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  1. Power Prefabs Issue

    So I previously bought the Champions Powers pack and the Equipment Guide pack for Hero Designer. While attempting to import the prefab powers I noticed an issue where several of the sub-files under the named folders are listed as .hdc files and not the correct .hdp. This has occurred in the following sub directories for the Powers files: - Size Alteration - Sleep and Dream - Solar and Celestial - Spirit Projection - Stretching - Telekinetic - Time - Vibration - Water - Weather This has occurred in the following sub directory for the Equipment Guide files: - Powered Armor Is this an anomaly? Was it done this way one purpose? Basically, what am I missing and how do I fix it?
  2. Loading Prefab Issue

    So then I'm confused... Why would a list of powers (e.g.; Size Alteration) from the Champions Powers book be listed as .hdc files instead of the correct .hdp??? Note: I realize this is probably not your issue...I'm just venting.
  3. Interesting. For Rigel's backstory, he could work at the Pentagon since they ultimately handle all security review for classified programs (which is where I'm assuming you're going) from all department laboratories (ARL, AFRL NRL, DARPA, etc.) through the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). DARPA does not maintain a presence at the Pentagon but they're not far away either. They do, however, have a military liaison group that sits on site so that's another possibility. Shoulder holster would still work. Remember that pilots wear them and have no issues while performing all manner of maneuvers. The only thing is that the weapon sticks out butt, or grip, first. So unless he's using one with a retention level to it, it can easily be stripped and used against him!
  4. Loading Prefab Issue

    So renaming the files should resolve the issue then?
  5. Loading Prefab Issue

    NOTE: I'm running Hero Designer 6, Build 20170504 So when I attempt to load certain prefabs from either the Champions Powers (CP HD) files or the Equipment Guide (HSEG HD) files, I run into an issue where I cannot see the actual .hdc files in a given sub directory. This has occurred in the following sub directories for the Powers files: - Size Alteration - Sleep and Dream - Solar and Celestial - Spirit Projection - Stretching - Telekinetic - Time - Vibration - Water - Weather This has occurred in the following sub directories for the Equipment Guide files: - Powered Armor This issue did not seem to occur with the last build and I deleted the directories and reinstalled the files from the Client Area of this page with the same results.
  6. Bigdamnhero discussed the Army...so I'll provide the Air Force version, although the military uses various pistols. Really depends on the role. For the Air Force, Security Forces (Security/Law Enforcement) carried the Beretta M-9. Office of Special Investigation agents generally carried the Sig 226. Special Forces generally carried whatever they wanted (HK, Glock, etc.). As Bigdamnhero mentioned above, it's also issued for pilots, crew served weapons, drivers, etc. Again, for Air Force, specifically Emergency Services Teams (think SWAT), we were issued a rifle and a pistol, plus shotguns that we carried on our backs for breaching. As also mentioned, the military previously issued the M-1911 (.45 semi auto), M-15 (.38 revolver), and the M-56 (.38 short barreled revolver). Holsters were a matter of preference and/or role. The Air Force would issue the Bianchi hip holsters and tactical holsters as well as shoulder holsters (again, role driven). Modern holsters tend to have some type of weapon retention factor built into them as shown here: https://gundigest.com/article/understanding-holster-retention Please note that there are all kinds of concealed holsters and they, again, come down to preference (inside the waistband vs. outside the waistband; appendix carry vs. lower back carry). Someone else already pointed out a couple of modern movies with realistic shooting stances. Again, it all depends on application. Are you shooting at a stationary target? A moving target? Are you moving? Are you AND the target moving? Do you have cover? What hand is your primary? Can you shoot off-hand? What firearm are you using? What range are you at? Send the grenade questions anytime you're ready.
  7. 5th Edition 250 Points Comic Book Character Generator

    This is awesome! Keep up the great work Cassandra!
  8. Gamma World Hero?

    I didn't find one either...so I made it up basically. If you read through my previous posts on this thread I talk about how I did the conversion.
  9. Gamma World Hero?

    UPDATE: I've slowly been working on converting all of the creatures over into Hero System rules if anyone wants me to start posting them... Didn't get very much feedback on the last round and would greatly appreciate some since I'm still a relative newbie to the rules.
  10. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? I used to play the Age of Empires online with friends of mine back in '97 and I would routinely play the Babylonians and use Priests to great effect. Psillias was a name I came up with that sounded Babylonian (at least in my mind). The best part is that it had a double meaning: the P is silent so it actually sounds out as "silly-ass". What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Basic boxed set of Dungeons & Dragons circa '80ish What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. We had a neighborhood group that played pretty regularly and we all took turns GMing. What are you currently playing/GMing? Currently playing Champions but getting ready to take over for the existing GM and run a Gamma World game utilizing the Hero system.
  11. Gamma World Hero?

    Character Name: Arns Alternate Identities: Dragon Bugs Player Name: NPC CHARACTERISTICS Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes 10 STR 10 0 10 11- HTH Damage 2d6 END [2] 15 DEX 10 10 15 12- 10 CON 10 0 10 11- 18 BODY 10 8 18 5 INT 10 -5 5 10- PER Roll 10- 10 EGO 10 0 10 11- 10 PRE 10 0 10 11- PRE Attack: 2d6 6 PD 2 4 6 6 PD (0 rPD) 6 ED 2 4 6 6 ED (0 rED) 3 SPD 2.0 10 3 Phases: 4, 8, 12 16 REC 4 12 16 20 END 20 0 20 20 STUN 20 0 20 4" Run 12 -8 4m 4" Swim 4 0 4m 10" Leap 4 3 10m 58 Total Characteristics Points COMBAT INFORMATION OCV: 5 DCV: 5 Combat Skill Levels: EXPERIENCE POINTS Total earned:0 Spent: 0 Unspent: 0 Base Points: 175 Disad Points: 40 Total Points: 175 MOVEMENT Type Total Run (12) 4m [8m NC] Swim (4) 4m [8m NC] H. Leap (4m) 10m V. Leap (2m) 5m Flight 26m [52m NC] DEFENSES Type Amount Physical Defense 6 Res. Phys. Defense 0 Energy Defense 6 Res. Energy Defense 0 Mental Defense 0 Power Defense 0 Cost Power END 20 Bite: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 2d6 (30 Active Points); No STR Bonus (-1/2) 3 10 Compound Eyes: Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees) with Sight Group 0 26 Flight 26m 3 61 Poisonous Flesh: (Total: 157 Active Cost, 61 Real Cost) Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 2d6, Armor Piercing (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (52 Active Points); No STR Bonus (-1/2) (Real Cost: 35) plus Killing Attack - Ranged 2d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Attack Versus Alternate Defense (Life Support (Immunity to Poison); +1), Does BODY (+1) (105 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), -1 1/4), 4 Charges (-1), No Range (-1/2), Linked (Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand; -1/4) (Real Cost: 26) [4] 117 Total Powers Cost DISADVANTAGES Cost Disadvantage 15 Distinctive Features: Humming Wings Not Concealable, Noticed and Recognizable, Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses 10 Distinctive Features: Pearlescent Exoskeleton Concealable, Noticed and Recognizable, Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses 15 Psychological Complication: Low Morale Common, Strong Notes: If they take BODY damage for any reason, they must atempt an EGO roll at -1 per 2 BODY. If the roll fails, the Arn flees. 40 Total Disadvantages Cost APPEARANCE Hair Color: N/A Eye Color: Black Height: 1.00 m Weight: 33.00 kg Description: Colorful and pearlescent exoskeleton. BACKGROUND Arns congregate in swarms no greater than six in number unless food is scarce. If food is scarce, they are solitary hunters. The swarm brutally protects its territory whenever it is invaded by other arns, and drives other from the territory during famine. If captured soon after emerging from its pupal stage, an arn can be trained to carry loads up to 100 kilograms. It only carries loads while airborne. It legs are unable to wield such weight. Dabbers use arns as mounts and pack animals. PERSONALITY The arns prefer to eat small insects and rodents. They generally flee from prey larger than themselves, except in times of extreme hunger. POWERS/TACTICS The flesh of an arn is very poisonous (see powers) and most predators choose not to hunt them. The arn has a vicious bite (see powers) and, once it has fed, will fly to the top of trees to bask in the sun until hungry or threatened. If attacked, the arn must make a morale check with every successful strike against it. If this check fails, the arn takes flight and escapes if possible. If the arn kills its attacker, it injects the creature, using its coiled tubular mouth, with an acidic compound to liquefy the organs. After 10 minutes, the arn repunctures the creatures skin with its mouth and sucks out the fluid. CAMPAIGN_USE Arns, mutated dragon flies, live solely in moist, humid regions of the world such as temperate/tropical swamps and coastal areas. Their compound eyes make it almost impossible to sneak up on them, unless one is invisible or shrouded in darkness. Their loudly humming wings can be heard from 100 meters away and make arns easy to detect.
  12. Gamma World Hero?

    Character Name: Arks Alternate Identities: Hound Folk Player Name: NPCs CHARACTERISTICS Val Char Base Points Total Roll Notes 18 STR 10 8 18 13- HTH Damage 3 1/2d6 END [4] 10 DEX 10 0 10 11- 18 CON 10 8 18 13- 27 BODY 10 17 27 8 INT 10 -2 8 11- PER Roll 11- 10 EGO 10 0 10 11- 10 PRE 10 0 10 11- PRE Attack: 2d6 5 OCV 3 10 5 5 DCV 3 10 5 6 PD 2 4 6 6 PD (0 rPD) 6 ED 2 4 6 6 ED (0 rED) 3 SPD 2.0 10 3 Phases: 4, 8, 12 16 REC 4 12 16 50 END 20 6 50 40 STUN 20 10 40 18" Run 12 6 18m 4" Swim 4 0 4m 10" Leap 4 3 10m 112 Total Characteristics Points EXPERIENCE POINTS Total earned: 0 Spent: 0 Unspent: 0 Base Points: 200 Disad Points: 40 Total Points: 200 MOVEMENT Type Total Run (12) 18m [36m NC] Swim (4) 4m [8m NC] H. Leap (4m) 10m V. Leap (2m) 5m DEFENSES Type Amount Physical Defense 6 Res. Phys. Defense 0 Energy Defense 6 Res. Energy Defense 0 Mental Defense 0 Power Defense 0 POWERS Cost Power END 1 Additional Reach 1m, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) 0 10 Bite: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6 (15 Active Points); No STR Bonus (-1/2) 1 32 Life Leech: Drain BODY 2d6, Personal Immunity (Only for Their Own Life Leech; +1/4), Area Of Effect (10m Radius; +3/4) (40 Active Points); 6 Recoverable Charges (-1/4) [6 rc] 45 Telekinesis (30 STR) 4 88 Total Powers Cost DISADVANTAGES Cost Disadvantage 25 Psychological Complication: Unreasonable Fear of Flying Creatures Very Common, Total 15 Dependent NPC: Non-Hunter Members of the Pack Infrequently, Normal, Group DNPC: x2 DNPCs 40 Total Disadvantages Cost APPEARANCE Hair Color: Varies (See Below) Eye Color: Varies (See Below) Height: 3.00 m Weight: 159.00 kg Description: These intelligent man-dogs grow to be 3 meters high when standing on their hind feet. Their hands have adapted to tool use. Their course, heavy fur offers substantial protection from the elements. They run the gamut of colors: bornw, black, white, blond, spotted, multihued, etc. BACKGROUND The hound folk travel in lossely knit family units (2d6 encountered) called packs. These packs can be up to two dozen members strong, but the hunting parties rarely number more than a dozen. The pack is ruled by the alpha male, usually the ark with the most combat prowess. Other males will occasionally challenge the alpha male for the right to rule the pack. Sometimes a large pack will split, with part of it following a new alpha male and part of it staying with the old one. PERSONALITY Arks have an unreasonable fear of flying creatures larger than 1 meter as well as modern technology. Advanced technology, however, is worshipped as totems. The alpha male's first wife is charged with the care and transportation of the totems. They consider human hands a delicacy. POWERS/TACTICS Arks carry medieval weapons. They most commonly wear leather or studded leather armor and have rarely been seen without a shield of some sort. Their pack insignia is usually emblazoned upon their shields. The arks' primary strategy is to attack from an ambush with guerrilla tactics, using their life leech mutation as much as possible. Since they are not immune to this power themselves, they life leach each other as well as the enemy in combat. However, their life leeching of each other tends to cancel itself out, so ignore it in larger fights. CAMPAIGN_USE Arks are found in nonartic plans, forests, and hills.
  13. Gamma World Hero?

    Using 10.5 and rounding down to 10 would actually work exactly in line with the Characteristic Maxima. There is only one creature with 20 hit dice which would be 67 BODY vice 60 my way. Want me to post them via text?
  14. Gamma World Hero?

    So here's my attempt at the first two creatures listed in the GW4e Rules. Some notes on how I came up with them: - I based BODY as follows: - 3d6 is the base roll for hit points in the GW rules and the average of that roll is 9 - I took the hit dice of the creature and divided it by 3 (the number of dice above) - I multiplied that number by the average roll of 9 - So a 6 hit dice creature has 18 BODY (2 x 9), a 9 hit dice creature has 27 BODY (3 x 9) and so on I felt this gave an accurate representation since the Characteristic Maxima (Champions Complete, page 21) for BODY is 20 (or just over 3d6) - I based characteristics, powers, and complications on the text - I used powers out of the Champions Powers book as much as possible UPDATE: I also meant to tell you that I utilize EGO in the place of Morale. I have also cleaned up the spelling/grammatical errors. Would *still* appreciate feedback. Arks.hdc Arns.hdc
  15. Gamma World Hero?

    A couple more: Artifact Interaction Charts 1E Rulebook PDF Mad Irishman Page w/ GW Links I'll keep posting as I find items. Please let me know if the links don't work for some reason.