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  1. Funny pics

    My van. I hope they have an appointment available.
  2. Funny pics

    I gave the t-shirt as a gift to my friend's son.
  3. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "Get off my lawn!" (A comment on my handle and my lawn.) (And my lack of originality. Read the whole thread before commenting, Read the whole thread before commenting,..........)
  4. white castle fish nibblers

    Maybe it was Herb's liver.
  5. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    A two lane tree trunk
  6. Great movie. They even beat the Shwarma scene.
  7. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    The Dog is a Samurai Shiba! Shiba Inu that is. My shiba approves.
  8. "Neat" Pictures

    Add tracks and a saddle and it is sold!
  9. I knew him in college. Most of my current group did, as well. One of the others heard from other friends. I'm sorry to hear it. Rip, Powerlord.
  10. Please Pray For Me

    Alright, you are depressed, your kids and wife can’t be leaned on, but you asked for prayer. That means you do have someone to lean on. God is there. Always. He got me through deep depression caused by childhood sexual abuse and poverty. He saw me through cancer last year. He got me through every challenge and disaster I have ever faced and used them to make me better able to help others. He will get you through as well. And He will get your family through. Get professional help, check out online support groups and find people to talk to. PRAY, study scripture, go to church (or Synagogue or other place of worship as appropriate.) DON’T GIVE UP. Don’t disappear. We are here. We will pray for you, God bless.
  11. It's Cancer

    I had uterine cancer last year. It was terrifying but I got through. It won't be easy, but she can get there. Just love her and don't let fear win. I'll be praying.
  12. Funny pics

    Hmmmm, I just got back from dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We were just sitting down in the patio when a man in full regalia piped himself and his drummer out of the restaurant. The waitress said he wasn't performing there. He was actually quite good. Is there some bagpipe themed holiday I haven't been told about?
  13. I just bought Space 1889 from Bundle of Holding. It Looks like a simple system but I've never known anyone who have used it. Any thoughts?
  14. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    dupicating Shiba Inus, if you look carefully there are only four dogs. Over and over. But then, my shiba thinks he's a super hero anyway.