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  1. If they can make some with a more optimistic it helps, like Wonder Woman I would be happy. All the brooding stuff just gets annoying after so many movies. We get it, you like the Frank Miller dark and brooding. But that is not the comics that lasted 100 years and still captures some of our hearts. Wonder Woman on the other hand had a hero being a hero because she wanted to make the world better. Yeh dark heroes are nice now and then, but after 6 movies we get the point.
  2. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    I would just call it change environment and include "pollution". Then buy lingering.
  3. Wait, who see has rights to Hulk?
  4. Hero system artwork

    I don't, but am subscribing because I want to know the answer.
  5. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    While I received my PDFs I have not read them yet. So I cannot offer any valuable feedback.
  6. My HERO System Library

    Awesome. I am green with envy. But the real question is did you sign your own copies?
  7. 1: don't have the link, but look for Killer Shrike's Hero Stuff 2: lots of people still play previous versions, no worries. 3: 75+75 (150) is a fine starting value. But honestly it can be any value you want. 4: If you post your characters people will definitely offer feedback. 5: I will not opine on this. 6: require all spells to take. Full Minute to activate, Gesture, Incantation, Trigger, Usable by Others. 7: Your welcome 8a: Hero alreadyin had an endurance economy, I would just ignore power points and use the hero endurance economy. 8b: I would do corruption as either a Complication or as a Side Effect. But most likely as a Side Effect.
  8. Prone & DCV with ranged weapons

    I would say anything more than 4" I would ignore the DCV penalty and instead apply that only called shots for head and shoulders hit.
  9. Zero DEX and Combat

    Sounds right to me as well.
  10. Questions about Aid-ing a Multipower

    Unfortunately no. A framework slot cannot ever affect another framework slot or a framework. So you simply cannot make an Aid from within a framework and have it boost the framework or any other slots. If you tell me what version you play. I can give you a page reference.
  11. Harn Magic

    Here is his site, http://www.killershrike.com/
  12. Harn Magic

    I think killershrike had a conversion on his site.
  13. Mind Control and Naked Advantages

    You can use it as a single action and walk away to do other stuff. However they get breakout rolls. If you choose to continue paying them they do not get the breakout rolls. Which version are you using and I can get you a page number for reference.
  14. Cosmic Power Pool

    Yes, page 411 very last sentence.
  15. No Concious Control variant cost

    This sounds more like a Disadvantage than a power limitation.