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  1. Variable Telekinetic Effect

    Christoper R Taylor, have you considered building that the way a hydra monster is built? Namely, duplication, cannot recombine. Each head of a hydra can act independently. Although expensive, bought this way, you could have a hero/villain who could attack/grab/throw/whatever/etc at the same time (with the same SPD assumed.) I'll warn you: it's powerful. I tested it on a monster that a superteam met. Very effective. Oh, and no combat penalties adding together either.
  2. I'm not nitpicking fine details. Rather, I'm showing they can be as valid as Hyper-Man's since Hero System allows the same concept of an attack to be built a multitudinous number of ways. However, I think we're slowly moving away from g3taso question.
  3. These can easily be built other ways with no GM permission needed. Heat Vision (AE line, bonus levels, etc), Magic Missiles ala Tony Stark (Autofire, spread energy blast, etc).
  4. As GM, I'm wary of anyone trying to buy their power with the AOE Accurate just to make an object DCV 3. Of course, an AOE attack can have Dive For Cover used to avoid it. Personally, I'd go with either levels or buying an EB with no range modifier.
  5. Ninja-Bear, I like your line " The main object of the game is for the players and the GM to have fun. Champions 3rd ed. Pg 130". This is the rule I've followed when GMing Champions for so long. The RAW may say one thing but if it interferes with the game fun, I override it, so we both agree.
  6. Limiting and AoE Radius

    I agree with you. My very first Champions character, whom I still play, had learned after over 700 hundred of XP to vary his AoE attack in its radius.
  7. Was listening to my brother using the blender; not listening to music right now.
  8. Glass cannon syndrome.

    As previously mentioned, two words: Combat Luck. I'm seriously thinking of adding Combat Luck to quite a few of my heroes. It fits so nicely into what comic books show.
  9. Or unless you're dealing with emails or phone calls. Hoosha!
  10. Stunned without losing STUN?

    I'm a little surprised no one's suggested a hefty 10d6 NND attack (whatever defense) with the disadvantage (only to Stun target, doesn't cause Stun damage).
  11. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    I really didn't care for the Batman vs Superman movie, as I thought the acting for Luthor for horrible.
  12. Soooooo, you're saying I shouldn't pay 9 pts for a "KS: Spam tester on 17 or less"?
  13. Glass cannon syndrome.

    It depends on the players and the campaign. I have a problem with people expecting heroes with certain powers having to be a certain way. That's not the spirit of Champions; if I want to create a mentalist with a 35 PD and 35 ED, I can build it that way. If I want to build a martial artist with a 12 DEX, I can do that. I'm not suggesting those builds but I often bite my tongue when I hear players saying 'such-and-such characters are this way'. It takes away from the creativity allowed to a player. Now, for what Trencher said: Anyone else have trouble with glass cannon syndrome? It seems everywhere I look there are pc's and npc's who would go down if they get stunned for a round twice in a row. In fact the system encourages imo making high dex hard hitting characters or at best an controller of sorts. I kinda miss the human tank arch type who could take a lot of hits, get stunned for a round a couple of times but suddenly get back up if the enemy missed or wiffed an shot. I'm curious where he sees this happening in what books (it seems everywhere I look etc.). For myself, I've noticed it in a few books such as' Enemies for Hire' and 'Champions Worldwide' to name a couple. Now, if a player builds a character that is easily stunned, but is in concept, I hope the GM provides other means for the character to be important other than just another brawl.
  14. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Usually I use a quote from a hero but in this case, it's from a supervillainess, La Pulga. She's trying to taunt a hero shrinker and starts yelling at him: "You're weak. Weak like white bread. Like white bread that's been dunked in water." (All players) Ewww....
  15. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    "And we're walking... we're walking... " a quote from a Dexter's Laboratory episode?