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    I am a high school student in Texas with a passion for HERO. I having been playing for 6 years and would love to be involved in more games.
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  1. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    I believe you might have gotten TO mixed up with Chad Johnson, who literally renamed himself Chad Ochocinco.
  2. The May Superdraft: Save the World, Save the Multiverse.

    We need one last option pick. We are down to six. Although the Cloud-less group is trying their best, Circe is gaining the upper hand. However, our heroes discover something. Robin's group of STN-J, the witch hunter group, has been contacted about this situation. Using the Doctor's TARDIS to get back to Salem, the fight is a little more fair. Option: The witch hunters of STN-J come to assist the defenders.
  3. The May Superdraft: Save the World, Save the Multiverse.

    We need to establish a sacrifice pick. During the invasion of the coven, our heroes might have pushed their boundaries a bit too far. Defending the world again, Cloud managed to get himself hexed. Being a he from Circe, he could not recover. Sacrifice: Cloud Strife gets heed by Circe and is unable to continue a normal life.
  4. The May Superdraft: Save the World, Save the Multiverse.

    Alright, moving on to pick #11 The bulk of the fighting has begun, Vash is shooting down several witches with his guns, as is Hansel. Cloud and Erza are doing what they can with their swords, while Robin and the Doctor are using their unconventional methods to take down the witches. Lucio is just keeping our heroes going strong for as long as possible. The fighting here is over, and all of the heroes are tired. Little do they know that this "coven" was a trap. Circe ambushes the heroes with a much larger group of witches. What will our heroes do? Option: The coven of witches was a trap designed to tire the heroes.
  5. Help Me Build a Trivia Quiz!

    In that case. Anime Which of these anime series is the longest by episode count? Answer 1: Naruto: Shippuden Answer 2 (Correct): One Piece Answer 3: Bleach Answer 4: Inuyasha Which of the following is NOT an anime series? Answer 1 (Correct): RWBY Answer 2: Dragon Ball Z Kai Answer 3: Cowboy Bebop Answer 4: Code Geass RWBY, though widely considered an anime series, is actually created in America. Thus, it counts as a cartoon and not anime. Dragon Ball Z Kai is actually an exact copy of Dragon Ball Z, minus filler episodes. Thus, it is anime. Gaming Who is this? Answer 1: John Marston Answer 2 (Correct): Jesse McCree Answer 3: Cowboy Bebop Answer 4: Billy the Kid Which of the following game series has the most games, including spin-offs? Answer 1: Final Fantasy Answer 2: Sonic the Hedgehog Answer 3 (Correct): Mario Answer 4: Street Fighter Which of these characters has never been included in the Smash Bros series as a playable character? Answer 1: Cloud Strife Answer 2: Mega-Man Answer 3 (Correct): Waluigi Answer 4: Pichu
  6. Help Me Build a Trivia Quiz!

    Well, seeing as if I am a high-school student. I can certainly help with this. Mathematics 2sin(PI/3)=? Answer 1: 2sqrt(2) Answer 2: 2sqrt(3) Answer 3 (Correct): sqrt(3) Answer 4 sqrt(2) What is the amplitude of the following function y=3cos(7(x+pi/2))+6 Answer 1 (Correct): 3 Answer 2: 7 Answer 3: Pi/2 Answer 4: 6 Solve for X (Give them 2 minutes for this one) 6x=4+sqrt(4x) Answer 1: 4/9 Answer 2 (Correct): 1 Answer 3: 4/9 and 1 Answer 4: No real solutions Science What is Avogadro's Number? Answer 1: A term used to describe the number of moles in a compound Answer 2 (Correct): A term used to describe the number of atoms in a mole of substance Answer 3: A term used to describe the number of electrons in the outer shell of an atom based upon atomic number Answer 4: Something that I never liked using. What are the phases of mitosis in order? Answer 1: Metaphase, Prophase, Interphase, Anaphase, Telophase Answer 2: Telophase, Interphase, Anaphase, Metaphase, Prophase Answer 3: Interphase, Prophase, Telophase, Anaphase, Metaphase Answer 4 (Correct): Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase Which of the following is NOT true about an object in freefall? Answer 1: It will accelerate downward at 9.8 m/s^2 Answer 2: Its horizontal velocity is unchanged. Answer 3 (Correct): If another object is thrown downward with an initial velocity at the same time, both will reach the ground at the same time if both started at the same height. Answer 4: Some objects can slow their descent via air resistance. HISTORY: Which of the following did NOT take place during the US Civil War? Answer 1: The issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation Answer 2: The ratification of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution Answer 3 (Correct); The Assassination of President Lincoln Answer 4: General Stonewall Jackson is killed Which president was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase? Answer 1: James Madison Answer 2: John Adams Answer 3 (Correct): Thomas Jefferson Answer 4: Donald Trump Fill in the Blanks: The invasion of ______ started World War I, while the invasion of _____ started World War II Answer 1: Russia, Poland Answer 2: Austria-Hungary, France Answer 3 (Correct): Serbia, Poland Answer 4: Serbia, France Recent Events/Modern History What was the name of the Supreme Court case that declared laws against gay marriage were unconstitutional? Answer 1: Fisher v The University of Texas Answer 2 (Correct); Obergefell v Hodges Answer 3: Brady v National Football League (I know this didn't get to the Supreme Court, but I know someone will put it.) Answer 4: Milbrook v United States Who is the current governor of Texas? Answer 1: Rick Perry Answer 2: Ted Cruz Answer 3 (Correct): Greg Abbott Answer 4: John Cornyn What is the first name of the First Lady? Answer 1: Ivanka Answer 2 (Correct): Melania Answer 3: Donald Answer 4: Marla That's all I got.
  7. WWYHD - Stuck In Dome City

    BB would probably get very pissed off and try to lift the dome with his strength. Maybe, just maybe, the dome would move. If not, he would spend an eternity trying to build his strength to attempt to lift the dome again.
  8. The May Superdraft: Save the World, Save the Multiverse.

    Lets see, I have the following Location: Salem Attacker: Circe Defender: Hansel Defender: Robin Sena Defender: Erza Scarlet Defender: Vash the Stampede Defender: Lucio Defender: The 10th Doctor So, that is 8 picks. I need to catch up to 10. Thus, we will draft one defender and use our first option. Our last defender is a great fighter, an ex-SOLDIER in fact. His virtue holds no bounds and has saved the world before. Now, he has come out of retirement in order to do it again. Defender: Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) Now for the option. Of course, the battle could not begin without a plan of attack. Thus, Circe called for her witches to join her for a strategical meeting. (A meeting of witches being called a coven) Luckily for our heroes, Robin Sena, one of the invited witches, is on the side of the town. Thus, our heroes know where the meeting is taking place and how many will come. Our heroes devise a plan to attack the meeting to eliminate the vast majority of the witches. Perhaps the roles are a little flipped? In either case, this is an all or nothing shot to halt the attack. Option: The coven of witches is invaded by the defenders.
  9. The May Superdraft: Save the World, Save the Multiverse.

    Anyone knows that one healer cannot do for a party so large. Thus, we need a second healer. The best in the business is on the job. In addition to his regenerative factor that he can apply to others, his prior experience with witches through time travel can seriously help him. Defender: The 10th Doctor (as portrayed by David Tennant)
  10. Happy birthday Pariah

    Enjoy your marvelous day!
  11. ToH Unlimited Class Qualification / Seeding Poll

    Hal is, but I don't think that Mogo would ever be here.
  12. The May Superdraft: Save the World, Save the Multiverse.

    I feel like you might have missed one of my picks. Anyways, moving on to the seventh pick. We have our damage dealing defenders, but who will be healing the group of fighters? We have no healer! No fear Ladies and Gentlemen. First, we have a fast moving healer who provides the support the team needs with the sound of great music. Literally! Defender: Lucio Correia dos Santos (Better Known as just Lucio). (Overwatch)
  13. The May Superdraft: Save the World, Save the Multiverse.

    My next pick is another defender. A champion of truth and honour (Maybe after he gets that $$60,000,000,000 bounty off his head!) Defender: Vash the Stampede
  14. The Most Important Debate Of Our Time

    I guess it an undecided endeavor.
  15. ToH Unlimited Class Qualification / Seeding Poll