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  1. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    I'll hack them into some sort of monster hunters for purposes multi-genre playing and general bad-assery. They're GIFTED with the holy spirit in this hack, in their quest to rid the world of unholy entities.
  2. Converting Unknown Armies to 6e

    Being a Hero newbie, and only having read the second and first edition books of UA, I might be forgetting key points of both games. However, my version of UA magic in Hero would look something like this: Instead of using charges, create a new pool of usable resource (Endurance -like) that costs more points than Endurance, and which requires the use of rituals and actions mentioned in the UA core books to generate resource points. In Hero, this could be more flexible in the sense that you don't generate minor, significant or major charges, you just generate juice into your magick pool. As for the spells, you can start with the ones listed in the UA book, and either create more spells or use a variable power pool to represent the abilities of Adepts. Avatar skills can be created as powers, requiring an Skill roll using the Avatar: Whatever skill first. This system can also be more flexible than the one in the UA books. Just for flavor, you could limit the everday skills Adepts have, because of their obsessive nature towards whatever magick they practice and the general lack of coping skills to deal with real life. A DC game (Unknown Hero) set in this kind of occult world would probably be a blast.
  3. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    While some might think that being lucky takes away from a characters credibility, I think it suits the Saints much better, than making them some sort of professional hitmen from the get-go..
  4. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    I'll try and make the characters so that they have more legitimate complications in terms of gameplay. Just learning the system here.
  5. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    What a cool site. I'll have to dig around there and make adjustments to these boys. Also, upping the power level of course sounds inviting.
  6. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    Limited Hero-Fu.
  7. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    Well, I'm a smoker and I know that when sometimes you can't have one, that's all you're thinking about. Nicotine is classified as a drug. Matter of opinion I suppose, and easy to fix. I got the vigilante mentality off the 5e Dark Champions book, where it mentions that it's a limited version of the casual killer complication. In the movie they talk about killing whoever they think is "bad". De La Rocco mentions that he's the guy they should listen to, and Connor says "I feel strangely comfortable with it" and the conversation ends as they decide to go after the whole Italian mafia in Boston, not considering the risks or repercussions. It might be a needless complication, since the whole premise of the movie (and the game) is that they kill bad guys, but from an objective view, it makes them pretty messed up people to a point where their decisions are based on whim rather than analysis.
  8. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    Yeah, I suppose. I just based it on them knowing several languages at fluent levels.
  9. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    Here's the initial version of the brothers. I just assumed they both have the same stats in game terms. They ended up being quite costly when looking at the character point numbers, but I tried to remain modest as in the movie got on by luck and surprise. They are much less competent than the typical vigilante in the Dark Champions book, but they can put up a fight against a roomful of clueless mafiosos. This is them before the first hit on the Russian mafia men, falling through the roof. The Boondock Saints 5e 191 CP - 65 Disad. Points = 126 CP CHARACTERISTICS: (cost) STR 13 (3) DEX 15 (15) CON 13 (6) BODY 15 (10) INT 15 (5) EGO 15 (10) PRE 15 (5) COM 15 (2) PD 2 (3 rPD) ED 2 SPD 4 (20) REC 6 END 26 STUN 27 OCV 5 DCV 5 DISADVANTAGES: Dependence: Cigarettes (10 points), -1 to skill rolls after one hour Distinctive Feature: Tattoos (5 points) Income Level: Poor (5 points) Psych. Lim: Code of Honor: Only kills criminals (25 points) Psych. Lim: Vigilante Mentality (20 points) PERKS: Anonymity (3 points) Contact: David De La Rocco 11- (2 points) Contact: The Bartender 11- (2 points) TALENTS: Combat Luck 3 Resistant PD/ED (6 points) Resistance: Interrogation/Pain Tolerance +5 (5 points) SKILLS: +2 with Pistols (6 points) AK: Boston (2 points) Breakfall 12- (3 points) Fast Draw 12- (3 points) KS: TV Shows (1 point) Language: French (2 points) Language: Gaelic (2 points) Language: German (2 points) Language: Italian (2 points) Language: Latin (2 points) Language: Russian (2 points Language: Spanish (2 points) Oratory 12- (3 points) Streetwise 12- (3 points) Teamwork 12- (3 points) WF: Small Arms (2 points) POWERS/SUPER SKILLS: Luck O' the Irish [Luck 5d6] (25 points) Scenery Weapons [HA +3d6, OIF] (7 points) Two-Gun Kid [Two-Weapon Fighting, Ranged + Rapid Attack, Ranged] (15 points) EQUIPMENT (50 Equipment points = 10 points): 2x Beretta 92FS + Silencers [Cinematic] (15 Equipment points) 2x Concealment holster (2 points) Taser (Non-Ranged) (21 Eq. Points) Rope
  10. The Boondock Saints for 5e

    Just looking for some ideas on this topic. I'm planning on running small scenarios with miniatures not unlike the gunfights in the movie itself. I haven't yet gotten my FRED book (pretty rare) but I have Dark Champions and I have read about the mechanics of the game elsewhere so I have a pretty good idea how things work. I need a little project to keep me occupied. PS. Limitations. Dependence: Cigarettes (5 points), Dependence: Alcohol (10 points). Psychological Limitation: Code of Honor (25 points)