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  1. Supers Image game

    Thanks, I'd glad you liked the idea. My submission:
  2. Mutant and Masterminds conversions

    How would you suggest converting Defenses?
  3. Westworld's Hosts in Hero System terms

    Thanks for the suggestions. It seems like I probably was overthinking it. While I wasn't intending to run something in the actual Westworld setting I was considering a similar themed park staffed by artificial hosts in another campaign and the ideas from the show were stuck in my head. Regarding the weaponry, I got the impression that the bullets fired safety projectiles (insert technobabble here) since I recall some guest being shot but only having some bruising and the wind knocked out of them, perhaps controlled by identification systems in the guns. But mostly it was done by programming. Host either always miss or are too slow to get off a shot when facing Guests or hit non vital/lethal area/protected or in the extreme situations (the Guest walks up, puts the gun against their head and dares them to shot) they just can't pull the trigger. In a game I guess I'd just give them a Physical Limitation: All attacks against Guests are Stun Only/Pulled Punches along with some OCV/Dex penalties against Guests to reflect their limited programming and the Park's systems (they do appear to have an amazing degree of control and surveillance over the park).
  4. I need some help on a villain

    Did you envision her other powers with any specific themes? With that kind of scheme, maybe some necromantic powers would fit? Give her a blast, drains or other damaging power based on necrotic energy or leeching the life force from her target, maybe to strength or heal herself. Since she's taking on a team, good defenses based on absorbing or weakening the power of incoming attacks by shunting them into the world of dead or a force wall of conjured and enslaved souls. Maybe make her some kind of undead like a lich or a vampire so supernaturally durable? or some undead minions. Karma does suggest luck but it also bring up fate and responsibility for the past. Maybe she cause characters have traumatic flashback of past misdeeds and failure, anything the feel guilty as some kind of mental blast or entangle (trapped in a nightmare/flashback)? Or Mind control that induces crippling guilt or a strange Summon where she conjures tangible phantoms of their 'sins' that they have to battle and overcome either directly or by coming to terms with them which either defeats them outright or weakens them? Having to confront their own past misdeeds and failure would be (IMO) interesting and ironic for a team named after the Furies, mythological agents of retribution and punishment.
  5. Supers Image game

    The Anti-Pope The pressed dubbed him the Anti-pope even before he took up the somewhat outrageous costume and tinged his performances with dark occult, Satanic touches, but William Green is a performance artist and public speaker. No one is quite sure where he come from before his first performance in Atlantic City to a half full comedy club but his mixture of sardonic observational humor, subversive anti-authoritarian rhetoric and raunchy stand up was soon drawing sold out crowds in venues order of magnitude larger. He has little online presence as of yet, stating a preference for live performance were he can "feel the sin" washing off the audience. All in all, for all his rising fame, William appears to be edgy comedian, funny for some but nothing truly noteworthy in this day and age. Appearances can be deceiving. No one has noticed the unusual uptick in crimes of passion and impulse after his performances or the slight but definite rise in acts of civil disobedience, hate crimes and general aggressive, impulsive tendencies. Some of his fans have grown obsessive following him around the country in servile bands that live on his word and engage in his hedonistic, anarchist philosophy to the full: rejecting even destroying convention and tradition as they can without drawing too much attention. Yet. William Green isn't a mere comedian. He's not even human, not anymore. His mortal existence was ended months ago when he made a deal with an Infernal creature for fame. Or more precisely, he made a deal for face to be widely known as a famous comedian. And he will be. The entity using his body for its ends didn't change is name or features in any way, in fact has gone out of its way to make the world know his name. The Devil is in the Details. And now its in William *ba dum tish* The creature inhabiting his mortal husk is known to occultists as Balseraph, a power order of devil or fallen angel. Once one of the most high, Princes of Heaven one step from the Seat of the Divine when a Seraph falls from grace it taxes their sanity to the breaking point. Once the paragons of Truth and Righteousness, they are confronted with a world of lies, deception and evil. To adjust to their new existence, they master something once alien to them: Deceit. Not just of others but themselves, convincing themselves that they made the right choice or are even still serving the Eternal Plan. In short they are the greatest liars in the Universe. Their lies, infused with tainted remnants of Divine Power, can alter reality itself though only in shallow usually temporary ways or twist hearts, minds and souls in deeper, more insidious and, if allowed, permanent fashion. As William Green the Anti-pope, he can approach masses of willing mind, make them laugh and relax while his word slowly creep into the cracks in their souls and, like freezing stagnant water, wedge them wider. His disparaging restraint, empathy, casting doubt on the hierarchies and structures of society said in apparent jest are easily ingested and from their subtle poison spreads. Not only does that slowly corrupt his targets and make them more likely to damn themselves but opens their souls to demonic control, softening their natural resistance their will would offer to possession. The scheme is so quiet and subtle, practically a long game that it not be noticed. His power don't even read to most mentalists as they aren't psionic but mystical, semi Divine if corrupted in nature. But the seething evil in Green is growing both impatient and haughty, intoxicated with his own fame and influence. He's started to direct his lackeys into greater, more overt actions both for profit and simple malicious fun. The vigilante Hype unknowingly support him, seeing the Anti-pope as a fellow traveler, an iconoclastic anarchist while the Balseraph quietly pushes him towards greater more impulsive extremes and erodes his moral center. A few simple words from Anti-pope help reinforce Hype's feeling of fellowship and shared goodwill when it wavers. Exactly what the Balseraph's endgame is no one knows (perhaps not even it) but it will be worthy of a fallen Celestial Prince.
  6. I might be (probably am) over thinking this but I've been torn about representing them as Automatons or full characters. Physically, they seem to feel (and act to avoid) pain and most discomfort and can be 'killed' by relatively low end attacks; they even bleed to death though it takes more blood loss than needed to kill a human. But they appear to be fairly easily repaired and "brought back online/back to life" from anything but catastrophic damage with properly skilled repair. From what I recall, human level blows don't effect them much but Killing Attacks (guns/knives, etc) seem just as effective against them as flesh and blood creatures,
  7. Superhero Images

    Two new character from an M and M game called Century Station Telepathic Assault Organism (T.A.O) (Might be a bit racy, if so I'll remove)
  8. Superhero Images

    Nice! They look like a Fantastic Four homage
  9. Supers Image game

    I had an idea but it didn't really gel (A young man breaks into the home of a Golden Super soldier gets trashed by the now elderly but supernaturally spry and experienced fighter who unfortunately over taxes his failing powers. The kid doesn't just leave him to die or continue the burglary showing a good heart so the hero takes him under his wing eventually passing on the mantle as he never has children) and my others were just variations on DT's (which is very good, I agree).
  10. 13 Things about Superhero gaming

    Interesting blog article from a long time Supers gm. His system of choice is Mutants and Mastermind but the observations and advice are applicable across the genre. http://www.petermball.com/13-things-learned-about-superhero-games-after-running-30-sessions-of-mutants-and-masterminds/
  11. Supers Image game

    That's three and while I liked them all (Dr. Quantum was a particularly original take), I am going to give it to The Wayfarer.
  12. Supers Image game

    FWIW, that's how I took it.
  13. Supers Image game

    Well, I'll put up a pic to keep things moving just in case.
  14. Supers Image game

    Hey, I worked hard on Amy. There have been some other picture entries that only had one submission before. And biased I am, I'd like to proceed.
  15. I hope to convert some of the characters from the Acts of Villainy M and M supplements to Hero and I was hoping for some tips and hints on creating the character sheets. I think I had a thread on the subject before but I can't seem to find it