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  1. Origins 2018

    I'll be jumping on at least one of these. HERO events are always few and far between. Rod Curry usually runs a couple of Champions events at Origins, and sometimes more. You may want to contact him for some suggestions.
  2. Armor Encumbrance

    I didn't see that. What is paper armor? Is it laminated layers of paper, like the Greek linen armor, or is there something else involved? On a similar note, I was always fascinated by the silk arrow capes in Bushido that billowed out behind a horseman and stopped arrows with a cushion of air.
  3. 6e1 Binding Repair?

    Your first link isn't showing anything: can you check it again? Regardless, this is the came conclusion I made. The hinge tape comes in several varieties, and I've talked to several book people and done a lot of reading, and it all seems to point to the same solution. How's the tape holding up? And how's the end-paper and spine holding up? After cutting the cover off my copy of 6e1, I realized why the books are all failing: The glue is horrible and cracks apart. Everyone knows this issue. The book construction itself is half-baked. The spine is glued directly to the cover, and there are no actual hinges holding the text to the cover. So combined with bad glue, the moment one opens the book the pages are forced away from the spine as the book flexes open. The only thing holding the book together is the weakest part of the construction, and the only remaining part holding the text block in is the end-paper itself. This resemles the "perfect binding" of paperback books, but because it has a hard cover the pages behave differently and the covers can't move the way they need. That's what I've discovered so far. I'm going to experiment with hinging the text block to the boards themselves and avoiding the spine altogether. Thanks for the Input!
  4. Armor Encumbrance

    I'd forgotten about this. Have you watched the video of their arrow tests? It's rather amazing how resilient this armor is. However, while it stops arrows, it shows wear pretty obviously, so you'd have to have armor breakage rules to simulate the tears that accumulate over many attacks. I'd agree with 4rPD, but with a chance of failure after use. Perhaps an activation role on a scale with how many times it's been hit?
  5. 6e1 Binding Repair?

    I've found all kinds of stuff about book binding repair, and talked to my librarian friend about it as well. I'm going to try to repair it on my own. I'll let you now how it goes.
  6. Armor Encumbrance

    I was wondering about something like movement as well as SPD penalties. The SPD is pretty harsh, so maybe just DEX penalties that affect the order to act if everyone has the same SPD. I'm just spitballing at this point, and trying to gather ideas.
  7. 6e1 Binding Repair?

    I got another used copy for table use, but I'd like to repair the binding at some point so it will last longer. Has anyone had any luck trying to repair the binding on 6e1?
  8. Armor Encumbrance

    I actually want just the opposite, hence the original post. I'm looking for, as Chris suggests, more down-to-earth constraints to armor. Low fantasy, I guess, if I have to label it.
  9. Armor Encumbrance

    Those are all great points. Here's one thing I've been considering, and would like to get some ideas about it because it's potentially very punitive: actually reducing SPD when the weight of armor surpasses a certain % of the character's STR. I thought about reducing DEX, and in terms of figured characteristics in 5e and before, this would amount to a reduced SPD, but they've been unlinked in 6e, so I've been thinking about what sort of actual penalties might apply to armor. As you point out, the weight itself is not as much as myth tells us, but in the first link I gave in the OP they suggest that the weight on the legs alone would, as you say, at the very least reduce the rate of movement. But would it reduce the number of moves (SPD)? Is that even reasonable to consider for a campaign ground rule?
  10. Armor Encumbrance

    I just saw two documentaries that are really changing my mind on these issues of armor and weapon interactions! Reclaiming the Blade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hLMExBQAbk Back to the Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmTi-NGQNh8 Just FYI.
  11. Armor Encumbrance

    If you look at the link I give in the OP, it suggests that although armor was equally distributed, there was a great deal of weight on the legs, which made the whole affair more burdensome. If you imagine hiking with a large pack, and then add 5 pound weights to each ankle, you get the idea. So it could have been a lot more tiring that previously thought. But not as bad as the myths about full plate being too heavy to move. So, I'm trying to develop a city-based campaign, perhaps using Valdorian Age and a cross between the city of Elweir and Sanctuary from the Thieves' World series of books. In general, armor just doesn't belong in a city, as discussed in this thread: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/95995-why-are-you-wearing-that/. I'd like there to be real tradeoffs for wearing armor. I think the DEX penalties for stealth alone would be a good start, but since it's a gritty, dark sort of setting for hero level characters, I'd like it to be more skill-driven than hack-and-slash-driven. More ideas would be a great help!
  12. Armor Encumbrance

    Next up in my series of questions that get shot down: how much does armor actually affect movement? I'd like to encourage my players to opt towards less, not more armor, and would like to emphasize the encumbrance penalties of armor. Although I know of the perpetual myths of plate mail being so heavy that knights had to be lifted onto their horses, etc., there are some real encumbrance issues to consider: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2011/07/heavy-armor-gave-knights-workout. What are some good ways to get my warrior-types to max out on full plate armor? DEX penalties seem like a good idea, but won't affect combat as much. Actual DEX reduction would be interesting in a 5e or earlier campaign since it would affect SPD as well. But in a 6e campaign without figured characteristics, this isn't as easy to figure out. Does it make sense to actually reduce SPD because armor is heavier? Or is that too punitive? Would DEX penalties, encumbrance based on casual STR, and Long Term Endurance be enough of a disincentive? Besides, how often would characters actually be wearing their armor anyway? It seems more appealing to build characters with no armor in mind rather than depending on armor to be effective. Some of your own experience on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I'm not sure if you've gotten the answer you're looking for yet, but when I ordered the book and pdf I got the full color 6e hardcover.
  14. Searching the Store?

    Is there a way to search the Store as before? The "search" feature doesn't allow for searching for items, even when using the "all content" option. Thanks in advance, brain
  15. Store is Broken

    There's actually another problem with the store refusing to ship to people. When I tried to order a book it said that they could not ship to my address in Illinois. Someone else posted with the same problem here: Any idea what's going on?