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  1. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Question from one continent away: What happend to Jill Stein's campaign? When I was in the States during the summer she was oracled at 5 to 10 percent maybe. Now I don't hear anything about her anymore (at least in Germany) but for some strange reason about some guy on the right who came from outta nowhere and could be the guy who takes votes from Trump. Is that by any chance the libertarian who didn't knwo who, where or what Aleppo is? So: What happend to Stein? Who is this candidate out from the cold? And who, where or what is Aleppo? ;-)
  2. Complicate the Person Above

    Kaeto is known as "The Lambada King" - in North Korea. He was the reason it almost came to open warfare between the North and the South when he mistakenly danced into a timemachine and danced into Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. In that timeline the South (C.S.A.) won because Lincoln was taken by the rythm and didn't end the speech. As a further result the North (Korea now - still following me?) became a Lambadacy when he returned and the South (of Korea) a slave-holding society (that is black American expats enslaving Koreans) who cannot stand lambada (responsible for their enslavement in the Confederate States of Canamerixo) and thus was on the verge of declaring an all-out nuclear holocaust on the North AND Canamerixo. Only the triple power of Doctor Who, Doktor Why and Doctor Because-I-say-so could stop this mess and make the world and the timeline whole again. "Sane" is unfortunately still out of the window ...
  3. Complicate the Person Above

    Johnny Applessed tried to advertise his very own apple juice with the slogans: "The apples for juice grow by Johnny's whim. Apples for my pay. Johnny Appleseed knows." and "Who knows how many seeds where in the apples I used for this juice? - Johnny Appleseed knows." Of course he is now hidding from THE SHADOW's wrath for his sorry plagiarism - as I told him before. Well, next time listen when the Hun is talking, my seedy friend! P.S.: Answer to the last riddle is 98 by the way.
  4. Hero System Lucky 7th Edition?

    Glorantha HERO would be great! But I would not outrule Palladium Fantasy - not anymore, since Mister "My system or bust!" a.k.a Captain TradeMark did a deal and now there is a hugely successful kickstater for Savage Worlds RIFTS. Of course, here we have a setting with a very enthusiastic fan-base coming together with a rules system that is one of the most popular and prolificly published. But since the Pally fantasy system is outdated and sub-par but the world quite interesting and long-standing there might be a chance.
  5. Hero System Lucky 7th Edition?

    "Heroica" sounds rather silly - there MUST be a better name for a GERO fantasy game. But in general I agree that calling each and every genre-book "This-and-That HERO" wasn't the best idea, even if the aim was to create an easily recognizable brand of games (HERO on the outside, HERO inside). "Danger International", "Justice Inc." breathe way more fun and life than "Modern HERO" or "Pulp HERO" - and Dark Champions is a misnomer for a game that is not vigilante crimefighting. There must be some kind of Champions in it. James Bond is not a "dark champion", "THe Wildgeese" is not a "dark champions" movie. So let's see: Modern - Danger International Pulp - Justice Inc. Superheroes - Champions Fantasy - The Age of Heroes, Heroes & Half-Orcs, Empires of Wonder etc.(depends on the world that is presented) Urban Fantasy - New London Tales Horror - Blood Moon Rising, Under a Blood-Red Moon, Dial "H" for Horror, In the Darkest of Nights SciFi - To the Stars and Beyond And each with the label - Powered by HERO.
  6. Hero System Lucky 7th Edition?

    Getting back to the question of: How can we get more people playing HERO? Yep, a 7th editioned (more accessible, streamlinge etc. whatever) would be fine but isn't goning to happen. Tasha said something about doing it on our own. Well, more power to you guys ut it certainly ain't me. So, what we have is 6th Edition (which is far away from bad!). Let's support that one! How? Well, one way that made SW very popular and accessble are FREE ADVENTURES READY-TO-PLAY. What the forum needs is a adventures in the Download Section - with a big signe : Adventures - this way"! And free basic rules in pdf (no artwork). That way a potential customer could get the rules and play! I put one of my PULP adventures in the pulp section and I have about three or four that I wrote for contests in Germany (even one a price or two!) that I could easily convert to Fantasy Hero, Horror/ Urban Horror Hero, Champions and Western Hero. I guess you also have stuff like that on your computer somewhere. I think that would help ina substantal way to draw more people to HERO. And each could help and participate.
  7. Hero System Lucky 7th Edition?

    I have gmed Conan D20 till 14th level, a LL campaign that started at 1st level and ended at 15th, a D20 Modern campaign that lasted till the Sc reached 12th level and played D&D in the 17th to 20th level range. So, I would say that I am quite experienced with high level adventures. Still By-the-Book-PF kills me! I once tried (for an adventure that I wanted to write for a possible publication) to build the biggest and baddest Red Dragon that the system has. I gave up after one hour of crunching the crunch and statting the stats. And the critter wasn't even close to be finished. I could have done that with HERO in that time easily - espeacilly with a Monster Handbook handy that basically gives me quite imposing dragons that I just have to make more imposing and dangerous. PF has a lot of crunch and rules and extra rules. But it's all pre-made. That seems to be the advantage.
  8. Hero System Lucky 7th Edition?

    What I like about 6th Edition is that it did away with figured characteristics, Now it is possible to build Stoneman the Wall with Dex 6 (being four tons of wieght and having 6 inch broad fingers really kills your fine manipulation and agility) but with an OCV of 12 and DCV of 4 (nobody misses him but his oversized hands seldom miss either). In 5th and 4th edition a reallyy molasses slow brick has Dex 14 - or the equivalent of a quite good gymnast.
  9. Hero System Lucky 7th Edition?

    Some brought up the BBB-approach and Tasha mentioned getting Instant Change back. I think that is the approach that HERO should take. And more so. Back in the days I thought of GURPS as inferior to HERO when it came to Build-IT-Yourself because HERO is (or at least seems to strive towards) a rules engine that you can us etobuild any effect in multiple ways. You look at the "effect" the power has and then look up the pwer that describes the effect best regarding the rules. I still think that HERO can do the best. BUT: No many people really want to do that. And even more really don't want to have to do that to play the game. So WHAT if some powers or talenst do not cost enough or too much? Building a flashlight in HERO for The Dark Detective is basically a nightmare - and then: Why not just get OIF NIghtvision goggles (with UV- und IR-Vision) and be done with it? Sure, it's not a flashlight and it won't light up the area like Change Enviroment, but it's less of a headache and cost not END. Instead just add a "Gadgets" department and put there "Flashlight - 1 point" and be done with it! "Combat Reflexes" gives +5 to DEX to act first. "Increased Comabt Reflexes" is +10 DEX to act first. Like Tasha and someone else said - more finished parts, less tinkering. And the real key to success is: Good gaming material! And that is what HERO is lacking. I really hav eto admit it, but the last Champions adventures for 6th edition were less than inspiring (just my opinion) and adventures for all other genres basically non-existent. MHI was the only exception and the short campaign a good start but not material that would anyone really tell their friends about "that cool campaign". If you ask me for my HERO favourites I would say: 1. Dark Champions 4th Edition + Justice,not Law + Muderrers' Row + Underworld Enemies + Hudson City Blues - KICKASS Vigilante gaming! Shadows of the City was also very good, if a little to "super" for my taste but still very good if you like more punch in your Dark Champions setting 2. Western HERO 4th Edition - some glaring mistakes in the stas of some creatures non-withstanding (scorpion!) a very good approach to the genre and a very nice adventure 2. Fantasy Hero 4th Edition - great essays, great background, all you need 3. Pulp HERO 5th Edition + Thrilling HERO Adventures + Masterminds & Madmen - best is Thrilling Adventures. Pulp HERO is the best supplement for 5th edition AND includes all its shortfalls: WAY too long, giving you several mouthful of well-researched information - and not much you can use to readily use. M&M has nice ideas but mostly sub-par illistrations. Still good stuff. 4. Champions Villains Volume I-III for 6th Edition - BEAUTIFULL! Best Enemies Books EVER! 5. Clasical Enemies for 4th Edition - basically the same as 4 -but shorter and most approachable and useful.
  10. Hero System Lucky 7th Edition?

    Tasha is right: SW is good because the Settings and Worlds are interesting and "ready to play", not book that tell you: "Here is Fantasy HERO - a great toolkit for ALL KINDS of fantasy campaigns. Now read it - and build it on your own!" That's like looking were a place to live and be shown an place, the material, tool and a plan to build your onw house. Nice, if you hav ethe time and the know-how and the will to do excatly that. In the end you have your onw custom build house. Most people would just rent a flat and be happy! One think I half disagree with Tasha is to simply transfer the "one rulebook" approach of SW to HERO. At least in Germany they sell the SW-rulebook in English (Explorer Edition) for €9,95. The German edition goes for the same price, the so called "Gentleman's Edition is a hardcover, German edition of the rules that included many, many old rules option that aren't in the Explorer's Edition any more and sells for € 19.95. At prices like it doesn't even make sense to shoplift them! So, you have a ruleset that you can get for less than 10 €uros (or less than 20 if you really want it all), which include one fantasy-adventure (or five adventures of different genres) ready to plan. Plus you have dozens of Adventures free for download! That should entice gamers to buy the book who are just interested to see what SW is all about. Now add one supplement with a originla world AND a campaign that is also ready-to-play and the NEXT YEAR of gaming is down. all for less than 50 €uros! Since HERO has to compete with universal systems like that the price of the basic rulebook is very important,
  11. Do you have a personal life?

    Personal life is difficult to integrate into Champions, simply because it usually spotlights one PC and leaves almost everybody else out in the shadows - and then it is usually Secret ID stuff, so the character cannot or must not 'shine' with his special powers, e.g. a fight bewteen Captain Nuclear and his spouse/ girlfriend about him being out all night fighting crime instead of spending more time with her and the kids can't be solved by his 14D6 Nuclear Blast. Yes, that's why we call it roleplaying but the other players have nothing to do for what - 10 to 20 minutes? And maybe they also want to have some "private life issues" to roleplay - then, with 4 people you kill 40 minute to 1,5 hours for basically 1-on-1 roleplaying (out of your typical 4 hour session). Hey, I always thought superheroes fight villains, do good and prevent catastropes and don't do stuff that any ordinary bloke has to deal with! With other campaigns and genres it's a little easier because you usually don't have to deal with different identities of the characters and nobody thinks twice if Magus the Magician does a little sorcery at his step-daughters wedding.
  12. Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Deaf and stupid murderers - that's a new one.
  13. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    So, it is proven: Some candidates are not acting like informed buffons at all. They are just being themselves.
  14. Complicate the Person Above

    L. Marcus is in rality Suram-El, half-brother to General Zod and a cousin thrice removed of Kal-El (a.k.a. Superman). He has also a superability: He can break winds at both ends at the same time! Not impressive you say? - You obviously haven't had the priviledge to ride in the elevator with him ... And YES! The "gas-attack" in Tokio in the 90s - that was HIM!