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  1. Villain Minifigs

    This works for now. Thanks
  2. WWYCD: Justifiable Homicide?

    As multiple people have said: "Turn him over to the authorities." The precog is a murderer and could have done multiple non-lethal things to stop the person. Oh, and it wasn't justifiable.
  3. Villain Minifigs

    I was wondering if there are any minifigurines out there that can be bought for Champions villains? Alternatively, are there any paper minfigs that can simply be printed out on paper? Two in particular that I need are Dr. Destroyer and Mechanon.
  4. Access the internet & other

    Yadda etc " Each restricted database or system is its own Perk." I'm assuming you mean if a character has the ability to access a particular database, whether via security clearance, password or whatever. You cannot assume anything unless the GM approves it and whatever you want fits into the campaign, of course. Although I mentioned Iron Man's suit, really I'm aiming for a robot character. The character can access any database in the world with a thought (if they're online anywhere). Depending on security system (Security System roll), the robot can access, well, whatever it is. If I'm not catching what anyone's saying, I'm not feeling my best, sorry.
  5. Access the internet & other

    So, for a robot character to access the internet, including secret areas on any websites/servers/etc would be Computer Link perk, plus Security Systems?
  6. To even speak of that Iron Man movie Mandarin *cough* is being too generous. They need to pretend that movie was never directed, or put a smurf in it's place - and it'd probably work better.
  7. Retro Styled Campaign

    It didn't have other so I picked 1980's but really, the campaign is more like 70's & 80's combined.
  8. Access the internet & other

    My apologies for not clarifying the original post, that's what happens when I rush. The two abilities are for powered armor/robot abilities, without the aid of a desktop/laptop computer or cel; and of course, at range. The best example of course is ironman's suit but I'm thinking more of a robot that can casually do it whenever/wherever it is.
  9. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I don't see it soooo.... 1) How would you build the ability to access the internet for a character (scan for information, check email, even send a text, etc)? 2) How would you build the ability to change a digital clock's time just by looking at it?
  10. I challenge you!

    The Shadow. He had 325 tales told about him in 20 years. The Thing of the Fantastic Four vs Sasquatch of Alpha Flight
  11. VIPER plots

    Well, that just creates more fun episodes for you to do before this one.
  12. The Last Word

    New forum designs and new logo for me.
  13. Funny pics

    Soooo, what purpose was there for this sign in the first place?