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  1. Presence Tricks?

    That's what happens with teenaged heroes, I suppose.
  2. Presence Tricks?

    Captain Monster trying to calm down a crowd? C'mon. What wise player uses a PRE attack when situational modifiers are heavily stacked against him/her???
  3. Presence Tricks?

    The PRE you purchase sans limitations is, indeed, its own defense. But the PRE you get from Reputation, from Striking Appearance, and from dice granted based on things within the PRESENCE ATTACK MODIFIERS TABLE ... don't give any defense. I raise this as a point for consideration because most of the dice in PRE attacks ... tend not to come from raw PRE that was purchased ... and instead, come from modifiers, Reputation, and/or Striking Appearance.
  4. Presence Tricks?

    It's 6e thing put in place to address lack of Comeliness in 6e. (Frankly, Striking Appearance does a much better job of capturing the concept that someone may look a specific way (be it big/mean, cute/hot, weird/alien, etc. ... compared to the largely-ignored COM stat in 5e and earlier.) The 5e equivalent would be to increase Comeliness and explain what is remarkable about the character's looks to your GM ... who should add 1d6 to the PRE attack based on every 10pts of Comeliness applicable to the PRE attack.
  5. Presence Tricks?

    It doesn't need any love because, point for point, a high PRE is one of the most effective purchases/abilities in the game ... when used properly. Key to this is that some of the things that can give you the PRE to work with, attack-wise, are very cheap ... and they don't also provide defenses (examples: the Reputation Perk and the Striking Appearance Talent). Also key to this is that high PRE defenses are rare. Note that PRE attacks in combat suffer a -1d6 penalty ... just because you're in combat. Successful use of Oratory (which requires an audience of 3 or more ... and does suffer moderators for a crowd being hostile) will add +1d6 to a PRE attack ... thereby countering the negative for being in combat. (If the Oratory roll is made by half, it adds +2d6!) Beyond that, consult the PRESENCE ATTACK MODIFIERS TABLE (5er p429) for a look at relevant adjustments to PRE attacks. Your previous action (very violent?), positive Reputation (i.e. Perk) that is recognized by the opposition and aligned with actions, your soliloquy and its alignment with the foregoing, and your Striking Appearance should all play into the modifiers. It's not uncommon for a 25 PRE brick who 1) made a successful Oratory roll, 2 ) just caved in a car's roof, 3) has +2d6 positive Reputation (i.e. Perk) for being very violent, 4) yells "You better run unless you want to end up like that car!", 5) and has a Striking Appearance of 'Hulk-Like' ... to A) offset the combat modifier with Oratory, B ) get +2d6 for the extremely violent action, C) get another +2d6 for Reputation due to the opposition recognizing both the Reputation and its alignment with actions, D) get another +2d6 for an excellent soliloquy, E) and get another +2d6 for the Striking Appearance ... for a total of 5d6 (base PRE Attack) + 8d6 (PRE Attack modifiers) = 13d6 PRE Attack. That's a lot of dice ... for little cost. (See why PRE needs no love, yet?) It is, of course, the GM who should be determining the applicability of the modifiers based on your actions, and soliloquy ... while your Reputation, Striking Appearance, and Oratory are driven by your character sheet, complimentary rolls, and how well you've aligned your actions and soliloquy with them. The GM should also determine which side has more people, better technology, the upper hand, etc. .. and modify based on those things, too.
  6. How To Force Special Powers Into Frameworks?

    There, I fixed that for you by adding what's in bold red.
  7. How To Force Special Powers Into Frameworks?

    That's ok, pup ... you'll be a dog some day.
  8. How To Force Special Powers Into Frameworks?

    Thanks, Twister!
  9. It's late, I'm tired, and I've probably missed a preference or setting somewhere that's glaringly obvious ... but after playing with preferences I can't seem to square this one away -- so a little help, please? I am trying to force Mental Defense into a MultiPower -- specifically so that I can play with an AoE 'thought screen' concept. However, every time I try to put Mental Defense into the framework, HD kicks it back out after giving me a warning. (I don't mind a warning; in fact, I'd like to keep that. What I need to disable is whatever is precluding me from putting special powers into a framework.) Can someone point me in the right direction to disable this sort of checking?
  10. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    I guess you didn't read my previous post.
  11. Another way to go might be Desolidification with a limitation that it's only for the purpose of avoiding triggers (a fairly hefty limitation, I'd think) ... combined with an attack built with the Affects Real World advantage. (Note that Steve Long's Gun Fu book has an example of this sort of limited Desolidification. His example was limited to only avoid suppression fire, for which he gave a -2 limitation value.) I think a lot of it really depends on the types of triggers you want to avoid. My suggestion works great for trip wires that require contact, IR sensors based on heat (since you're effectively not there) ... but not so well against triggers based on sight, breathing, movement, and the like (since a desolid individual must still breathe, can still be seen moving, etc). By comparison, Hyper-Man's suggested approach will cover the sorts of things my suggested approach will not.
  12. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    It seems like you're stretching the definition of the head to include the neck (pun intended) ... as none of the citations above are definitive. That said, your earlier 6e2 p65 citation caused me to look around, and I think I have found something definitive that DOES support your assertion: Per 6e2 p67, "If the campaign uses Hit Locations or the character specifies an attack against Location 5 (the Head), a Grab maneuver hitting Location 5 (the Head) and involving a Squeeze both does extra damage (Head locations take 2x STUN and BODY from Normal Damage attacks) and cuts off the target’s breath, making him unable to shout or talk (see the rules below for Chokes). A Grab maneuver hitting Locations 3 and 4 does the extra damage, but doesn’t cut off the victim’s breath with a Squeeze." Per 6e2 p84, "Choke: This maneuver allows a character to grasp an opponent’s head and neck and inflict NND damage." Per 6e2 p84, "Choke works just like a normal Grab for purposes of determining whether the victim escapes (for example, he gets an immediate Casual STR roll to break free and take no damage, and the OCV/DCV penalties for Grabbing/being Grabbed apply). However, it only immobilizes one “limb” — the head." So, it would seem I've found some RAW for you to support your assertion that the head/neck are somewhat interchangeable. Specifically, Location 5 of the 'Head' Hit Location is apparently representative of the neck, since that is what must be grabbed and squeezed in order to Choke someone. When you add the above citations to your earlier citation from 6e2 p65 ("The head counts as a limb because a character can use it to attack") ... then there is (finally) a compelling case for the Head (Hit Location) being a limb (per the RAW you cited) ... and the neck being part of that limb since the Choke maneuver applies to the head and neck ... and Hit Location 5 (in a range of 3-5 ... per the Hit Location Table on 6e2 p109) appears to represent what one chokes (likely the neck) when performing a standard Choke maneuver.
  13. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    Please show me where it says 'neck' within the text you quoted...
  14. Cool Guns for your Games

    Hey, I think you identified a niche for the pistol that I wasn't aware of. Thanks for that. Sadly, though, I see that niche as bass ackwards -- but I'm probably biased.
  15. Cool Guns for your Games

    Here's another solution in search of a problem in the real world... but something potentially cool for gaming use.