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  1. Similar to wcw's idea, you could also go with Lovelace, as in Ada Lovelace, who predated Hopper.
  2. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    Maybe, Uppercut could summon a fist or something from the ground under his opponent which would be hard to defend against.
  3. Retro Styled Campaign

    It was tough picking a favorite, but since I was first introduced to comic books in the '70s I am most nostalgic about the characters of that period, but Cassandra's idea of an updated 1940s style is cool, too. In particular, a 1940s without the instutionalized racism would be great. I love the style, music, movies of the era and most of the attitudes, just not all of the attitudes.
  4. Who should be the Nest Leader of Campaign City?

    Mama from Mama's Family.
  5. How much worldbuilding?

    World building is my favorite thing about gaming. When it comes to world building, I like combining ideas from games (even from other systems), books, and my own ideas. For example, in the Champions world I am building, I started with some short stories as a primary source and stole liberally from comics, literature, and various gaming systems, and I consider information from real world science, philosophy, and theory. I would love to take time to brag, but that would be inconvenient right now. I don't have Internet at home and have to look for wi-fi hot spots to get online, and I often have to multitask to get everything done I want to get done. I am hoping to have my Internet turned on in October, and if this conversation is going on then, perhaps, I will elaborate more after that.
  6. 2 heads

    As far as possible benefits an extra head might offer, how many times has an action hero been tied up and managed to loosen the knots with his teeth? In some certain circumstance, an extra set of teeth could offer an advantage on an Escape Artist roll.
  7. Vulnerable to Slow Attacks

    The way it works in the books is that if a HtH or hand held weapon attack is pushed in slowly it can enter inside the force shield. I would think that taking a full phase or two accomplish getting inside the shield, but where the damage comes from the force of the momentum, the damage should be reduced or eliminated. I figure I would have to play it by ear to decide how much damage is caused by the momentum, but I was wondering there are other fans of Dune who have built or considered the affect practically for there games that might offer better insights.
  8. The Flagsuit

    I have yet to build him in Hero, but I have a flagsuit named Captain Justice. His partners are Captain Freedom and Captain Liberty.
  9. Size of Super Teams

    In a comic book, I would say 6-7. In an RPG, 5-6.
  10. I have recently started reading some of the Dune prequel books. For those who have not read the books, the Dune universe includes personal field generators that have a specific weakness to slow attacks. How would a slow attack be modeled in the Hero System?
  11. What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    I have recently started reading Tarzan of the Apes in eBook and Super-Mystery Comics online. The comic includes an anthology of super hero and pulp style hero stories.
  12. Larger Than Life! Real people who could be pulp heroes.

    How about Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton. He was the inspiration of the Pistol Pete mascot for Oklahoma State University, and he his real life was the inspiration for a lot revenge westerns.
  13. Idea for a power build

    Could it be some kind of mental entangle that could escaped be either mentally or by defeating the Task? I'm not sure how I would actually build the power I just described, but it seems that it should work.
  14. Release the Sewing Machine of Justice

    I prefer traditional cape and tights for supers, but I mainly employ whatever I think best fits the character's theme. I do insist that a character's a'venturing clothes to be somewhat distinctive and different than their everyday clothes.
  15. Golden Age and Silver Age

    I have been reading a Golden Age comic series online, some insights I have obtained is that Golden Age heroes can frequently get away with rather simplistic origins and secret IDs. They are also surprisingly nonchalant about taking non-adventuring women and children into dangerous circumstances, and they frequently employ interrogation techniques that would get them arrested if done today. They are also surprisingly easy to contact by troubled citizens needing their help but not by criminals trying to hunt them down.