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  1. Lost Protectors characters for Champions 4th edition

    That's nice. Never learned 6th edition myself.
  2. Here is a little something I was working on for a friend. These are RPG conversions for an Action Figure Kickstarter that sadly never got funded, but I still have the character sheets.. First up I'll start with a pair of supporting characters, Sir Pythanore and the Viper Squires. These are snake-men knights from the Planet Aspalon. The guy who invented them designed them to be a cross between the Snake Men from Masters of the Universe and the legend of King Arthur. Definitely suitable for COIL or VIPER settings. There are other Aspalonian Knights of the Coiled Throne, but these give you one knight and a troop builder, enjoy! Sir Pythanore, a 300 point character - http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/SIR_PYTH.pdf A Viper Squire, a 250 point characterhttp://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/VIPER_SQ.pdf
  3. Star wars hero

    Also the Battle Droid... http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/B1.pdf
  4. Star wars hero

    I have a couple combat droids converted to Hero 4th edition rules. Like the Magnaguard... http://mattcave.fcpages.com/PDFs/IG100.pdf
  5. Gamma World Hero?

    Moved the whole thing here: http://mattcave.fcpages.com/champions.html#packages
  6. Agents Of SHIELD!

    I'm totally surpised no one reviewing the episode last night seems to have put together the screaming guy is the Daredevil villain Angar the Screamer. How did Angar get his powers? An experiment funded by Moondragon to make warriors to fight Thanos! See the connection there? Also, Sky's father, "Dr. Cal" is obviously Dr. Calvin Zabo, aka Mr. Hyde, opponent of Thor, and member of the Masters of Evil. Hyde is Quake's father in the comics, Sky is Quake. I'm wondering if the scientific genius in the team he put together is maybe the Wingless Wizard, the Fixer or The Mad Thinker. I guess we will have to see more.