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  1. I have an aversion to threads like this, due to another forum i post on (for 14 years!) where threads/posts like this don't go down well at all. But here goes. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Ema nymton is 'not my name' in reverse. Something I learnt from a computer game i played years ago What was the first tabletop RPG you played? WFRP 1st ed What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? WFRP 1st ed i was about 13, it did not go well. What are you currently playing/GMing? Nothing really. But hero is just fun to play around with.
  2. modeling "itch"

    Do you mean replace the hard drive or Hero Designer? Because you should be able to re-download the software from the client area of the website.
  3. Star Wars using Hero...?

    I'm not sure how to reflect this mechanically, but Jedi face a problem non-jedi don't. The lure if the dark side. Jedi may be more powerful, but they can not use their abilities as freely. Maybe could have more points but also have more complications as well? Or the Grimoire has a bit about the corrupting effects of black magic, which could be adapted. Also has anyone got any links to any conversions, I'd be interested in having a look at some, but my Google skills obviouls are't up to the task of finding them.
  4. No search option?

    Yeah, probably just me being blind.
  5. Tracking charges

    No problem thanks foe the reply.
  6. No search option?

    Thank you, I best make a few more posts then. Also I can now see I site question forum. I'm sure that wasn't showing when I posted this thread.
  7. Tracking charges

    Quick question I've only had a quick play with the combat manager, and it didn't seem to track charges. Was I doing something wrong or are chareges not supported?
  8. No search option?

    Im not sure if this is the right forum for this, but it seems the best place to ask a question about the website. Is it me or is there no way to search the forums? The mobile version has a search option, but it tells me that I dont have the privilege to access it. On the full version I can't find it at all. Is the function missing, I am missing a great big and obvious search box somewhere. Or is it because I am still 'on probation'. Just 7 more posts to go.
  9. I am currently thinking of switching from Mutants and Masterminds to hero. Mainly because when I'm doing stuff in M+M I find myself thinking hero could do this better. And have realised that it will be a lot easer to import some of what I like about M+M into hero rather than the other way round. Im having my first full read of the 6th edition rules, which is a slow process for me as im dyslexic and they are big books. Anyway to bring this back on topic, one Idea i might 'borrow' from M+M is the feature power. This cost 1 point in M+M, I'd probably price it it 3 (maybe 5) in hero. This just gives a feature that provides some minor benefit. So a character might have 'feature - thick fur'. Which would give a bonus to resist cokd environments, but fall short of full life support. If I wanted to price it at all A car could have 'feature - headlights, feature - dark/light sensor'. 6 points job done. But I,d probably just assume a car had lights as standard.