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  1. Retro Styled Campaign

    It was tough picking a favorite, but since I was first introduced to comic books in the '70s I am most nostalgic about the characters of that period, but Cassandra's idea of an updated 1940s style is cool, too. In particular, a 1940s without the instutionalized racism would be great. I love the style, music, movies of the era and most of the attitudes, just not all of the attitudes.
  2. Who should be the Nest Leader of Campaign City?

    Mama from Mama's Family.
  3. How much worldbuilding?

    World building is my favorite thing about gaming. When it comes to world building, I like combining ideas from games (even from other systems), books, and my own ideas. For example, in the Champions world I am building, I started with some short stories as a primary source and stole liberally from comics, literature, and various gaming systems, and I consider information from real world science, philosophy, and theory. I would love to take time to brag, but that would be inconvenient right now. I don't have Internet at home and have to look for wi-fi hot spots to get online, and I often have to multitask to get everything done I want to get done. I am hoping to have my Internet turned on in October, and if this conversation is going on then, perhaps, I will elaborate more after that.
  4. 2 heads

    As far as possible benefits an extra head might offer, how many times has an action hero been tied up and managed to loosen the knots with his teeth? In some certain circumstance, an extra set of teeth could offer an advantage on an Escape Artist roll.
  5. I have recently started reading some of the Dune prequel books. For those who have not read the books, the Dune universe includes personal field generators that have a specific weakness to slow attacks. How would a slow attack be modeled in the Hero System?
  6. Vulnerable to Slow Attacks

    The way it works in the books is that if a HtH or hand held weapon attack is pushed in slowly it can enter inside the force shield. I would think that taking a full phase or two accomplish getting inside the shield, but where the damage comes from the force of the momentum, the damage should be reduced or eliminated. I figure I would have to play it by ear to decide how much damage is caused by the momentum, but I was wondering there are other fans of Dune who have built or considered the affect practically for there games that might offer better insights.
  7. The Flagsuit

    I have yet to build him in Hero, but I have a flagsuit named Captain Justice. His partners are Captain Freedom and Captain Liberty.
  8. Size of Super Teams

    In a comic book, I would say 6-7. In an RPG, 5-6.
  9. In my supers campaign, I have two characters that are effectively unaging who have been around for a few decades. It seems that an old character who has his wits should possess a significant knowledge capital. What is the best way of represent that knowledge without spending boatloads of CPs to buy skills. I am asking here and not in the supers forum because the answer could be relevant for some sci-fi and fantasy campaigns as well.
  10. Characters WITHOUT tragic origins...

    I have created several characters without tragic backgrounds, but I understand your point. I am amazed at the number of starting characters who lack either family or friend.
  11. What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    I have recently started reading Tarzan of the Apes in eBook and Super-Mystery Comics online. The comic includes an anthology of super hero and pulp style hero stories.
  12. Larger Than Life! Real people who could be pulp heroes.

    How about Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton. He was the inspiration of the Pistol Pete mascot for Oklahoma State University, and he his real life was the inspiration for a lot revenge westerns.
  13. Idea for a power build

    Could it be some kind of mental entangle that could escaped be either mentally or by defeating the Task? I'm not sure how I would actually build the power I just described, but it seems that it should work.
  14. Release the Sewing Machine of Justice

    I prefer traditional cape and tights for supers, but I mainly employ whatever I think best fits the character's theme. I do insist that a character's a'venturing clothes to be somewhat distinctive and different than their everyday clothes.
  15. How to simulate a Master Tactican

    You could give him various aid powers based on Persuasion or some similar skill that enhances attributes like OCV, DCV, Ego, Con, and Presence to cause them to fight better and make them more able to stand up to physical and psychological pressure.
  16. Golden Age and Silver Age

    I have been reading a Golden Age comic series online, some insights I have obtained is that Golden Age heroes can frequently get away with rather simplistic origins and secret IDs. They are also surprisingly nonchalant about taking non-adventuring women and children into dangerous circumstances, and they frequently employ interrogation techniques that would get them arrested if done today. They are also surprisingly easy to contact by troubled citizens needing their help but not by criminals trying to hunt them down.
  17. Pulp Era Comics

    I have found some sites that allows you to read PDFs of Golden Age comic books and pulp magazines for free, and I have started reading a series called Super-Mystery Comics by Ace Publishing. I am mainly reading it for ideas for my super hero campaign, but some of the stories is making me want to do a 30s to 40s era pulp style campaign.
  18. Golden Age and Silver Age

    One area is that Golden Age super heroes were all over the map regarding power levels while Silver Age supers are lot more comparable to one another. As far as what time periods represent Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and such, I think you would have to look at it like Renaissance, Baroque, and such in art, philosophy, and literature movements where elements tend to overlap without a clear cutoff point of when one ends and the other begins.
  19. Any PBEM or PBBB hero System game need a player?

    If you are still recruiting after December, I would be interested. I am currently trying to finish up my college degree and don't have much time for gaming. I would have to acquire some of the 5e stuff by then also. I am currently invested in 6e but have been planning to expand into 5e eventually anyway.
  20. Double Header

    The Bestiary does have an ettin. To accommodate the extra head, the Bestiary gives it the Extra Limbs power with the inherent and limited modifiers, 360 degree vision, and a +1 to perception for the sight group.
  21. Build This Character! Challenge

    Sorry about not giving a name. How about the Verdant Ranger?
  22. Build This Character! Challenge

    Terrapin (6th ed.) Val Char Cost Roll Notes 50 STR 40 19- Lift 25.6tons; 10d6 [5] 12 DEX 4 11- OCV: 7/DCV: 7 18 CON 8 13- 18 INT 8 13- PER Roll 13- 18 EGO 8 13- ECV: 3 - 6 18 PRE 8 13- PRE Attack: 3 ½d6 7 OCV 20 7 DCV 20 3 OMCV 0 6 DMCV 9 3 SPD 10 Phases: 4, 8, 12 12+10 PD 10 Total: 12/22 PD (0/10 rPD) 12+10 ED 10 Total: 12/22 ED (0/10 rED) 7 REC 3 40 END 4 16 BODY 6 40 STUN 10 Total Characteristic Cost: 171 Movement: Running: 6m/12m Leaping: 2m/4m Swimming: 4m/8m Cost Powers END 60 Slow Down!: Drain Speed and Body 4d6, Expanded Effect (x2 Speed and Running Simultaneausly) (+½) (60 Active Points) 6 45 Turtle Shell Armor: Resistant Protection (10 PD/10 ED), Hardened (+¼), Impenetrable (+¼) (45 Active Points) 0 6 Turtle Resilience: LS (Extended Breathing: 1 END per Turn; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases) 0 13 Can't Be Moved: Knockback Resistance -13m 0 Talents 15 Danger Sense (self only, in combat) 13- Skills 10 Defense Maneuver I-IV 15 CSL: +5 Block, Grab, & Strike 3 Streetwise 13- 3 Shadowing 13- 3 Sleight Of Hand 11- 3 Concealment 13- 3 Stealth 11- Total Powers & Skill Cost: 179 Total Cost: 350 350+ Matching Complications 15 Psychological Complication: Uses Sarcasm as a Defense Mechanism (Common; Strong) 10 Social Complication: Boring Frequently, Minor 10 Social Complication: Flunky Frequently, Minor 10 Social Complication: Easily Overlooked Frequently, Minor 15 Psychological Complication: Obdurate (Common; Strong) Total Complications Points: 350 Background/History: Personality/Motivation: Herbert Strom was just a petty criminal before the accident that gave him his powers occurred. One day while out plying his trade of picking pockets along the docks, a fantastic battle occurred between the super hero Mr. Fabulous and his archenemy Black Gestalt. The two super beings came dangerously close to Herbert's location. He immediately sought cover behind the barrels. Black Gestalt hurled one of his Ebon Blasts at Mr. Fabulous. Mr. Fabulous narrowly dodge. The blast tore into the barrels Hebert was hiding behind. The ebon energy mixed with the unknown chemicals that splattered over Herbert. Herbert quickly left to scene the scene but, fearing an arrest warrant, refused to seek treatment for the chemical burns he received. Miraculously, he woke up the next morning completely healed. Over time, he discovered he had acquired super strength, super resilience, and the power to slow opponents down. He has always been notoriously slow and used to be called names like turtle, tortoise and similar names as a boy. Strangely, he chose a turtle themed costume and started calling himself the Terrapin and began hiring himself out as a villain-for-hire.
  23. The Master List Of Complications/Disadvantages

    Thanks! I didn't know these existed but coming up with new complications can be a little tiresome.
  24. Now museum now you don't

    Museum curators who are really super heroes who seem to have to run off mysteriously at inappropriate times. Museums can house statues and other mementos of the local favorite super hero which attracts various members of his rogues gallery to trash the place.
  25. Need More HERO

    For me, I am lucky if I get to play in any game I would like to buy; so, I have owned a lot system and a lot supplements to those systems that I have never played. I live in a small city in northeast Oklahoma. There just aren't that many people who play RPGs around here and many of those who do aren't into what I am into.