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  1. Armor Encumbrance

    I just saw two documentaries that are really changing my mind on these issues of armor and weapon interactions! Reclaiming the Blade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hLMExBQAbk Back to the Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmTi-NGQNh8 Just FYI.
  2. Armor Encumbrance

    If you look at the link I give in the OP, it suggests that although armor was equally distributed, there was a great deal of weight on the legs, which made the whole affair more burdensome. If you imagine hiking with a large pack, and then add 5 pound weights to each ankle, you get the idea. So it could have been a lot more tiring that previously thought. But not as bad as the myths about full plate being too heavy to move. So, I'm trying to develop a city-based campaign, perhaps using Valdorian Age and a cross between the city of Elweir and Sanctuary from the Thieves' World series of books. In general, armor just doesn't belong in a city, as discussed in this thread: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/95995-why-are-you-wearing-that/. I'd like there to be real tradeoffs for wearing armor. I think the DEX penalties for stealth alone would be a good start, but since it's a gritty, dark sort of setting for hero level characters, I'd like it to be more skill-driven than hack-and-slash-driven. More ideas would be a great help!
  3. Armor Encumbrance

    Next up in my series of questions that get shot down: how much does armor actually affect movement? I'd like to encourage my players to opt towards less, not more armor, and would like to emphasize the encumbrance penalties of armor. Although I know of the perpetual myths of plate mail being so heavy that knights had to be lifted onto their horses, etc., there are some real encumbrance issues to consider: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2011/07/heavy-armor-gave-knights-workout. What are some good ways to get my warrior-types to max out on full plate armor? DEX penalties seem like a good idea, but won't affect combat as much. Actual DEX reduction would be interesting in a 5e or earlier campaign since it would affect SPD as well. But in a 6e campaign without figured characteristics, this isn't as easy to figure out. Does it make sense to actually reduce SPD because armor is heavier? Or is that too punitive? Would DEX penalties, encumbrance based on casual STR, and Long Term Endurance be enough of a disincentive? Besides, how often would characters actually be wearing their armor anyway? It seems more appealing to build characters with no armor in mind rather than depending on armor to be effective. Some of your own experience on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm not sure if you've gotten the answer you're looking for yet, but when I ordered the book and pdf I got the full color 6e hardcover.
  5. Searching the Store?

    Is there a way to search the Store as before? The "search" feature doesn't allow for searching for items, even when using the "all content" option. Thanks in advance, brain
  6. Store is Broken

    There's actually another problem with the store refusing to ship to people. When I tried to order a book it said that they could not ship to my address in Illinois. Someone else posted with the same problem here: Any idea what's going on?
  7. Store Problem: THRILLING HERO ADVENTURES Won't Ship to Me

    I got the same thing with Ghosts, Ghouls and Golems. I haven't heard back yet about how it'll get resolved.
  8. Champions Character Cards Kickstarter Project Live!

    The main reason I ask is because I don't need 3 packs, but if that's required, or if the $10 add-on is required, I'd happily pay that to get the stretch goals.
  9. Champions Character Cards Kickstarter Project Live!

    Quick question: in order to qualify for the stretch goals, are we required to back at a specific level, or the additional $10 add-on?
  10. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    I have it and a few others, and they're so old they're falling apart. They were all cheesy little books that look like they were produced on a typewriter and run on a mimeograph, but the material is so wonderful, and I didn't really care how it looked in the '80s. I should look at the new edition and see if it's any easier to read.
  11. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    Funny thing is, I've had that book for over 30 years and forgot all about how useful it is. It actually does what Doc was suggesting with modifications to the armor rather than the weapons.
  12. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    But dang it, I'm trying to get everyone else to decide for me!
  13. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    So let me ask this: is there a difference, realistically, between a sword "slash," an axe "chop," a crossbow bolt's "pierce," or a mace's "crush" against plate mail? Do they have the same effect, or is there a distinguishable difference?
  14. Preview of Champions Character Creation Cards

    This looks amazing! One suggestion I have is to make a colored rim around the edge of the cards corresponding to their category. It would make them quicker to identify with minimal shuffling while stacked in the deck. I love this idea and have been looking forward to it for a while. And if if it goes well, maybe do a Fantasy Hero deck. . . .
  15. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    That's really funny Chris, because my mind went to Phoenix Command as well, and I had a horrible experience with that! But the idea of crushing plate mail, as you say, or piercing chain mail, is partly what got my mind going. Do you see any difference between a sword chopping or stabbing against plate? As LoneWolf and you both say, it may be unnecessary bookkeeping, and may even be unfairly applied. But I'm just brainstorming at this point and am hoping for some ideas I hadn't considered. Im starting to lean toward players using the powers rules to design their own weapons, with very clearly defined damage types, advantages, and disadvantages. The weapons table in FH6e is built this way anyway, so I may let them figure out their own granularity.