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  1. Star Trek "Recovery!" - Trek by committee

    Trek's producers response to this topic would be summed up by the 2:39 statement in this video
  2. Spiderman Homecoming

    The Helicarrier from Avengers was retired by Winter Soldier. Fury pulls it our of mothballs for Avengers 2. Agents of Shield had a story line of a mysterious project the Culson was silent on until after Age of Ultron when it was reveled that the project was a refit of the retired helicarrier.
  3. DEMON after 2012 - your thoughts?

    My gaming group did a thought experiment setting for the aftermath of Feb 29 2012. We called it: Dr. Destroyer saves the world! Time line we came up with. Feb 29 2012, Demon's ritual draws the majority of the high power supers into a fight with Demon Inner Circle. Vipers local nest become involved on the hero's side. Mechanion Takes control of Unity station and nukes the battle as it is in progress. All members of Demon die in the mystic backlash, most other mystic heroes/villains not involved in the fight also die from the backlash. Mechanion also nukes stronghold. The World Super Powers then launch their nukes at each other because Mechanion feeds them false intelligence on the source of the nuclear attacks. WWIII occurs. The USA, Russia, China and other 1 st & 2nd world nations suffer heavy losses from nuclear strikes. Most of the nukes headed to Europe are rerouted by Mechanion to hit major population centers in the 3rd world nations. March 1, 2012 Mechanion's army of drones marches out of the north sea to conquer Europe. The population is enslaved to build factories that are designed. European Viper nests and Eurostar step up help defend with the European militarizes but get over run by the millions of drones. June 1, 2012 After loosing Europe the remaining Viper leadership, plus elements of UNTIL and Primus, the Tiger Force and other Militarily groups agree to swear alligence to Dr. Destroyer. The first target is to retake/or destroy Unity Station as it has sunk most of the world navies and Dr Destroyer knows where a working teleport pad is. Players would each make a super hero but most of the time an adventure party will consist of 1 super and a bunch of viper agents (or agents from another organization). We would rotate who super is leading a squad.
  4. MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?

    Or a Pulp Hero supplement. Lovecraft will put his material into public domain for other writers to pen a story in the setting via his will. But this was well before the advent of RPG. DG&D with the Cthulhu Mythos was published at a time when the estate licensed the mythos a publisher. Ever hear of Call of Cthulhu RPG? That publisher sued TSR. TSR opted to reprint without the Cthulhu Mythos and Elric saga characters. (TSR heard from the Elric people also.) TSR could have won the lawsuit but decided to settle as it was cheaper. TSR was still a small company in late 70s.
  5. The Blood of my Enemies

    I could see an Aztec like culture gathering the blood from the sacrifices to make iron weapons from it.
  6. Supergirl

    they mentioned the Flash talked to Vibe in an off air scene about his crossing into supergirl's world. Not everything has to be on screen.
  7. Supergirl

    When Buffy did it's musical episode, there was a bid emotional reveal during it. Flash, not so much. Buffy told the scubies that she thinks that she was in heaven when they raised her from the dead. Flash, we just confirmed the characters feels from the year(s)-long love story arcs. I also liked the Buffy episode where they could not speak. Joss was smart to have almost no sound track in that episode to emphasize the silence.
  8. The Blood of my Enemies

    In the Far East, swordsmiths sometimes made ancestoral steel. They ground human bone to add into iron to produce steel.
  9. Villain search

    Are there any published villains that are sorta like MCU Dr. Doom? looking for a hunted for a 300pt super hero that is a Mr Fantastic clone.
  10. Anyone have Drone write-ups?

    Interesting Vanguard, now I need to think about purchasing the 6th ed APGs.
  11. Aliens in Champions

    My player figured it out. Now to deal with the last player without a completed character. He, wats to make a Mr. Fanstatic clone.
  12. Anyone have Drone write-ups?

    You might want to consider a very small vehicle. Size 0.5 or so. As a base to make a drone.
  13. Unaging Characters and Skills

    Cramming of some form could be used to represent old skill that have not been practiced by the immortal in years. Dr Who has a character made immortal during the Viking time of England. The next episode where the Doctor meets her agin in 1600 or 1700. He tries to use address her with original name but she does not remember it. Eventually he goes to her home ant it is filled with journals that she wrote to keep her memories intact.
  14. Powerless

    I have enjoy the first two shows well enough. It needs some polishing, like most shows in their first year.
  15. Aliens in Champions

    Is there an exsisting alien race for the Champions setting that is an analog to the Green Martians of D.C. Comics? Trying to give guidance to a Player that is using Martian Manhunter as a guid to make a PC. He does plan to mix in T-1000 abilities, also.