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  1. Play by Chat Room

    Right. Did you want to make a yahoo group now then so we aren't spamming the forums? I'll give you my email if need be. Conveniently, it's a yahoo email~
  2. Play by Chat Room

    I'm used to doing a lot of forum roleplays, so I might get carried away with posts at times. No worries on wanting story~ I just like to do things right with a system, because the powers that be know I've experienced how messy D&D 3.5 rules can be at times. Yeesh. Anyways, back on topic. Did you have a place to do play by posts in mind already with something set up? Or did you want an overview of a character I can mock up first?
  3. Play by Chat Room

    You know what, I'll bite. I'll probably mess up super bad, but I suppose I can at least attempt the first act or something solo and hope somebody joins us so I don't have to suffer my stupidity at the system alone. |D lol
  4. Play by Chat Room

    Right, well. If it's done as a solo game, how exactly does that work? Would you base it off the character I make? Or did you have a plot/setting in mind already?
  5. Play by Chat Room

    As tempting as that is, give me a moment to think about it. I'm not that experienced with the HERO System like I mentioned, especially a Dark Champions setting: all of the characters I've mocked up using Hero Designer all involve powers to some degree, so I'm not sure if I'd do it correctly for this specific genre. |D However, doesn't mean there is no chance of me saying yes to a solo game. Just let me think on it a bit.
  6. Play by Chat Room

    Hmm. Should we try giving Alder a private message? Perhaps a notice may show up in his email or something.
  7. Play by Chat Room

    Hmm, alright, I think that covers my questions for now unless I come up with more. At this point it comes down to doing a bit of research on things on my end, as well as what everyone else who takes interest in this game desires. Not sure what Alder thinks of it all, since he hasn't posted anything further.
  8. Play by Chat Room

    Right, to place my official preference for edition in, I have to go with 6th Ed. so I'm not completely lost. Got more pdfs of that edition than I do 5th or any other. Law enforcement, military, or criminal background to some degree I can work with no problem. However, will you allow a character who is not entirely human anymore (with skills that aren't power based of course) by why of the 'Genetic experiments gone wrong/what have you' thing listed under the Genre Conventions? Or did you just want straight human with no enhancements of any kind? I started looking at characters from Batman for ideas on things, though I'm not 100% certain if the Batman-verse is a good example of what a Dark Champions game is like. Sorry, I'm weird and like to be sure my thought process gets clarification. |D
  9. Play by Chat Room

    I meant things akin to what Edition you were planning on using, character sheet requirements/restrictions, and even other character archetypes you won't allow other than the obvious things like 'SUPER MAGICAL MAGE-NESS' according to Dark Champions' general setting.
  10. Play by Chat Room

    I'd be up for trying a play by post style, since my schedule can be a bit erratic during the week, and sometimes weekends. However, later on Sunday evenings would be the best bet for me to do a chat room style, my time zone being Central Time in the US. Are there any other aspects you had planned? I'm not too experienced in Champs, 6E being my comfort zone for knowledge of the system, but I was in a play by post campaign for a bit before life hit the Game Master. Likely I'd be asking a lot of questions during creation and what not, so I hope I wouldn't be a bother!
  11. A Partial Multiform for Hero 6E?

    Ah, so it's better to just apply a bunch of factors than Multiform is what I'm getting, if I want less files to deal with. Fair enough, caused I figured Only in Alternate ID was going to be a dominant factor to some degree. I'll take a look at that. Thanks for the advice!
  12. So, I've been fuddling around in HERO Designer again, and looked into making a character of mine who does the whole 'Magical Boy/Girl Transformation with Awesome Powers' deal-io. While I did find Multiform to be the best option to go about the 'Hero Transformation' aspect to a point, I'm not sure how I would go about doing so to where the character keeps his stat, skills, etc., while in his hero form. I do know in previous editions there was a Partial Multiform thing, but I don't have the resources to look into it too well. Is there a way to mimic that in 6E?
  13. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Yes, those do help me quite a bit! As for showing the character when I get a moment, would you rather I post something up on the ropl site or here?
  14. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    So, looking at this, I do have a few questions before I do any joining: 1. Is there some outlying plot we're going to follow, or is it gonna be more comic-esque with multiple story arcs instead of one, overarching plot line? This is more for sake of history, etc. 2. Kind of a dumb question, but what is the setting of San Angelo like, exactly? Is this a world of your makings, or something like that? 3. This is gonna be in 6th edition, which I do have some pdfs I look at so I have some knowledge of the system. However, are you willing to let someone with little, real experience with the system join? Or is this for people with much higher understanding? Quite frankly I don't think my fiddling with the Hero creator is enough experience. lol 4. With the way you're handling this, are there gonna be gaming sessions we have as a group, or will this just go along as people post over time? I'm so new to this I'm sorry! |D
  15. So, I never did get around to joining another Champions game done online, and due to my current situation of not having an up to date (or at least, not a few years old) laptop, it might be a bad idea to try anything online. That and I don't have a proper mic for any chat speak based ones. I have been wanting to play a HERO System game in actual pen and paper style, but have never found one near me. I was wanting to know if anybody was running a game in Elgin, Illinois, or at least somewhere around that area of the USA? Anything information is appreciated in the long run.