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  1. Enough zombies?

    Contemporary cinematic flesh eaters seem to function with the minimal drives and biological functions necessary for survival and not much else. But let's face it, they aren't really dead anymore since they have functioning digestive systems, metabolic systems, etc., otherwise eating anything would be not only pointless but harmful. You can't really explain these things scientifically, but because they are usually given a scientific, rather than supernatural, origin nowadays, they make even less sense than the canonical zombie (which is raised and controlled exclusively through black magic).
  2. New Series--The Orville

    So we can assume, then, that The Orville's system works differently since they don't have transporter tech. One wonders how much more sophisticated their holodeck technology must be since they have to replace the functions normally handled by transporter tech (on Trek) with something else entirely.
  3. New Series--The Orville

    I guess I was just curious if the Trek holodeck's functioning was ever described in detail in some officially licensed "Technical Manual" book or something. I'm guessing not.
  4. Armor

    You can have any combination of PD or ED. However, in 4E the minimum cost is 9 pts, so at minimum you'll have 6 points of Armor to distribute to PD and/or ED as you see fit.
  5. New Series--The Orville

    Normally I wouldn't think about it because in the few episodes I've seen, Trek always stuck me in the virtual environment with the characters, and the artifice of the holodeck wasn't made apparent until the simulation was stopped. But in this last episode of The Orville, we watched a view of the simulation from the "control room", and we saw Alara just running in place while a portion of the corridor graphics moved past her. It forced the viewer (me) to thinkaboutit because the viewer (me) was suddenly madeawareofit.
  6. Enough zombies?

    Zombies are reanimated corpses under the control of a priest/shaman/necromancer. Eating is not a necessary function. Ambulation and other biomechanical activities (grabbing, lifting, carrying, attacking, etc.) is necessary for them to be useful to the necromancer but that's all. Moreover, it is the necromancer's supernatural/magical control that makes all of that possible; zombies have no will or intelligence of their own, not even a survival instinct. The fact that "modern zombies" move and act on their own is the clearest sign that they are not zombies at all.
  7. New Series--The Orville

    Yeah, I have developed a soft spot for Alara. I like the episodes that focus on her too. So does the floor of a holodeck move so that you can physically run around the space? How does that work for multiple people who go off in different directions? And how does it deal with elevation change? Does the floor deform to create inclines so you feel like you are climbing? I never watched enough TNG to get a grasp on these technical details.
  8. Assuming the power has the same list of Advantages and Limitations regardless of the "scale of success", then it is probably easiest to take Doc's approach, but just write it down as a single Limited Power limitation ("Skill Roll Scales Effect -1/2" or whatever is closest to the actual math) on the maximum possible level of effect.
  9. Wonder Woman

    Disney is also famous for stiffing vfx houses for the work they do. WB probably paid up on all their post-production work, lacking the legal and financial muscle to do what Disney gets away with.
  10. The Incredibles 2

    I imagine that only Jack Jack is being used to deliver that metaphor. It isn't encoded as a universal (or even family-wide) axiom.
  11. The Incredibles 2

    I kind of get the feeling that Jack Jack is meant to be an analog of Franklin Richards, which means he can probably do anything.
  12. Wonder Woman

    Um, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, J.K. Simmons, and Joe Morton don't work for free, and two of them are Oscar winners and one is a multiple Oscar and Golden Globe nominee.
  13. I think a lot of critics are bothered by things that 90% of audience members never notice. Things like plot holes, lack of character development, poor pacing, incoherent fight choreography, lack of convincing character motivation, and so on. Most viewers see the quick cuts (exciting!), the flashy visual effects (amazing!), and hear the silly jokes (hilarious!) and walk out feeling they had a good time. After all, that's really all they were after. But critics are always looking and hoping for evidence of towering artistic achievement and profound social/cultural relevance. Hence the disconnect.
  14. Enough zombies?

    deathtribble is absolutely right. George Romero was originally going to call his first "zombie" movie Night of the Flesh Eaters, which is actually quite an accurate description. In fact, he always insisted he didn't make a zombie movie. Just because something is a re-animated corpse doesn't mean it is a zombie. Most zombie movies and tv shows don't feature zombies at all, but rather crazed flesh eaters. Of course, zombie is easier to say and easier for the general public to grasp as an over-arching concept, and as we know, Hollywood (and the entertainment press) prefers to dumb everything down to reach the lowest common denominator. I also agree with everything LL said. I don't get the fascination people have with zombies (or crazed flesh eaters). Never did, never will.
  15. Wonder Woman

    The most expensive part of any tentpole movie today is actor salaries. I suspect that JL's cast cost quite a bit more overall.