the Person Above

    Johnny Applessed tried to advertise his very own apple juice with the slogans: "The apples for juice grow by Johnny's whim. Apples for my pay. Johnny Appleseed knows." and "Who knows how many seeds where in the apples I used for this juice? - Johnny Appleseed knows." Of course he is now hidding from THE SHADOW's wrath for his sorry plagiarism - as I told him before. Well, next time listen when the Hun is talking, my seedy friend! P.S.: Answer to the last riddle is 98 by the way.
  4. Do you have a personal life?

    Personal life is difficult to integrate into Champions, simply because it usually spotlights one PC and leaves almost everybody else out in the shadows - and then it is usually Secret ID stuff, so the character cannot or must not 'shine' with his special powers, e.g. a fight bewteen Captain Nuclear and his spouse/ girlfriend about him being out all night fighting crime instead of spending more time with her and the kids can't be solved by his 14D6 Nuclear Blast. Yes, that's why we call it roleplaying but the other players have nothing to do for what - 10 to 20 minutes? And maybe they also want to have some "private life issues" to roleplay - then, with 4 people you kill 40 minute to 1,5 hours for basically 1-on-1 roleplaying (out of your typical 4 hour session). Hey, I always thought superheroes fight villains, do good and prevent catastropes and don't do stuff that any ordinary bloke has to deal with! With other campaigns and genres it's a little easier because you usually don't have to deal with different identities of the characters and nobody thinks twice if Magus the Magician does a little sorcery at his step-daughters wedding.
  5. Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Deaf and stupid murderers - that's a new one.
  6. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    So, it is proven: Some candidates are not acting like informed buffons at all. They are just being themselves.
  7. Complicate the Person Above

    L. Marcus is in rality Suram-El, half-brother to General Zod and a cousin thrice removed of Kal-El (a.k.a. Superman). He has also a superability: He can break winds at both ends at the same time! Not impressive you say? - You obviously haven't had the priviledge to ride in the elevator with him ... And YES! The "gas-attack" in Tokio in the 90s - that was HIM!
  8. Complicate the Person Above

    Death Tribble is the High Chieftain of the Un-Menschen, a strange people of three-headed carrots that live on the dark side of the moon.
  9. Complicate the Person Above

    That doesn't even make the slightest sense because it is all "crab" to Death Tribble! I accuse Death Tribble of discrimination against the over-mineralized and the sea-food disadvantaged!
  10. Complicate the Person Above

    Death Tribble is secretly engaged to Ben Nevis. So here, I said it!
  11. Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    I agree. He had not the right to threaten him, he had the duty to shoot the snail-jacker down! Bullet to the brain if there is no burger for my belly! That's how that is handled! (Yep, I am on vacation and left my medication in Germany ... Whioaskin'! Whatcholookin' so strange at me! HEH! Want trouble, HEH?!? Better bring me a burger, Jack, or I show ya Prussian Bullet-Time!)
  12. Funny pics

    No, but you are allowed a longer lunch break.
  13. Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Go Lions!
  14. Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    And it entered thus history: THE GREAT PIZZA WAR OF NORTH CAROLINA! And you thought the Houston Hot Dog Holocaust was as bad (and hot) as could it be ... well: Think again!