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  1. Upcoming POD titles?

    I wouldn't say "wrong" it's just that the universe was edged into the "PoD" fork of reality by this forum's collective consciousness.
  2. The HERO system syndrome

    I do love several different RPG systems, not always because of the quality of the rules, but there are other reasons like nostalgia, nice shiny books with nice art, popularity making it easier to find other players, etc. But Hero is the best ruleset bar none. It's not even a contest. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but if only people could see that in play, once chargen is done, it offers a simple and fast-moving experience. Flexibility of character concept is not the only selling point. So anyway, I've bought sets of Hero Games books several times over and will continue to do so. My most recent thing is collecting all the different 3e genre games. I was kind of surprised how sophisticated the rules and presentation was already by the time of Fantasy Hero (1985), it was already comprehensive only 4 years after the first release of Champions.
  3. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    A little disappointed that it's not coming out as a Hero Games product. I know the contents will be the same, but with Strike Force and now this it seems like Hero might never release another official product.
  4. What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    I don't know much about pulps. I remember seeing pulp magazines - small digest sized publications with color artwork covers, with western or true crime themes - on newsstands as late as the 1990s or even early 2000s. These seemed to be the real old-school thing, not hipster revivals. Does anyone know what I mean and are any still around?
  5. Need More HERO

    I'm so envious. I've built up and sold off several collections through the years, and now have a lot of pdfs and a small number of hard copy books. And even though I have all I need, practically speaking, I still go weak at the knees when I see a bookshelf full of Hero and other RPG books. It's definitely irrational.
  6. Discussion of Hero System's "Health" on rpg.net

    I'm just going to chip in by saying that actually, Hero isn't doing too badly. It's in print. It still has a dedicated base, and name recognition outside that base. How many systems from the classic era of RPGs are really doing much better? The competition from newer systems is astronomical. Hero isn't one of the top handful of systems, like it was perhaps in the past, but now there are 100x the number of games on the market. We all have ideas on what could be done to make it more successful, but I'm pretty happy with what we've got, and I'm still having success running games and introducing new players.
  7. A Look At The Evolution of Champions/Hero

    Having just read Steve's guest post and the long "comment" I feel like I have just attended a master class or seminar on Hero...
  8. Upcoming POD titles?

    That's true in some ways, but for a newcomer to learn the game with no-one to guide him, I think Basic is better. The whole structure of the game is clearly laid out. For example the extended combat example and the sidebars are very helpful for newbies, the kind of things lacking in Complete which is a dense compendium.
  9. Upcoming POD titles?

    Nice purchase! Hope you get a lot of value from them. My copies are certainly prized. Yes, they're big, a lot of that is due to the thick page stock which I've never seen in any other RPG books. Seems like Hero Games would have pocketed some money if they'd had them available as PoD...you might not have gone to eBay, right? Hmmm...
  10. Upcoming POD titles?

    Couple of counterpoints to that...the two big books are still for sale in PDF. Steve Long still gives official rulings on them in this forum. And I'm not sure how you know whether more people prefer the Complete series (I don't). Even if your gaming group and your buddies on this forum have that opinion, that's not necessarily the best rubric. Bring back the big books! No, actually it's understandable that they were too expensive to reprint and the game remains accessible through Complete. So that's fair enough. But as a newcomer, I would prefer to learn through Basic Rules then use the Big Books. Coming completely fresh through Complete would be tougher - there just aren't enough examples and explanations in my opinion. Basic teaches the game very well.
  11. A Look At The Evolution of Champions/Hero

    Great article. Nice to see the framework of TFT/GURPS in there with Hero as they developed. There was definitely some back-and-forth there. TFT and Hero remain two of my favorite systems (not GURPS, for various reasons). Steve, have you ever had any chats with Steve Jackson about game design and the origins of the two systems?
  12. MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?

    I just looked up the Wikipedia article on Hungarian mythology. Very interesting stuff. So there's just not enough English information available? Or is it scanty and speculative even in Hungarian?