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  1. Trying to recall. Do I just print bases on the same RTF vehicle sheet? I couldn't find an RTF file for bases in the download section.
  2. I never saw your post till today. I got it figured out but I need to download the file again today. Thx for the link, made things quicker for me.
  3. Problems printing to pdf

    I just re-downloaded hero designer and that worked. thank you
  4. Problems printing to pdf

    I have the current version of hero designer 6 and have done a lot of characters with it. However, I am have a problem with printing a character to pdf. I has also made characters after this one and not had problems. I have not gotten any error message when trying to print him to pdf either. I have tried to reset the program and moving and copying the HD6 character files has done nothing. Does anyone have an idea? This is the HD6 character file below. Bone Crusher.hdc
  5. exorcism?

    Constantine the series has a few and that's on CW seed right now. Also have seen The Exorcist. Been a long time since I seen supernatural.
  6. exorcism?

    Well here's a new one. If I wanted the effect of trapping an evil spirit into something the size of a bottle. How would I write it up? I thought some kind of Barrier write up but I can't get the sizing of the barrier that small. Than I thought entangle but it don't feel right. I'm looking for a long term effect on this too.
  7. exorcism?

    Awesome! This looks like just what is needed to work.
  8. exorcism?

    I think that is Smite, which would be a blast I guess but counted as a holy attack doing more damage to undead and demons. Dispel Possession seems like what I'm looking for. I haven't had some many problems creating a character before but it's coming along.
  9. SHIELD Helicarrier

    I looked in the UNTIL guide even before posting this and I didn't see it. Do you know the page number? I just must have missed it.
  10. exorcism?

    Working on more parts for my Occult Detective and just found a new can of worms. I want him to be able to do exorcism's. Problem is I really can't find good info on it in any of the hero system books. I'm guessing that an exorcism works like a form of banishment but it info on banishment in the fantasy hero guide it about banishing a summoned creature and it doesn't really seem to be what I'm looking for. Also the info is no well explained. It's on pg 155 and than jumps to 149 for Dispel. I'm confused and need some input.
  11. SHIELD Helicarrier

    I'd say if the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier is in The Ultimate Vehicle that the Helicarrier is a vehicle. I guess if you would give it a sub category that it would be a command vehicle or command ship.
  12. SHIELD Helicarrier

    Yeah I could go with that
  13. SHIELD Helicarrier

    So working in my Champions Campaign and my group has received a base of my version of SHIELD (UNTIL in Champions universe). I got a copy of The Ultimate Base and saw this photo. It looks a lot like a Helicarrier but I can't seem to find stats for it. I looked in The Ultimate Base and my UNTIL guides and didn't find it. So where do I find it's stats or if there is no stats, has anyone made stats for it? It would be useful info for my campaign.
  14. pdf format with a sheet. Like how the characters sheets prints out on pdf. It's nothing big, I'm getting the hang of it.
  15. Okay I think I got it now. Looks a bit confusing but I think I can get a grasp of it. It'd be nice if it was set up like the character prints.