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  1. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    I don't mind errata; that happens. The fact that someone takes time to make errata updates and respond to questions is exactly why I don't mind the occasional contradictions. (And to be very fair, when considering how many questions as Mr. Long answers -- his self-contradiction rate is VERY low.) What we have to all remember is that Mr. Long is human and, therefore, just as prone to imperfection and fallibility as any of us. i.e. His rulings are not (despite Hyper-Man's attempt to treat them so earlier in this very thread -- via his shock at questioning a ruling from Mr. Long) beyond scrutiny and/or reproach. In fact, every ruling should likely be scrutinized precisely because a human made it.
  2. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    Avoid those sorts because mrinku is correct, you -did- pay (with Extra Limbs and Stretching). Problem solved. I think where Extra Limbs w/ Stretching stops making sense is when you go from wanting to stretch short distances to grab something, 'take a peek' etc. ... to wanting to stretch really long distances just to look atound. The latter scenario is where I think Clairsentience (with appropriate limitations) begins to make more sense ... because at that point it is less about using the neck to accomplish a grab or looksee nearby ... and instead, stretch a long way just to take a look. i.e. I think both approaches have their place ... each for a given set of use cases.
  3. Cantriped, Aid is an Attack. Per 6e1 p167: "To use Aid, the character must first succeed with an Attack Roll. (If the target’s willing to be affected by the Aid, including when the character uses his Aid on himself, the Attack Roll succeeds automatically, but the character still has to use an Attack Action.)" CC covers this, too -- specifically on CC p51: "Using Aid counts as an Attack Action, and requires an Attack Roll unless used on himself or a willing target." Given that Aid is No Range (by default) and requires an Attack Action, I think you've both convinced me that Move-By makes sense for use of Aid on others. What about on self: same deal????
  4. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    We're in the weeds because you asked a question that brought us there ... and also potentially because Steve contradicted his own codified verbiage ... as a result of a question you asked him without giving him all of the facts/context that pertained to the question. (Some might even say you set him up by doing so... not necessarily intentionally, mind you, but still...) Regarding the CV checklist and PSLs not being added: Regardless of why they are not present ... they are not present. Nor has it been addressed by any errata to date (of which I am aware). Thus, plainly put, RAW does not factor them in as part of the checklist. You may want RAW to do so. Steve may feel (today) that RAW should do so ... but as written ... RAW currently doesn't. As for Movement Skill Levels: I'm not sure why you're changing the topic, but I'll respond anyway. Since Movement Skill Levels modify DCV directly (unlike PSLs) ... assuming a GM allows someone to use Movement Skill Levels for DCV purposes (when a Combat Maneuver that provides bonuses to DCV is in use) ... I believe those would be handled in Step 6 of the DCV checklist, which reads: "Apply any other modifiers." I'm also not sure why you asked this question since the answer is predicated on your own assertion (in this thread) that modifications to OCV/DCV should follow the checklist. Movement Skill Levels applied in this fashion are definitely direct modifications to DCV. The application of Movement Skill Levels just happens to require a Combat Maneuver that adds to DCV .... in order to use the Movement Skill Levels for DCV purposes ... but the Movement Skill Levels are still made directly to DCV when used in this way. (i.e. 6e2 p34 has no verbiage indicating the Movement Skill Levels modify the bonus of the requisite Combat Maneuver. And even if that's how it worked, since the Combat Maneuver's modifiers are handled in Step 4, it'd still be a wash that falls within the checklist (unlike PSLs, per RAW).) Regarding the so-called 'halving rule' for Adjustment Powers you reference a la drains: I have no idea why you think the so-called 'halving rule' has something to do with PSLs. The two are completely unrelated, IMHO. As I understand it, the so-called 'halving rule' was created to keep Adjustment Powers from making a mockery of defensive powers/characteristics. (Put a nicer way, the so-called 'halving rule' apparently exists to keep defensive powers and characteristics cost-viable compared to the effects of Adjustment Powers.) Moreover, the so-called 'halving rule' is codified as part of RAW ... unlike the application of PSLs as part of OCV/DCV checklists. Given the above, this one feels like a long reach to find some place to hang one's hat to show that Mr. Long didn't actually contradict himself. Personally, I think he did ... and I've cited RAW that supports my assertion. Hey, he's human, it happens; let's call it what it is, treat it accordingly, and move on. Note that I will certainly switch camps on the matter if someone can show me (without reaching, but instead via a citation of actual, codified RAW dated prior to Nov 18, 2017 ... in the 6e ruleset or existing 6e errata) where PSLs are to be treated the same as CSLs ... or where it says PSLs modify OCV/DCV instead of "a specific type of combat-related penalty". Until then, RAW is RAW and so far as I'm concerned Steve contradicted his own RAW (again) in his recent response on the matter...
  5. I had considered Move By, but the STR+Velocity-based damage components caused me to shy away from it -- as it would seem inappropriate to use that maneuver if one wasn't doing that kind of damage. That said, it's not terrible, but I was hoping for something a little cleaner.
  6. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    Your remark is precisely why I prefer using Transform (Object->Broken/Unusable Rendition of Object). It's explicit/well-defined ... as is the body of all foci (even unbreakable ones). The chosen Transform level (Minor, Major, Severe) helps further define just how broken the object can be (once transformed). As most of us know, Dispel originated as a means of turning off a power ... and was later expanded to try to do more than that ... without adequate clarity/granularity emplaced regarding precisely HOW to do some of those things (like disassemble/break foci, for example -- i.e. what, exactly does that mean?). Most GMs I've gamed with have steered clear of the expanded Dispel capabilities (such as object disassembly/breakage) for precisely this lack of clarity/granularity ... in favour of better-defined vehicles for object disassembly/breakage. I'm sure Dispel is great for players and GMs who like handwaving things, but it's been my experience that most Champions/Hero Games players aren't all that into handwaving. (I know I'm not.) YMMV P.S. This is also why I think Change Environment is a pretty terrible power. Certain people try to make it do all kinds of things where it sorta fits ... but where there's often a different and clearer path.
  7. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    Per actual RAW (as cited, above), PSLs modify the penalty ... which obviously has to happen before you can apply a penalty when working through a checklist like the DCV checklist. To answer your question about half CV: Pre-compute the penalty value of half CV for the situation that causes it. Purchase enough PSLs for the situation that causes the penalty .... such that the penalty is counteracted. When the situation arises ... take the penalty, modify it using the PSLs that were purchased, and then proceed through your checklist like you normally would. Example: Let's say our hero has DCV 10 and the situation we want to deal with is Prone (i.e. 1/2 DCV) ... just to keep things simple -10/2 = -5 = penalty value of half DCV when prone Buy 5 PSLs for DCV to modify/reduce/counteract the penalty value of being Prone The next time the character is Prone, the penalty value of -10/2 = -5 will be counteracted by the +5 PSLs for DCV that apply when Prone, resulting in a modified penalty value of 0 ... which is the modified penalty value you'd then use when working through your checklist as usual ... resulting in full DCV while Prone. The above process works for half DCV, half OCV, and the like. I can't speak to 0 OCV from using a movement ability at noncombat velocity ... but I also don't think I know a GM who would allow someone to buy a PSL for that situation, so I feel pretty justified in punting on that lark.
  8. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    No, the argument is that the AUTHOR of the rules contradicts the actual verbiage in the RAW he authored, at times -- i.e. he's human/fallible. RAW regarding PSLs is very clear -- they modify the penalty, not OCV/DCV. Need evidence? For this I cite 6e1 p84 which states: "Penalty Skill Levels (PSLs) are a type of Skill Level that only reduce or counteract a specific type of combat-related penalty." Notice how that verbiage indicates Penalty Skill Levels are a type of skill level (implying a difference between them and, say, Combat Skill Levels)? Notice how that verbiage does NOT say PSLs modify OCV/DCV? Notice how the language specifically states PSLs reduce/counteract a specific type of combat-related penalty? Per the cited verbiage, PSLs very clearly modify/reduce/counteract penalties ... not OCV/DCV. (Read the quoted words again, carefully, if you doubt.) Now, couple the foregoing with the DCV checklist (that was so kindly cited earlier in this thread) making absolutely no mention of PSLs (which as I pointed out, above, are not the same as CSLs) ... and, well, it's clear that actual, in-force, long-standing RAW has PSLs not figuring into things like DCV halving (since they don't modify DCV prior to halving ... they modify the penalty!) -- at least not by way of any verbiage within RAW. RAW (which Mr. Long previously authored) codifies how Mr. Long intended the rules to work at the time of their writing and, unfortunately, Mr. Long's latest response to an inquiry on this very subject contradicts the verbiage he previously selected/used to codify his intent. This suggests he's either changed his opinion on the matter (in which case we'd expect to see the issue addressed in errata) ... or he made a mistake during the original codification of the rules ... or made one when responding to the recent inquiry on them. Occam's Razor would suggest the last of the aforementioned possibilities is the most probable, since it involved a snap response made to fairly open question (with no reference from the inquirer made to the 6e1 p84 citation I noted above).
  9. Alright, time to put this to the hive mind because I can't seem to find it on my own: Strafe lets someone shoot on the move (a full move) to simulate running/gunning action. Well, let's say I want to simulate running/gunning action with someone using a non-ranged power ... like Aid. (i.e. Someone buffs himself on the move -- a fairly common trope.) Do we have a freebie (i.e. non-martial, non-triggered) maneuver for that which permits a full move plus an attack action ... like we do with Strafe? (And if not, why not?) I'm coming up with zilch ... and think I see a bit of bias toward ranged attack actions, here ... but figured I'd check with a larger group, first.
  10. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    Unfortunately, Mr. Long has a history of contradicting some items in RAW .... with his own rulings made at a later date. This is subtle enough that it's prone to being one such place.
  11. Best Gun Fu, Sniper and Western Gunslinger films

    You left nothing unlisted that I would have mentioned, so I have nothing to add.
  12. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    I share the same interpretation/understanding as Cantriped on PSLs ... i.e. PSL's modify the actual penalty ... not OCV/DCV.
  13. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    Excellent re-posting of that link. Thank you for that.
  14. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    Sure, but then you might as well have an Extra Limb with Stretching, since you've basically constructed a power to simulate exactly that. Less filling, tastes great... plus I seem to recall RAW verbiage somewhere about not using one power to build what another one already does. Can't quite place where or what the exact verbiage is; but I'm sure someone will round it up or correct me if I'm mistaken.