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  1. Longest Running Thread EVER

    This thread is still going? Wow. No matter how long you are gone, some things never change.
  2. Genre-crossover nightmares

    Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Hannah Montanna joins the Super Friends
  3. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Glad to hear it. Abandoning an animal... look I am not saying there can't be extenuating circumstances but that is a living creature you are taking personal responsability for. It is hard to imagine a decent person just leaving it.
  4. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Re: Longest Running Thread EVER
  5. Q & A Game

    Re: Q & A Game A: No Q: Is there a circumstance where 1 + 1 = 1?
  6. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week Base five? Just guessing that because that is how often it addes a different character.
  7. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week Actually it is kind of funny if you think about it a Euro Centric world view incorrectly gives ARABS of all people credit for zero because they were the ones who most recently were the source for it's aquisition from europe. It is actually Ironic.
  8. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week Sumer never get's the credit it deserves... babaylon is a punk! Sumer rules! Anyhoo... Errr, yea. The zero as a symbol, it's place and use in symbolic systems etc is as much an invention as a word like fire or seven. As far as that goes I do fully conceed it as an invention. I'd add something else in a clever attempt to call it a discovery, say something along the lines of 'at some point someone probably had an epiphany and realized that 'nothing' had to be taken into account.'; but at this point I don't know that I can make that paticular hair any thinner, especially when I can only speculate.
  9. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/HistTopics/Zero.html It seems to be fairly complete on the subject.
  10. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week It is difficult to recall. I spent a little time learning Veddic math and the theology behind it, and specifically recall the use of void in their system. This was about a year ago... sorry don't have a source handy. edit to append the following: A quick google on the history of zero pops up dozens of sites that support my views on it, plus an interesting tidbit that zero was also independently invented by the Maya. I wonder what it 'saved' us from that time?
  11. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week read my posts above.
  12. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week Ohh! You are going DOWN baby! Gonna get me some kindlin'! Actually you make a good point, and it probably comes down to how tightly or loosly we define certian things. The idea that if I give you two of my five apples and someone else three apples (let's say an Admin or moderator) and I am left with no apples is well understood. That example illustrates two things to me, first that even as an abstract of the idea of total loss, zero does exists, and that I need to buy more apples. Now numbering systems are symbolic representations of something real, though we tend to treat those symbols as if they themselves are real, to good effect sometimes. So when I say zero is discovered, not invented, I am asserting that the concept of nothing where it applies to things we may symbolically represent already exists and when someone creates a symbol to represent it in a number system, the persons discovery of the value and place of void or nothing is what is significant, not the invention of the symbol.
  13. Bar quote of the week

    Re: Bar quote of the week Zero was discovered as a mathmatical place holder, it was NOT invented nor was it unknown, the concept of nothing is culturally universal. Zero as an actual number can be found in Veddic traditions that predate it's earlierst occurences in any Arabic/Semite/Greek writings. Arabs incorrectly get the credit because of the writings brought back from one of the crusades. Base 60 is the earliers known numbering system, it comes from Sumer, and is the basis for our current clocks. The zero did NOT 'save' us from base 60.
  14. NGD Scenes from a Hat

    Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Well let's not derail it further, but if you don't count then I may lose count. What if every other set of three does not count? That way we will have an opportunity to go further with our lines.