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  1. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    Yeah but it took him a turn to remove it, at least.
  2. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    Transform armored target to unarmored (armor nearby): Minor. Also an option. If a focus is inacessible (as a suit of armor would be) I would rule that you cannot simply teleport it away.
  3. Can we forgive old movies?

    Mostly I can forgive awful people when I enjoy their product because I can separate the character of the person from their work. However, the more the person is part of their work, the harder it is to do so. Its easier with music, for example, and harder with film. I know nearly everyone involved in entertainment is a pretty miserable human being so I would really rather not know about their particular evils. Still, even if I do I can often enjoy their work, even guys like Cosby or Jeffrey Jones who are pretty terrible, and other entertainers whose politics are caustic and obnoxious to me.
  4. Can we forgive old movies?

    Sure. Among the many otherwise truly great movies that were made by Hollywood during WW2 to help inform and train soldiers and the pubic about the war, there was one about the Japanese that was truly shocking, hateful, racist, and unworthy of its director. Some of this kind of film may still be being made, but won't be understood for their nature for generations, perhaps. One of the best reasons to watch old movies is what CS Lewis said about reading old books: so that you can see how the people at that time were blinded to and so used to their culture they could not see its evils and confusions... and through that perhaps get a glimpse at our own.
  5. Can we forgive old movies?

    And then, there's always the chance that you may find a forgotten virtue or a cultural strength that has been lost, as not all in the past is awful and not all in the present is superior.
  6. The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Well that's just it. I think the best kind of review is less about the reviewer's opinion than informing potential viewers about quality of various aspects. I can like a poorly written, stupid movie because its fun, but its still poorly written and stupid and people need to know that. And some very, very well made movies can be very awful despite their high quality in terms of skill and technique.
  7. Justice League Film

    Yeah I wouldn't give Whedon anything, but Timm definitely.
  8. Animated superhero movies.

    Definitely in the DC side, for certain. Mostly because they take the comic books, which are basically storyboarded movies, and turn them into animation. If it was a great comic (story, etc) then it will make a great film.
  9. Can we forgive old movies?

    If you cannot forgive old movies, probably best you avoid watching them, reading old books, talking to old people, reading history, and thinking about things you're unfamiliar with, uncomfortable with, or are new to you. Maybe some bubble wrap to snuggle in.
  10. Age Manipulation

    Transform can turn anything into anything else, if bought correctly. I'd say that level of age manipulation would be a minor change. The mechanic I'd use would be the usual 5 active points of effect granted with transform per 1 point rolled on the die in excess of what it takes to transform the target. So if a target has 15 body, you have to afflict 30 points of effect (twice the target's listed body total) to transform them. Now to get any extra effect beyond a change in appearance (added powers, etc), you have to roll an additional 1 on the die of effect past their applicable defenses for each 5 points of ability that the transform causes. If you transform the above target to have wings and fly at 20m speed, then you have to roll high enough to pay for the 20 character points of effect (4 rolled in addition to the transform effect). For aging, I'd decide what effect aging has (slower movement, lower running, leaping, DEX, CON, Body, STun, END, for instance, maybe reductions in perception) and add up how many points that is total. It will be a negative, but its a negative applied to a target, so treat it as a positive. So if I transform Joe 15 body above, and cause him to have -3m running, -1m leaping, -3 DEX, CON, and Body, and -5 STN and END, that's around 18 points of effect. I'd need to roll a total of 34 points on the transform die to apply all the effect.
  11. Justice League Film

    I think part of the big pull for Justice League was supposed to be Superman coming back but with how they portrayed him and what he was like in the last 2 movies, I'm not sure anyone cared if he was still dead or not. That's probably hurting its chances as well. I suspect, though, that it won't display the usual curve of big hit movies that are really big at first then tail off rapidly. I think word of mouth might keep this one going for a while with modest numbers.
  12. Age Manipulation

    Its up to the person who built the power, mostly. Although I think there are aging complications in some books that you can look at for what point value you'll need to transform to give them a complication, to achieve that particular level of decrepitude.
  13. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Or the whole "you get your power from Asgard" was meant to be some kind of statement about his closeness to the people of Asgard. Can't be that many of them left after the invasions of the last two movies, though.
  14. Justice League Film

    Oh I have no doubt that the Green Lantern film weighs heavily on the DC cinema guys. They tried something light-hearted and it ended up horrible. But I've written about this before elsewhere so no need to repeat. Just saying its been long enough a reboot could work now.
  15. Animated superhero movies.

    Iron Giant, he's kind of a superhero at the end. And Despicable Me is in a superhero universe, from the villain side of things.