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  1. I will take the time to say the general said "Illegal" orders, every soldier has that responsability.
  2. Wonder Woman

    Now it's two...I don't think much of litmus tests.
  3. The Incredibles 2

    I'm hoping for a giant radio active Jackalope for the big "boss battle".
  4. Justice League Film

    Just saw it, liked it. Thank goodness, now maybe some good DC movies will be made. I did notice a change in the Amazon costume, and I did not like it. Otherwise a decent comic book based movie...3.5 stars
  5. More space news!

    Man! That would make such an awesome neck tattoo...too bad I'm so old, sooo tempted.
  6. Thats it! Maybe it was the day they choose a new queen by pillow fights...thats what caused the invasion, a few naughty amazons lit the grail sign....
  7. For me, it came off as "Eel being a "fanboy""...so it was less jarring. I mean the shocker is that anybody still reads books ...right?
  8. Rather pathetic....just...Dang!
  9. I understand, but unlike other "first world" countries, the US of A arose directly from armed revolution. England fought a civil war, executed their king, then shortly after went back to having a royal family that had a role in the government. So a return to status quo (sorta) (it was a constatutional monarchy) So our history plays a unique role, fueling passion. Up north, the Government could simply pass a law, and people had no tradition to resist such a law, Australia, England, etc all the same. But here we have a tradition that an armed populace counters tyranny. So the passions are unigue as well. Disclaimer: I am a bad speller, and my new meds are making me a little loopy, so please excuse my poor typing.
  10. Sadly I think its too late. But sometimes the only way to get past the stupid is a smack in the face....the fools who hitched this pony to their wagon are in for a bumpy ride. It's my hope that the smoking ruins left of "my" party will come out better, and stronger...I don't dare hope for smarter.
  11. In other news...

    Not trying to argue, one reason for the self shooting is Control. Many spree criminals/shooters seem to be reacting to a perceived lack of control in their lives. Shooting gives them a feeling of power and control, and they don't want to surender that, they'd rather die. That is often why If they can be talked down they do surrender, it's a sort of emotional storm that is driving them. Curing That is real challenging. My own perceptions of society is that indiviguals are less and less valued, creating even more alienation.
  12. I don't know why my reply is inside the quote, I am Not trying to put words into Hermits mouth
  13. Spill the wine, and take that girl!
  14. New Series--The Orville

    Also, it was done because the technology simply didn't exist. It took weeks for a candidate to travel to washington. (for example) So the States elect "Electors" who travel, and cast on the behalf of their voters. Direct Democracy also has Tech issues, Athens was one small town, where most folks knew most folks, so direct votes were possable, but even there long distance statecraft was more or less determined by a single person.
  15. Here you go, a "start" "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Too far into the season to harbor any hope your team will make it, too soon to lose the pain by watching the playoffs"....Go!:))