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  1. In the Champions Universe, the undead do not have civil rights but life forms descended from "human stock" do: A number of Supreme Court rulings have stated that the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantees of due process and equal protection do not apply to sentient aliens, extradimensional entities, artifcial intelligences, and the undead, because they are not “persons” under the law. On the other hand, they do apply to mutants, mutates, clones, and genetic constructs based on human stock. Congress has, however, passed laws granting at least limited rights to all “independent, freewilled, sentient entities” in American territory. In my current Champions Universe game, the PC has met and rescued a pair of flesh golems from a would-be wizard (he used a book to make them). They are basically like Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride, free willed creatures made from human body parts sewn together and animated by alchemical magic. They have decided to turn themselves in to PRIMUS/DOSPA and request assistance in establishing themselves as sentient beings with civil rights under the law (Android, Artificial Intelligence, and Alien Life-form Rights act of 1979). My concern is that according to Stronghold (pg 30) even the Triple-A Act does not apply to the Undead: However this law and all related laws state and federal make one exception: The undead do not have civil rights. The legal ramifications of that, particularly the question of who owns the formerly deceased's property, combined with the typically evil or destructive nature of such beings, has kept them outside the ambit of the laws. I'm imagining the difficulty that a social worker or attorney would have in convincing a judge that a being made of the body parts of multiple murder victims and animated with magic has more in common with an AI robot than with a zombie. How do you all think this should go?
  2. I was looking through Ultimate Equipment and once again I was profoundly disappointed with the write ups for modern hand-to-hand weapons. Basically they are all some variant of club, inducing things like hammers which are written as killing attacks in fantasy games. So I am playing in a zombie survival horror game and my PC is using a crowbar as her primary weapon. What stats should it have? I'm thinking it's basically a mace that can be used one or two handed, maybe with an OCV penalty as it is not balanced as a weapon. Anybody got stats for that? Also, what type of fantasy axe would a modern fire axe compare to?
  3. DunDracon 2017

    I'll be running an Unhallowed Metropolis game this year, assuming it gets approved. I missed last year's con due to an injury, so I'm especially looking forward to it.
  4. GM Screens for 6th ed?

  5. Hammer: melee or thrown

    You could also buy it as a Killing Attack - Hand to Hand, and put the Ranged based on STR (+1/4) advantage on it.
  6. Spell Points

    Clean and simple. I like it.
  7. This sounds very much like the Fires of Heaven setting which is apparently is a part of the project Wyrmstar package.
  8. New Products! Hell's Half Acre PDF

    Is there going to be a Print on Demand version of this? (Oh please, oh please!)
  9. HS6E GM Screen

    Dag nabbit! I tried to give this a five star rating but I clicked on three stars and now it won't let me change it. Sorry... Great GM screen!
  10. An Urban Fantasy Game Worth Looking At

    Re: An Urban Fantasy Game Worth Looking At Funny, I recently re-discovered the Borderlands series and have been in an urban fantasy mood. I'm in for $50.00.
  11. How Do You Print???

    Re: How Do You Print??? Question Man: Some things I have learned along the way about printing in HTML; 1) Use Internet Explorer if you have it. Firefox dosent' seem to like the HTML sheets. 2) Check you print settings in your browser, and blank out your headers and such. Also adjusting the margins can help center your printout. 3) Reducing the text font size in your browser can make the sheets print cleaner and reduce the number of printed pages if you have a lot of powers/skills.
  12. Luck System: Whimsy Cards

    Re: Luck System: Whimsy Cards Whimsy Cards predate TORG.
  13. Eureka CA

    Re: Eureka CA You bet'cha! I thought I knew all the hero gamers up here. I have a regular game group that has been looking for more players/GMs. Email me and we'll hook up. deejmeister@clerk.com