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  1. I think that list needs 100% more Wilson Fisk and 200% more Kilgrave.
  2. Sadly, I think you're right Matt. I don't think WB particularly wants or cares about a Batgirl movie. They have Wonder Woman serving as their hallmark female superhero and I'm sure they don't see a need for another female superhero franchise. Without (a scandal-free) Whedon attached, this project probably has zero momentum within corporate WB.
  3. Translation: "I'm (still) burnt out from working on big-budget tentpole movies for soulless corporate overlords like WB and Disney, and would much rather go back to writing little indie projects like Much Ado About Nothing and Cabin in the Woods."
  4. That's not exactly a high bar to clear. If Black Panther is as good as Winter Solider, I will be very pleased (with it) indeed.
  5. Well, for anyone who wants to see Black Panther before Infinity War hits, they won't have any choice but to see it (now) during its theatrical run, regardless of the hype. It won't be available anywhere else until later in the year.
  6. Stunned without losing STUN?

    A flash bang grenade basically has two main effects: a Flash that affects both Sight and Hearing, and a Stunning effect. One could also argue that it delivers a small explosive EB since physical injuries can occur very near the point of detonation. SFX might also allow for the igniting of flammable materials at the detonation site. I would probably write it up as something along the lines of: Flashbang Grenade 2D6 Flash (Sight and Hearing) + 4D6 NND blast (defense having protective ear cover, e.g., Flash Defense for Hearing) + 3D6 EB (exploding). SFX allows for igniting flammable materials in the detonation hex. The 3D6 EB provides for the possibility of knockdown (knockback is unlikely though).
  7. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Yeah, the biggest weakness of Babylon 5's first season, apart from the low fx budget and some of the acting, was that it had to spend that entire season just setting up everything that was to be paid off in the coming seasons. But I think you will be pleased if you stick with it, and especially impressed when you watch the two-part S3 episode War Without End (because of how it ties to a very particular episode in S1).
  8. Stunned without losing STUN?

    I agree with you completely. I would also offer up the following rules of thumb when it comes to power builds (or inventing new powers): 1. Simpler is better than complicated. 2. Utilizing existing mechanics is better than inventing entirely new mechanics. 3. SFX are your best friend; allow them to cover the incidental details that won't have a significant game effect but will help you abide by rule of thumb #1.
  9. Stunned without losing STUN?

    I'm not deeply knowledgeable of the physiological effects of a flash-bang grenade, but I could easily believe that the impact on the body is not really any different than any other attack that delivers STUN damage. Sure, sustaining STUN damage greater than CON means you are that much closer to being knocked out, but the stresses the body goes through when coping with a flash-bang grenade attack are probably not much different than being clocked on the jaw (minus the bruising, i.e., BODY damage).
  10. Stunned without losing STUN?

    There's a puzzling tendency for HERO players to believe that the existing power set is always the best way to build any and all things. However, there are cases where the mechanics you are after aren't really covered by the existing skills/talents/powers/etc. without a lot of torturous, highly indirect application of what's available in the RAW. This situation is hardly unusual; new powers have been added to virtually every edition of the game in order to cover various concepts more directly/elegantly, and there's no reason you can't as well. You'll have to decide if obtuse builds based around Entangle, Mind Control, Flash, or Change Environment are better fits for what you're after than a simple Stun Target power that you come up with yourself.
  11. Stunned without losing STUN?

    Invent a new power: 10 pts - Stun Target Upon a successful to-hit roll, target must make a successful EGO Roll (or CON Roll at GM's discretion) or be Stunned. Adder: for +5 pts target takes a -1 penalty to their EGO Roll score. Adjust point costs as you see fit for your campaign.
  12. Stunned without losing STUN?

    Not without digging into optional rules and house rules. HERO is designed for cinematic action, and it eschews many of the more mundane complications of Real Life® that compromise functioning as a cinematic action hero.
  13. Um, doesn't "long-term", by definition, require time to pass before something can be assessed for long-term impact? If not, when did long-term change to mean immediate-term? And for those who use the word "historic" to refer to superficial achievements (like movie box office performance) in the corpus of human events, I would strongly urge them to choose a different word. Otherwise it begins to lose its linguistic gravitas, and eventually, its actual meaning all together (ala "literally").
  14. I agree, LL, but you just know that everyone who has a seat on the Black Panther superhype bandwagon is just waiting for it to break opening weekend records so they can say (in effect, if not in word), "See! This truly is an historic moment in the long, celebrated history of human achievement!"
  15. In terms of box office performance, the more interesting question is whether it will break Deadpool's February record of $132M for its domestic opening weekend gross. The next best performer is Fifty Shades of Grey at a paltry $85M.