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  1. Superheroic Martial art master

    Hi Everybody, I'm going to revamp this topic (Started by me, by the way) in order to ask you for some suggestion (especially from the rules point of view) for the building of a multipower. The multipower is going to contain a set of defensive powers to simulate the most mysterious defensive positions of a lethal martial art style. 1) Could I apply the "trigger" advantage to all the slots of the multipower? If yes, could the trigger condition be something like "The character aborts to block"? 2) Could the slots of this multipower be built as a compound power? Something like +6rPD/+6rED plus ​Knockback resistance, for instance. 3) The limitation "costs endurance to activate" could be applied for slot like one mentioned above? The resistant protection usually doesn't cost endurance, Am I right? 3) The resistant protection deriving from this multipower would stack with the one garanteed by other sources (like Combat Luck, for instance)? Thanks in advance for your support.
  2. Hi everybody, is quite strange but in the forums I was not able to find a build of Deadpool. Let's say that the task is in general not so hard but I would like a suggestion about a particular power I would like to build. As you know, Deadpool is the "mercenary with a mouth" and I'm trying to build a power to simulate this incredible attitude in saying bull***t to distract and confusing the opponents especially during a combat. It should be something that requires a roll in oratory or persuasion to work... But the effects much more powerful (Deadpool could daze and confuse even Thanos)... Some suggestion?
  3. Superheroic Martial art master

    Hi Everybody, In this period I'm trying to recreate with the Hero System a post nuclear-holocaust ambietation centered on the most esotic and lethal martial art. I don't know if in the USA this character is a as famous as in Europe and, most important, in Japan (the country he comes from): Hokuto No Ken. The manga is known with several different name as Ken, the warrior, the fist of the north star and others... The sacred school of Hokuto Shinken is the most powerful and lethal martial art ever seen (the style born 1800 years ago with the aim of defending the chinese emperor): the style allows the hokuto master to make the opponents explode by pressing particular pressure points on the body called "tsubo". The effects I can obtain with the pressure points are a lot: explosion, mental control, control of the body and others. How would it be possible to creat powers that match this description?. Let's focus on the mortal strikes that make the opponents explode... Should they be HTH killing attack on AVAD? In this case the alternative defense would be very rare... something "having an anathomy different that the human one". What do you think about it? Thanks.
  4. Hello everybody, in this thread I would like to collect suggestions, recommendations, opinions about martial art characters building, martial arts systems and so on. Let's start with a short introduction to the topic I would like to discuss first.In my personal opinion the martial arts approach in hero system 6th is not fully satisfying... It seems to be a "separate part" not totally matching the philosophy of the system. I have recently built a couple of 500pts. Characters and in both cases I had preferred a multipower approach to build the martial arts style instead of using the martial maneuvers...this because the killing attacks powers can be much more effective. What about you? Which is your favorite approach?