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  1. Lost Protectors characters for Champions 4th edition

    That's nice. Never learned 6th edition myself.
  2. Mythic Legions/Gothitropolis Ravens conversions

    Anyone try writing character sheets for any of the various 6 inch fantasy figures from the Four Horsemen toy lines for Fantasy Hero? Here are my first two attempts. Mythic Legions Bronze Dwarf I started a character sheet for a character who was a starter Hill Dwarf, added the fighter occupation, plate mail armor and a battle axe for equipment, added a little detail to bring up the character to exactly 100 point value in the game, and thus it became a Bronze Dwarf of Xylonia Flock! Perfect for army building in the game. http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BRONZEDW.pdf I tried to write up Decimus Hrabban too, as a higher level player character for the same game. I had to fill in many of the blanks about his character, and I may have been wrong, but it's just a fan-guess. I took the Gargoyle race from Fantasy Hero, and applied the Adventuring Wizard package to him, and gave him Air Magic spells, since Air Magic has a turn to mist spell that fit him. Normally Air Magic requires a magic wand in the game, so I made his magic scythe his wand. Raised a few stats and added skills until he ended up a perfect 250 point hero in the game. Perfect for a player character. http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/DECIMUSH.pdf
  3. Here is a little something I was working on for a friend. These are RPG conversions for an Action Figure Kickstarter that sadly never got funded, but I still have the character sheets.. First up I'll start with a pair of supporting characters, Sir Pythanore and the Viper Squires. These are snake-men knights from the Planet Aspalon. The guy who invented them designed them to be a cross between the Snake Men from Masters of the Universe and the legend of King Arthur. Definitely suitable for COIL or VIPER settings. There are other Aspalonian Knights of the Coiled Throne, but these give you one knight and a troop builder, enjoy! Sir Pythanore, a 300 point character - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SIR_PYTH.pdf A Viper Squire, a 250 point characterhttp://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/VIPER_SQ.pdf
  4. Buffy

    I have 25 BtVS conversions on my site in Hero 4th edition. http://mattcave.fcpages.com/champions.html
  5. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Has some free time, so I added some new updates... Added Black Scorpion - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BLACSCOR.pdf Hellbent - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/HELLBENT.pdf Medusa - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MEDUSA.pdf Ping - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/PING.pdf Pong - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/PONG.pdf Razor - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/RAZOR.pdf Zentraedi Fighter Pod - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/FIGHTPOD.pdf Updated Mac II - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MAC2DEST.pdf Paige Matthews - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/PAIGE.pdf Prudence Halliwell - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/PRUE.pdf Voltaic - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/VOLTAIC.pdf
  6. Star wars hero

    Also the Battle Droid... http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/B1.pdf
  7. Star wars hero

    I have a couple combat droids converted to Hero 4th edition rules. Like the Magnaguard... http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/IG100.pdf
  8. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Today's updates... Captain America, 250 point sentinel of liberty - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/CAPTAIN.pdf Sentinel Mark IV, 500 point, and also a sentinel, but with less liberty - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SENT4.pdf Synergy - 250 point hero from the Mutant X TV series who can change his mass at will - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SYNERGY.pdf http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/WASP.pdf ​​ Also added Battle Pod - Heavy Artillery, 470 point it's like a standard Zentraedi Battle Pod, but slower and with a few long range missiles - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BATPODHA.pdf Battle Pod - Light Artillery, 410 point it's like a standard Zentraedi Battle Pod, but slower and with many medium range missiles - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BATPODLA.pdf Lynn Minmei, 50 point annoying Japanese pop star - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/LYNNMINM.pdf Rook Bartley, 150 point fighter in the third Robotech War, who likes red mecha - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ROOKBART.pdf Rose, 238 point magic hero from the Champions comic book series - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ROSE.pdf Sliver, 270 point hero from Strike Force - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SLIVERSF.pdf Speedball, 250 point masked marvel - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SPEEDBAL.pdf Swashbuckler, 304 point hero from Strike Force who saw Zorro one too many times - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SWASHBUC.pdf
  9. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Here are today's updates to my RPG conversions... B-1 Battle Droid, 150 point troop builder of the Trade Federation - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/B1.pdf Bioroid Terminator, 123 point troop builder of the Robotech Masters - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BIOROIDT.pdf Doppleganger, 441 point shapeshifter from the notorious European Enemies Champions supplement, corrected and updated - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/DOPPLEGA.pdf Fire Hawk, 395 point enemy of Strike Force - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/FIREHAWK.pdf Khyron, 250 point major jerk of the Zentraedi Legion - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/KHYRON.pdf Marie Debray, 287 point precog for the Blood - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MARIEDEB.pdf Nova Satori, 137 point military police and rival of Dana Sterling - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/NOVASATO.pdf Scott Bernard , 150 point hero of the third Robotech War - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SCOTBERN.pdf Skyrocket, 270 point high-flying hero of Strike Force - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SKYROCKE.pdf
  10. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Feel free to send the PDFs.
  11. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Thanks, but I did not write that Ranma conversion, never seen the show, I just posted it for the author, Scott K. Jamison. You can email corrections in a link on that page.
  12. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Some more updates to my page today: Updates: Spider-Woman II, 250 point Marvel Comics heroine introduced during the Secret Wars - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SWOMAN2.pdf New characters: Arc, 288 point electrical villain - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ARC.pdf Auger Maxwell, 500 point agent of VIPER - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/AUGERMAX.pdf Battle Pod - Officer, 343 point alien walker war machine - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BATPODOF.pdf Big John, 314 point mutant member of the Raiders - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BIG_JOHN.pdf Holocaust, 904 point mutant menace based on old RPG cover art - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/HOLOCAUS.pdf Invid Shock Trooper, the troop builder of the Invid Invasion - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ISHOCKTR.pdf Lord Dire - 412 point Canadian Doctor Doom - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/LORDDIRE.pdf Persistence, 150 point teenage heroine and Kickstarter action figure - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/PERSISTE.pdf Star Sapphire - 265 mutant Canadian blaster heroine - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/STARSAPP.pdf
  13. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Here are my latest updates and additions: Updated: Korath the Pursuer, cyborg member of the Kree Starforce - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/KORATH.pdf She-Hulk, the jade giantess from Marvel Comics - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SHEHULK.pdf Siryn, X-Force mutant with the super voice, just like her father - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SIRYN.pdf The Thing, the ever lovin; blue-eyed orange pile of rocks himself - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/THING.pdf Added: The Amazing Darkon, because light is just the absence of darkness - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/DARKON.pdf Battle Pod - Tactical, the army builder mecha of the Zentraedi - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BATPOD.pdf Bravery, from the IAmElemental Kickstarter - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BRAVERY.pdf Destroid - Excalibur, because this is the Destroid everyone thinks of when they think Destroid - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/EXCADEST.pdf Destroid - Gladiator, finishing off the original Destroids - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/GLADDEST.pdf Pack Master, psychic beauty of VIPER - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/PACK_MAS.pdf Partisan, gun packing member of the London Watch - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/PARTISAN.pdf Thunder, the housewife of power - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/THUNDER.pdf Usurper, the Villains Unlimited answer to Doctor Doom - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/USURPER.pdf Vanguard, the crime fighting milkman from Golden Age Champions - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/VANGUARD.pdf Viper Elite Air Cavalry, these snakes don't need a plane - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/VIPEREAC.pdf
  14. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Added a bunch of new write-ups today. Many are from other RPGs adapted to Champions 4th edition (including some Champions 1st-3rd edition upgraded and from Champions 5th edition converted down to 4th edition, since I prefer 4th edition!) Aggro - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/AGGRO.pdf Alabaster - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ALABASTE.pdf American Beauty - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ABEAUTY.pdf Ankylosaur - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ANKYLOSA.pdf Aureole - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/AUREOLE.pdf Black Diamond - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BLACK_DI.pdf Black Enchantress - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BLACKENC.pdf Blade - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BLADE.pdf Braincild - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BRAINCHI.pdf Brynhild - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/BRYNHILD.pdf Cateran - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/CATERAN.pdf Ebonfire - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/EBONFIRE.pdf Emerald - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/EMERALD.pdf Gravitar - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/GRAVITAR.pdf Hummingbird - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/HUMMINGB.pdf Hypnos - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/HYPNOS.pdf Indigo - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/INDIGO.pdf Kor Hunter - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/KOR_THE_.pdf Lady Dracula - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/LADYDRAC.pdf Lancer - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/LANCER.pdf Lodestone - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/LODESTON.pdf Magnetica - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MAGNETIC.pdf Menton - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MENTON.pdf Marksman - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MARKSMAN.pdf Monopole - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MONOPOLE.pdf Moonsilver - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/MOONSILV.pdf Overdrive - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/OVERDRIV.pdf Sala - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SALA.pdf Stormfront - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/STORMFRO.pdf Zephyr - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/ZEPHYR.pdf
  15. Matt's Champions Page updates

    Another update today. http://mattcave.fcpages.com/champions.html I updated the pages for Marvel Comics heroes Cyclops, Firestar, Mister Fantastic and Triathlon. Also updated the page for Leonardo of the TMNT. Added a new page for a conversion of the Heroes Unlimited character called Constitution, and also added some Robotech Destroids - The MAC II, Spartan and Raider X. Enjoy!