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  1. NOTE: There are spoilers about the villains in question in this thread so be aware. In the 'Book of the Destroyer', 'Champions Villains Volume 1: Master Villains', 'Champions Villains Volume 3: Solo Enemies', there are many villains posted, such as Dr. Destroyer, Firewing, Slug, Black Paladin, etc. The ones I just mentioned are just a few that I truly wonder if anyone uses as stated. Sure, you can take what was presented and modify it to fit your campaign but why are they at the power levels mentioned? Why are they throwing 30d6, 22d6, 20d6 attacks, etc.? Why have Black Paladin able to fight at DCV 21 in HTH combat? And on and on. These are monstrously, and I'll add, ridiculously powerful to be used. Does anyone actually uses these villains as presented? I find it strange that these are the representations of what a beginning GM/Player new to the system is expected to come across. Even the 'VIPER:Coils of the Serpent' book had eye-popping Ripper and Oculon statistics to name a couple from there. I've heard there are campaigns out there that can actually handle this, but those are very rare based on the multitude of threads I've read through over the years. I would say that these books are adding the ultra/mega-powerful for those that want them, but the vast majority of campaigns simply will have to have the villains lowered or re-tooled to make them acceptable to most players. What's your take?
  2. Disarm a shield

    I did. My question is: why get angry at all? You can disagree with the GM without getting angry. Regardless, I'm hoping this is water under the bridge and your campaign runs smoothly.
  3. Choke Hold Maneuver as ranged?

    I would go with CRTaylor said, especially given that the original poster mentioned Darth Vader. The NND just KO's them eventually, doesn't stop them from attacking and once they're at 0 Stun, cannot kill them.
  4. Villain Minifigs

    I was wondering if there are any minifigurines out there that can be bought for Champions villains? Alternatively, are there any paper minfigs that can simply be printed out on paper? Two in particular that I need are Dr. Destroyer and Mechanon.
  5. Disarm a shield

    I agree with the previous posts. However, the player getting angry is another factor: why didn't he just contest/question you on that, instead of getting angry? I don't know if he was tired or what, but getting angry over a disarm against his character should be thought on.
  6. Find a Game for a First Timer

    Welcome to the boards. Another suggestion is to play with a group via Skype, if you can't be there in person; I have a player who does that regularly. If you have a questions about rules, creating a character, power ideas/suggestions, etc., just ask away. We'll be glad to throw in our 2 cents (some will throw in their 5 cents).
  7. A player wants to buy a power where she heats up a foci to the point where the person drops it due to the heat. I think it'd have a limitation "not vs resistant ED". The foci isn't melted, just gets hot - although it'd be interesting if the hero pulled it off on an ice weapon but I digress.
  8. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    Netzilla, I agree. One of the manuever's primary functions is, indeed, to restrain a target. My point was that the description of the power in CC seems to be all-inclusive way to stop the grabee, then simultaneously describing a counter to it - teleport, which is a power that needs to have points spent on it to have. If teleport can work, why not other powers that points have been paid for? As GM, I've generally found that heroes that do a Grab manuever (wow, I just can't seem to spell 'maneuver') have a good chance of success.
  9. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    There's alot of 'depends' in this. Yes, the weight might or might not. You brought up a few ways these things could happen and I can think of ways as well where it wouldn't stop the grabee. Taking any damage that stuns the character will stop them, so 'getting Stunned from Grab related damage' is just one possibility of multiple things that could happen in a combat. However, that doesn't give credibility to the carte blanche statement in CC "A victim cannot use any form of movement to keep moving while Grabbed" because right afterwards, CC gives a possible way to counter it (Teleport), and thus brings up other possible ways a grabbed person could still move. Ultimately, what happens afterwards when someone is Grabbed depends on a great deal of facets of the combatants.
  10. The new Jumanji[SPOILER WARNING]

    Why is this in HERO System Discussion? I'd think this is more appropriate in a different forum.
  11. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    Simple Grab maneuver. I don't see a Grab stopping someone who's got innate flight.
  12. Too hot to touch

    You guys have gone 3/3 on answering three of my powers build requests, this one having been the third. Nicely done and thanks!
  13. Too hot to touch

    I like this the best. The disarm by TK or range might work but as dsatow's build shows the effect of the item actually heating up. If the target tries to keep holding onto it, well then - take some moderate heat damage. I'll see what the player thinks, and throw out the disarm idea if she doesn't like this one. Don't know anything about pathfinder, only heard of it.
  14. Tackle/Knockdown

  15. How would you do the classic move where a running person is tackled/pushed/etc., from behind and both fall down. You often see it in movies. It's not a move-through: at no point does the maneuver say the person will be knocked down and is subject to how much body you do for any possible knockback. In this case though, the attack always knocks the person down. I'm thinking it's some sort of combo attack.
  16. I've become so numb...

    Perhaps the Entangle would be based on CON to break out, not STR? Maybe even based on REC to break out?
  17. I've become so numb...

    This brings to mind a power someone in the campaign wants to build: a strike in the pressure points to numb a limb so a person can't use it. Sorta like Ty Lee from Avatar: Last Airbender. The concept is to strike a hand/arm/foot/leg to numb it so it can't be used. Someone suggested a Dex Drain but I'm not sure about that as it doesn't stop someone from still using affected limb. So, how would you build it?
  18. I would simply say the higher your STR, the more D6 of Blast (no range) would be allowed or simply that the effect of your massive STR hitting someone sounds like/is thunder (already had a character like that). I'm sure that there are many possibilities to use a HTHA. I may be misunderstanding what LoneWolf meant by "With Blast you use HTHA instead, but other attacks delivered by touch will use not range" which seemed to indicate that you must use HTHA (which is why I replied etc etc).
  19. Okayyyyy.... I'm aware of the power construction. This didn't answer "HTHA makes no sense in that attack - your STR won't make the cold any more/less cold."
  20. I don't see why you have to "With Blast you use HTHA instead". I can easily think of powers where you use Blast, no range, such as a cold touch. HTHA makes no sense in that attack - your STR won't make the cold any more/less cold.
  21. I'd like to build a power where if anyone tries using any mental power on him (includes Telepathy, Mind Scan, Mind Link, etc.), they are automatically hit with damage, probably NND. The power will be Invisible. Also, the person in question will damage them even if not in sight in the case of Mind Scan, or aware of attacker. The power is always on. So, how to build?
  22. Psychic Backlash

    The NND defense would indeed be something other than Mental Def. Actually, we've long since had people with hardened mental def in the campaign. Thanks all. Good ideas.
  23. VPP Skill?

    Subject to GM approval, I'd go this route as well.
  24. Yep, but I couldn't check when I wrote that. Oh well.
  25. I'm thinking of buying a power which Activates on a 5 (or possibly even 4 or less). Activate 8 or less is -2. Is this a cap on how much the power can be limited, or would the 5/4 or less get more?