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  1. When I bring a vehicle into a combat scenario (from HD6b20151018, HERO 5 rules) , the vehicle's defenses do not function. DEF is not used, but neither is additional ARMOR bought as a POWER. Is this intentional? Should I be using a different Combat Record Export template? Many thanks, and great software! Edit- HCM 1.0.10, not 1.1.10
  2. Star wars hero

    We've explored four systems for our Star Wars fix, and EotE was the last one we tried before I sold the boys on Hero. EotE is an extremely well-made product, with uniformly excellent art and writing. It's very imaginative in every respect. Our group did find that the mechanics had some issues. The powergamers among us drove giant Mad Max sized battle trucks through them, needing GM fiat every time, until running became what was in essence DM Storytime. "And now your characters run the blockade!" No one liked that, I made my pitch, and we're doing pretty good with 5th. 6th is probably better but I don't know it and the guys don't know any HERO whatsoever. It's a lot more work running HERO. I made a metric ton of prefabs and templates to essentially automate chargen through a list of choices, and each week have all the PC HDCs checked in a shared drive where I audit them for CER (Combat Effectivity Rating). Make sure no one's buying a dozen 2-pt levels. I make all the baddies, all that stuff. But the powergamers have an outlet now, and, more importantly, having an internally consistent simulation of physical reality makes it strangely easier to come up with scenarios. Like, 5 APs equals so much energy, in measurable terms, ft-lbs or newtons or paschals. That helps me out immensely, as a storyteller. That might just be me. This statement is not meant to be *in any way* critical of EotE. I think it's a great product, perfect for lots of people, and really fun even to just flip through. But in play we couldn't make it work for our group.
  3. Star wars hero

    I would tier them. The story basis could be, well, they're clones. While the first few generations were supermen, subsequent generations become increasingly distorted. Stormtrooper quality assurance, however, screens the very best samples for elite units. This would keep the existence of flopsy stormtroopers, in keeping with the original movies, while allowing for some quality heavies.
  4. Star wars hero

    Not at all! In fact, maybe we should make a GitHub for sharing work on this. One mechanic I use is that Darksiders use MPs instead of VPPs for their Force Powers. This reflects "the quick and easy path" while sacrificing flexibility. A Darksider will beat a Jedi with a similar point investment, but only if the Jedi is fighting dumb, and not using the flex of the VPP. "Dark Side" and "Light Side" points I personally handle with bonus disadvantages, handed out ad-hoc with XP. You might have a better way, though, especially if you have HERO-savvy players. I want to say that probably the biggest single challenge in-world is balancing the lightsaber. Depending on selection of source material, even a generic saber is starting at 60 APs or so. That's way too much for someone with higher CVs and SPD, and you'll find yourselves giving the opposition such high defenses in response that other players grow frustrated with their personal weapons. It's also *completely* lethal when turned against the PCs, and already one of my players has lost a limb. Luckily cybernetics are ubiquitous. Also it is a practical teaching exercise in Aborts. Ultimately, my final approach was to make tiered lightsabers that kept the sword swingers in the same general CER (Combat effectivity rating) as the rest of the PCs. Their starting sabers were thus underwhelming compared to the original films, but around 1/3 of the way through the campaign they will start encountering sabers that approach those of ESB. This week they will also be encountering some new types of saber mods (emitters, lenses, and power packs), beyond the generic ones. There's lots of other challenges- vehicle combat comes to mind- but since the lightsaber is so central it's the one that sticks out.
  5. Star wars hero

    I've been running a Star Wars HERO game the last four months or so. 5th ed, because everyone is new to HERO and I didn't want to jump into a new edition with players who are also completely fresh. I made a giant bucket of prefabs so the players wouldn't be overloaded with HERO, but I have to say the guys are being AWESOME about the system. They generally prefer light systems, and I appreciate their enthusiasm every session. For my part, I don't think I've ever been this excited about GMing or have ever put this much work into it. Real hat tip to my players. Era is "Rise of the Empire" officially, and it's a Dark Side group. We're essentially doing an alternate version of the prequels, weaving an alternate story in between the major events of SW:TPM and SW:ROTS. I don't want to give too much away in case any of my players are lurking, but the story will reveal that the presence of the Force in the galaxy is not what it is portrayed to be. So-called "Dark Siders" are often just Jedi and academics frustrated with an increasingly corrupt and stagnating Jedi Order . . and other, darker forces are willing to take advantage of that frustration. I guess it's sort of a stereotypical "dark & gritty" reboot, but the players are loving it. Oh thanks for posting that BBstacker, I am always on the lookout for more Star Wars prefabs! I will post my race templates as payback. Templates for races.zip