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  1. Black Panther with spoilers

    Just saw it, I liked it a great deal. And it has layers to consider, and think on....very well done.
  2. Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    Your evil surely knows no bounds!
  3. They plan on extending the shut down....daang!
  4. I gotta admit, this stories got me hooked!
  5. Is this where I drunkenly demand " free bird!"...lol
  6. In other news...

    It's a sad story, but I suspect it will be an old one. Too rapid growth, followed by cash flow " issues". Maybe the Directors plundered the company, possibly charges will be filed.
  7. Order of the Stick

    Well they do currently have the blessings of Loki after all.
  8. Indeed the Jedi showed their contempt for the democratic process on several circumstances!
  9. Cool Guns for your Games

    Wow, that is some major engineering. A .45 that 007 could carry.
  10. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    "Extra yards" Requires Athletics roll....?
  11. Star Trek, Tarantino-style

    And then he transfers them to a "Gangsta-verse" like when he took the crew into the civil war?
  12. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Is that the stadium that fell apart when it snowed?
  13. Star Trek, Tarantino-style

    I dunno, I think Q is very talented, and he Knows genre though I do get the giggles: "OK! We're the away team, so code names from here on out out!" "You! you're mister pink" Spock" Why do I have to be mister pink?" "The red shirt guy, no disresepect Cavavano, gets to be Mr. Red....
  14. The state of modern comics

    Not much to add...back in the day, comics were cheap enough that if an issue was lousey, no problem. But at modern prices there better be Awesome from cover to cover, and it ain't. I stopped buying comics in the mid 80's and even then I mostly purchased Independants like Sisters of steel, or the Elementals, at least they were new concepts and universes. I think that if the "big two" had held their water, and aged their heroes out, and replaced them with new ones they would be in a much better place now. I "keep up" with comics by checking the hard bound collections from the library.
  15. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Niners played in the Bay area....waaay back in olden times...? It was pretty close if that doesn't count though.