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  1. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Ok, found it. I had to open a 5e character and Template is now there on the Preferences. Unfortunately, I'm running 6e and that Tab doesn't exist. Since I'm converting 5e to 6e, it looks like I'll have to make a custom template.
  2. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Hmm, nope. There is nothing under preferences for selecting supplements. There's five tabs. "General", "System", "Display", "Modifier Intelligence" and Prefabs. On none of those is an area to check supplements. The Prefab tab has to check boxes. Neither refers to Star Hero. Do I have to purchase some Hero Designer file collection for Star Hero to access that? I do not see one in the store. Also, feel free to not reply until you are done traveling. I can wait a day or two till you are back at work.
  3. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Sorry, I fibbed. I'm back. I don't see a Category option for Systems Ops. I'm sure I'm just tired . I've included a screenshot of the window that opens when I select Systems Ops skill in the attachments below. Is there something I'm missing?
  4. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Was that a change from 5e to 6e? I didn't see it listed as a change, but my Terran Empire Book from 5e lists a Package Deal for Imperial Navy (Propulsion), page 115 that includes Systems Operations (choose three categories, for a total cost of 6). 6E Systems Operations just seems to cover anything that's a system as one skill. Again thanks. This will be the last time I pester you tonight with my nerdom.
  5. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Thank you for your fast reply! While I was waiting for a reply, I stumbled upon the .pdf Instruction Manual (really, I should know to Read the Manual!) and discovered custom templates instructions there. Started tinkering with it and then began to wonder if my Starship Systems Ops and its subsets are actually just Systems Ops (Starship Propulsion, Starship Sensors, etc etc). THEN I saw that Systems Ops is 3 points... so i THEN figured I could do what I want by commandeering the Knowledge Skill, maybe?
  6. Custom Skill and Hero Designer

    Hello, I wish to create a custom skill. It needs to function how Forgery, Gambling, and Survival function mechanically (You choose the skill, a pop up window opens and you chose which sub-sets you want). I thought I could use Custom Adder for that, but they don't stick around if you uncheck 'em. Is this possible to do with Hero Designer 6? I would think that it'd work like the custom adder button except that it well, sticks around. Thank you very much for any replies. This tool has made my life much easier!