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  1. Helicopter Armament

    Great stuff. Thanks!
  2. Helicopter Armament

    Right. I have plotted published damage of shaped charge warheads against warhead diameter and found it is pretty much linear - the published Hellfire being an exception. These values also match the damage criteria you set out when matched to the M1A1 Abrams. So the next thing to do should be to estimate blast damage. Megaplayboy equated 1000 kg of TNT to 29 DC explosion, -2DC per halving TNT mass. I will take warhead weight, Relative Effective Factor ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relative_effectiveness_factor ) and this into account and see what comes up.
  3. Helicopter Armament

    Thanks. Perhaps the simplest house rule would be that a missile does AP damage if it hits the target itself, and regular explosion damage if it just lands in the hex or nearby. Makes AT weapons a bit less powerful but still useful against a Master Vampire. The Vehicle Table on 6E2 196 lists the M1A1 Abrams as 30 DEF Hardened Front, 20 DEF Hardened Side & rear, 25 body. An M72 LAW would just penetrate the side or rear, so they meet the criteria. The M47 Dragon would easily penetrate the side and rear but because of the Hardened DEF would need an above average role to penetrate to penetrate the front of an Abrams. IF a Hellfire is limited to 4d6 AP RKA it cannot penetrate the front of an Abrams, and needs an above average role to penetrate the sides. If it is APx2 it can easily penetrate the sides but still needs an above average role to penetrate the front. If the Hellfire is 10d6 APx2 then an average role will penetrate the front and reduce the tank to 5 body, while an average side shot will destroy it completely.
  4. Helicopter Armament

    Another issue is genre related. In a superhero campaign a 4d6 RKA Exp AP +1 Stun Multiple is a serious attack. In an MHI campaign where monsters such as a Master Vampire are almost immune to conventional weapons due to high levels of damage negation such an attack can be shrugged off. Game balance plays an important part in determining how much damage weapons like a Hellfire should do. When MCB Special Response Team shows up with their Apache helicopters are they a serious threat to a monster such as a Master Vampire that is caught in the open? If so, I would suggest missile damage based on weapon diameter: Hellfire: 10d6 RKA Exp APx2 +1 Stun Multiple AT-2 ATGW: 9d6 RKA Exp APx2 +1 Stun Multiple IF the Master Vampire should be able to shrug off a hit from a Hellfire then the published 4d6 RKA Exp APx2 +1 Stun Multiple version should work - although that leaves unanswered the question why the much smaller M72 LAW does 6-1/2d6 RKA Exp AP +1 Stun Multiple. I also rechecked the MHIEHRPG Heavy Weapons chart and realized that the 70mm SA-7B Grail does 7d6 RKA Exp +1 Stun Multiple damage. As the FFAR is also 70mm and has a heavier warhead than the Grail (FFAR is unguided, Grail has to carry a heat seeker as well) I would use 7d6 RKA Exp +1 Stun Multiple for the HE warhead FFAR as well. If you keep the Hellfire as 4d6 RKA Exp APx2 +1 Stun Multiple then the FFAR should probably be dropped to 3d6 RKA Exp +1 Stun Multiple for the HE warhead.
  5. Helicopter Armament

    Damage scaling tends to be different for shaped charge weapons. The 66mm LAW weights 5.5 pounds and does 6-1/2d6 RKA EXP AP witn +1 Stun Multiple. The Hellfire has an 18 pound warhead. I can't see it doing less damage than a LAW. I suspect the problem may be with the Explosion Advantage. Shaped charges by definition focus the effect of their blast. Perhaps the best way to model them is with an AP RKA plus a lesser linked non AP RKA Explosion. Thus the LAW might become: 6-1/2d6 RKA AP +1 Stun Multiple with a linked 2-1/2d6 RKA Explosion +1 Stun Multiple (The linked 2-1/2d6 RKA Explosion +1 Stun Multiple is the same damage as a 40mm fragmentation grenade)
  6. Helicopter Armament

    Thanks - weapons list looks complete. MHIEHRPG has stats for the machine guns and cannon. I haven't found anything 6th edition for the FFAR 70mm yet ("Here there be Tigers" dates from 1999 so it is from an earlier version). 6th edition has ATGMs but the published Hellfire does 4D6 RKA AP Explosion, less than the RPG-7 or M72 LAW. As the Hellfire has a heavier warhead this sounds odd to me.
  7. Helicopter Armament

    Thanks Shadowcat1313! I think I will do some research to compare 70mm rockets to existing real world weaponry that are already listed in MHIEHRPG and see what comes up.
  8. Helicopter Armament

    A Master Vampire is even tougher than I thought! My proposed Hellfire is 30 damage classes. Reducing this to 22 damage classes due to the master vampires 8 levels of damage negation makes it a 7d6+1 RKA AP Explosion which does an average of 25.5 body, which I round up to 26. Reducing this by 4 (8 rPD, halved for AP) means 22 body get through defenses, reducing the master vampire to 3 Body. With a +1 Stun Multiple an average shot will do 26 x 3 = 78 stun. Reducing this by 8 (15 PD halved for AP) reduces the master vampire to 2 Stun - stunned but not unconscious.
  9. Helicopter Armament

    I did a plot of damage class versus diameter for the shaped charge weapons (M72, Mark 143 SMAW and M47 Dragon) on page 151 of the MHIEHRPG rulebook and there is close to a linear relationship between diameter and damage class. Extending the graph to a diameter of 178mm - the diameter of the Hellfire - would give the Hellfire a damage of 10d6 RKA Explosion. As the Hellfire uses a tandem warhead I believe it qualify as APx2, not just AP. This would make the the Hellfire 10d6 RKA Explosion APx2 +1 Stun Multiple. This may be too powerful for game balance since as it can take down a master vampire with a single hit, but the general strategy for fighting a master vamp is bring artillery and this would count.
  10. Helicopter Armament

    The M72 is a 6-1/2d6 AP RKA Explosion with a +1 Stun Multiple.
  11. MHIEHRPG page 214-215 gives statistics for the AH-1W Supercobra, AH-64 Apache and MHI's MI-24 Hind. In addition to the listed machine guns / cannon and anti-tank guided missiles, the Apache (and presumably the Supercobra and Hind) can carry missile pods with the 2.76 inch FFAR rocket. What would be the game statistics for the FFAR? Also, the AGM-114 Hellfire is listed as 4d6 RKA AP Explosion, and the AT-2 as 4d6, AP x 2, Explosion. The M72A3 LAW on page 151 is 6-1/2d6 AP Explosion. According to Wikipedia the Hellfire has an 18 pound warhead, while the entire M72A3 weights 5.5 pounds. Is there any reason the M72 should do more damage?