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  1. Supers Image game

    Jessica Kahn was a vainglorious journalist working as a host for a weekly cable network show called iSightings which showed paranormal sites and activities. She didn't really believe in all that mystical mumbo jumbo, only ratings and pleasing her bosses was all that mattered. Until she and her film crew ignored the warnings of the crazy old man when they entered the supposedly haunted house. The basement of the mansion was a interdimensional prison for a powerful demon called Baalcifer held there for centuries by the ancestors of the old man. When the film crew began to be nervous with all the glowing symbols and pentagram in the room, Jessica began to get angry as they were on a strict deadline to tape tomorrow's episode. So she arrogantly crossed over the pentagram while yelling..... "MORONS!!! There is no such things as ghosts, witches and the like! Never has been or never will. After five years of doing this piece of crap of a TV show, you all should know better by now. I'll show you once and for all!" And all hell broke loose, literally. The old man quickly entered the house as Baalcifer suddenly broke free from his bindings and killed the entire crew save for Jessica though he tore out her eyes out of spite. The old man risked his life to save her but not before passing all his magic and knowledge to her via an ancient Greek artifact called The Lanternstaff of Charon, the mythic ferryman of the river Styx. In the end she barely managed to contain the demon. Weeks later, a blind Jessica brought the house and took up residence there. Her career was ruined but she found a new purpose in her life as the Lanternkeeper, mystic defender of the surrounding area seeking not only atonement but also to keep the demon locked away, hopefully forever.
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    Whitewings is the winner.
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