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  1. Site Upgrade

    Same thing happened for me. I'm not recognized on the top page, but as soon as I go to the forums, I am recognized as logged in. I'm not trying to antagonize you, Simon, but it does seem to be a bug. The site wasn't behaving this way before. I was just pointing it out. It was my understanding that that is the purpose of this thread. If I'm mistaken, please forgive my posts.
  2. "Roll Under" mechanic

    I think rolling over on 10 + DCV - OCV would yield the same result. But then "bonuses" and "deductions" would have to be made on the die roll, not the target number unless they were inverted (bonuses would actually have to make the target number lower while deductions would make it higher). I think I may have jut answered my own question right there. The problem with D&D and the THACO method was that as the skill got greater you rolled over at a lesser number while as the armor class got lower you rolled over a higher number. It sorta bent my mind out of shape when I was learning it as a kid, and that THACO chart was the only way I could make sense out of it. HERO System just makes more intuitive sense: if you roll under a target number, bonuses make that number higher, so the roll is easier. Incidentally, I've been playing a lot of Car Wars lately (another Steve Jackson game), and it's a roll over system with the modifications being applied to the die roll rather than the target number, which has suddenly become completely backwards and impossible for me to think about on the fly!
  3. "Roll Under" mechanic

    Yes, I believe so. I barely understand D&D 5e at this point. But again, this isn't really about comparing systems (HERO is the best ), it's just more about curiosity as to why that choice was made. I may not get an answer, but I know that HERO and GURPS grew up together and some interaction was there, so there wasn't just "coincidence" that they both use the same device. So there must be a "good reason" why that mechanic was chosen. I'm curious what it was.
  4. Site Upgrade

    I bookmarked Herogames.com/index.html. This is the same link I use on my other devices, and they "remember" me when I go to the site. I'll switch to my iPad here in a little bit while I get settled in for the night, and when I use that link it's automatically log me in. Although . . . now that I think about it, i did have to log on with those other devices on the new site the first time after it was updated. They stuck, but the MacBook Pro hasn't. So the iOS devices are working properly, but he OS X device isn't.
  5. "Roll Under" mechanic

    Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering what the history is of the "roll under" mechanic found in HERO System (and GURPS). This isn't a complaint on my part, but the "roll under" to succeed and "roll over" to tally damage is rather unique, and was intentionally chosen early on. It's second nature for me, but is sometimes challenging to explain to others since I don't know the rationale for the mechanic. This is in no way a criticism. I love HERO, so this isn't a "dump on HERO System" thread. I'm just curious what those reasons are. Does anyone know?
  6. Site Upgrade

    I have a quick comment/question: When I log in to the new site, I'm not automatically logged in as I was before. My login information is remembered, and automatically filled in on the login screen, and the "remember me" box is checked, but I'm not "remembered." I've tried logging out and logging back in, unchecking the box, and deleting the login info from my keychain, but I still get the same results. My other devices (iPad, iPhone) automatically log me in and I'm remembered each time I visit. It's only on my computer, and this is only after the update was made. Am I missing or forgetting something?
  7. New Product: Michael Surbrook's Ghosts Ghouls and Golems PDF

    Is this going to be available in print?
  8. Tracking sense v tracking skill?

    It seems like you could use the tracking skill as a complimentary skill roll for a perception roll. That way you wouldn't have to buy up your perception.
  9. So, there is a character pack out for Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems. Any word on the actual book?
  10. Superspeed Side Effect

    You could also consider the effects of "Long Term Endurance" from his vantage point as a way of calculating side effects.
  11. Prone & DCV with ranged weapons

    Your link is a very interesting read. Thanks for that!
  12. Superspeed Side Effect

    I just asked a similar question recently for my metabolic-based speedster. HERO System got rid of the Age disadvantage from 5th edition. There is only a brief mention of aging in the Life Support section of 6e. Other than that, unless it's actually affecting the character's performance (see 5er 329) then it's not really a disadvantage. It may, however, manifest as a psychological complication, such as depression or existential dread at one's own accelerated mortality. Other than that, if it's not really a disadvantage, as they say, it's not worth anything. Check some of the suggestions in the thread I started: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/95883-accelerated-aging/
  13. Accelerated Aging

    I went with the psychological limitation: "depressed because I'm dying soon." No need to figure out the physical part of it, just how it impacts the character. Thanks all.
  14. Accelerated Aging

    Is it a disadvantage for a character to suffer accelerated aging? It's not the same as the "Age" disadvantage because he's not there yet, but he's got a very high metabolism and will age faster than everyone else. It wouldn't really affect the game much, I don't think, unless it goes on for years. But it could perhaps be a psychological disadvantage because he knows his death is coming a lot sooner than his teammates. What do you think?
  15. Weapon Speed

    Well, one man's penalty is another man's bonus, I suppose! If you're giving bonuses, however, to unarmed (and I'm assuming unarmored) characters, what is the baseline? What state of armament counts as neither bonus nor penalty? I like what you're thinking, though. Armor was a privilege and not a standard for most of the pre-modern world, and it opens up more role playing opportunities when characters aren't walking tanks and combat actually has mortal consequences. I agree with the pole arms, by the way, although I always pick on them for my examples. I think a spear, properly used, may be the most useful and lethal of weapons available.