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  1. Supers Image game

    Do we have a winner?
  2. Thanks, As for the first question let me clarify: She wants to physically impose herself to keep him from proceeding a certain direction. She doesn't particularly want him to attack her just to keep him from getting where want to go.
  3. These situations have come in a battle and I'm not quite sure how to rule on them. I am using 5th Edition revised One player wants to block the antagonist from proceeding towards his destination by interposing herself in his way. She's not much larger than a regular person, neither is he and that have the same Speed and are on relatively open ground. I was considering competing Dex rolls. Another player wants to Grab her opponent who is surrounded by a small Force Wall, basically a bubble around his person but that doesn't fill his hex. Its a solid force wall (PD and ED) so could it be 'grabbed'? She has Stretching so its possible her for her to reach around it.
  4. Supers Image game

    First, I'm sorry for being so late.' There's been three submissions for a few days. I like the Marrow concept quite a bit but Bloodspike fits the image in tone and mood of the image, IMO while Hybrid is the most fleshed out full origin. Its a tough choice since they all have merits I like. But I am going to go with Marrow as the front runner by a notch. You're up. Steelcold.
  5. Can't install Hero Designer 2

    Does HD 6 support 5th Edition?
  6. Can't install Hero Designer 2

    I have Java 8, Windows 7 home and 4 gb RAM. But I can't get Hero Designer to install. It will proceed to the Installing phase then just seems to hang up and nothing happens. I've let it run for upwards of 10 minutes.
  7. Supers Image game

    I guess she just looked like she wasn't that attractive (IMO) but still female, but mileage will vary.
  8. Supers Image game

    Its the chin piece of her cowl. She's got a whole 'pointy' motif going on.
  9. Supers Image game

    Well, this isn't generating much response. Would you guys prefer a different image?
  10. Supers Image game

    Thank you so much! Here is my image.
  11. Supers Image game

    Hero Girl...Strange Visitor from another planet... Or was it “Born with inhuman powers, Hero Girl must fight to defend a world that hates and fears her.... Or maybe.. “After getting powers from a paper cut from a radioactive comic book, Hero Girl strives to live up to the words of her dead grandmother April: With great Powers comes great responsibility.” She could never keep track off all these retcons! Well, the next universe reboot would clear things up. Probably... on the bright side, she really liked this new costume! Tres Golden Age! Jenny Harper was a quiet introverted child, keeping to herself, often losing herself in her father's library of comic, both vintage and modern. He'd died shortly after Jenny was born and her mother, a distant woman, retreated even more in her grief. She was never deliberately abusive or cruel just closed off. Jenny never lacked for anything she needed but affection and assurance. She grew up quiet and alone, reading both comics and reams of adventure fiction. A more physical girl might have been a Tomboy, but the cerebral Jenny had her adventures in her imagination, putting herself among the four colors heroes she read about. She was allot like her father, a fact that drove a deeper wedge between the child and her mother. She reminded her too much of her dead husband. Sensing this but reading it as antipathy, Jenny retreated further, guilty for something but never knowing what. Eventually, she came to blame herself for her father's death. That must have been what made her mother so sad. She should have done something to stop it. A hero, like the ones she read about would have. But she wasn't a hero, just a girl. When Jenny was 13, her mother's depression finally became to much for her and she committed suicide. Jenny found her body,to late to be of any help. Again. Something broke inside her. Despair, self loathing, anger... Jenny's fragile psyche shattered but something was unlocked inside her as well, a great and potent power that burst outward, driven by her desire to fix things, to fix....everything. In that instant, the world was reshaped. To some extent. And Jenny was reborn. Now a 20 yr old intrepid reporter for metropolitan newspaper (that hadn't existed before) she had a secret identity as the blonde power house Hero Girl! But there was more, Jenny's unstable, instinctive power not only catered to her wish to be a hero, it drew on her fantasies of being in the comics she loved, bringing them to life. Jenny knows she's actually in a comic book and her world driven by the narrative rules of the medium along with the whims of writers and a sometimes fickle public. Being in on the 'reality' of the situation gives Jenny certain advantages. Sometimes she can read the captions and thought bubbles and get insights that would be otherwise impossible, step between “panels” and transverse incredible distances instantly and other bizarre feats, even sweet talking (or arguing) with the writers and other beyond the 4th wall to various ends. As Hero Girl, her powers and appearance very widely, driven by the whims of the 'writers'. She manifests forms derived from stereotypes drawn from comics and the various ages and subgenres of superhero stories from brooding Iron Age avengers to Silver Age boy (girl) scouts and her personality adjust to match but Jenny's perky optimistic core is always present. She likes the pictured version, a silver age heroine of great physical power, the best but accepts retcons with grudging good will. They never last long anyway. Her past or 'origin' adjust accordingly as well but some things are constant. Her parents are both alive and well (sometimes happily married, sometimes troubled or even separated depending on the tone of this particular series), her father figure is constructed from idealized faint memories and fantasies of her father with her mother sometimes as a darker figure occasionally a sympathetic villain, one in need of help. Jenny's powers are such they occasionally create other figures to help drive her narratives but usually just subtly steer things in proper direction. Her reality sculpting powers don't often alter the larger world in overt ways, most of their effects are very subtle or focused on Jenny. She is completely unaware of them and truly believes she is a comic book character. Observant characters could notice the odd inconsistencies that spring up around her as reality is reshaped to cater to her delusion and deduce what's happening. For example, if she is a 'brick' what she can do with her strength will be extreme even for comic book physics (crushing coal into diamonds, lifting entire intact buildings by one corner, and similar feats). Investigative efforts could discover the odd holes in her background(s) and in the histories of people generated by her powers and other oddities (everyone has heard of the paper she works for but no one can remember beyond the last copy they read and any back issues only go back a year and all the stories are about superheroes mostly written by Jenny). Psychic or magically gifted beings might sense what is going on with Jenny and the extreme but largely unconscious and latent power within her. That could make the naive, troubled girl a target for malicious forces seeking to exploit, control or even steal her power. After all, she is still an intelligent but young girl inside and a manipulative figure could easily take advantage of that.
  12. Superhero Images

    Heroic PC from our Bay City Blues game Hero Name: Phoenix Real Name: Eliza Morgan Occupation: Spokeswoman, test subject, adventurer Gender: Female Age:24 Background/Origin: A world-class gymnast, the young woman who became Phoenix was the victim and beneficiary of both bad fortune and good. During a contest in a tropical country, she contracted a particularly virulent strain of flesh-eating disease; as it was eating her alive, a leading company in bionics r&d heard of the case, and approached her with an offer: agree to act as a test subject for their experimental full-body replacement, or let the disease run its course, as there was no effective treatment known. Naturally enough, she accepted the offer. The process was, for her, not all that bad, as she was unconscious for much of it. Of course, she’s now a spokeswoman for that company, and has to report in regularly for maintenance and diagnostics uploads, and her role in the Bay City Guardians, though real, is largely a PR exercise for her sponsor
  13. Supers Image game

    Very creepy, feels like a modern take on 50s B-movie horror movie concept. Very nice
  14. Supers Image game

    Congratulations, Steelcold!
  15. Supers Image game

    I enjoyed the entries but Opale edged ahead. Congratulations!