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  1. Droid Brains (Star Wars)

    So, we are playing the Star Wars universe. Droids are awesome. I like the idea of Han Solo wiring droid brains in the Falcon to help pilot. So how would you design a Star Wars "Artoo Detoo" Astromech droid brain in this system? If you have a writeup, let's see it!
  2. "Aliens" Colonial Marines Target Tracker

    Both excellent observations. 21 Detect Moving Objects & Creatures 18- (Unusual Group), Increased Arc Of Perception (240 Degrees), Targeting, Telescopic: +1 (although the wiki describes this as ultrasound based, I am considering that SFX and not basing mechanics off it) Love to see what others might come up with.
  3. You've seen it, that little gizmo that lets the marines know the aliens are coming in from all aides. I was wondering what different builds people might have to get this up and running. Here's my initial take: 30 Spatial Awareness (Unusual Group), Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees), Telescopic: +6
  4. Modeling "Take a Recovery"

    That's a problem. I was wanting them to take a recovery (via trigger) so if they were deeply unconscious they could take that recovery. It would synergize well with STUN Usable as Attack. Hmm....
  5. Modeling "Take a Recovery"

    How did you get that? I'm in 5E and it looks like I don't see how that one costs 4pt. 12 Take A Recovery: Trigger (Activating the Trigger requires a Zero Phase Action, Trigger requires a Turn or more to reset; +1/4), Usable As Attack (+1) for up to 10 Active Points of RECovery (12 Active Points). What edition?
  6. Modeling "Take a Recovery"

    +10 STUN, Usable As Attack (+1) (20 Active Points) I stand corrected.
  7. I am wondering how people might suggest an ability that allows people to take recoveries? I can see how you might want "Usable on Others" with the Attack option, since a person might be deeply unconscious. How might you suggest this built as a power in 5e (or 6e)? My initial take is +10 END, Usable As Attack (+1) (10 Active Points). I'm assuming I will be touching this person aka Obi Wan in Episode IV, and while I touch them they have more END and can take recoveries.
  8. Loved Guardians of the Galaxy, and Yondu's Arrow was a favorite. I thought I might create it as a weapon, and I initially came up with Yondu's Arrow: RKA 1d6 (standard effect: 3 BODY, 6 STUN), Penetrating (+1/2), Area Of Effect (2" Radius; +1), Selective (+1/4) (41 Active Points); 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4) I thought it might be nifty to try it as a follower. Any suggested builds? I'm new to buildings computers, bases and so forth. Suggested builds would be helpful.
  9. Intelligence of 0?

    Speaking in Glossolalia is not a sign of being brain dead, nor does having Tourette's Syndrome. It may be a sign of manipulated elections. This does not count as a joke.
  10. The Blandness Power!

    That is a great idea DasBroot! Care to whip 'em out for us?
  11. Other Universal skills

    Most Intellect Skills come down to one of two things: Know Stuff; "Which way did the person/beast/vehicle I'm tracking go?" or "Where can I put this bug to both hear clearly and be undiscovered?" If Detect can be used to "Detect answer to match problem" (see how Lightning Calculator was built) then it should work for any intellectual question. Change Stuff: "Render this trap/alarm/bomb harmless" or "Alter my own or someone else's features or voice" and that calls for a Transform. Mentat Projection: Detect Projections From Known Data 15- (Unusual Group). 11 Active Points. For all you Dune fans, you recognize that this makes you a god among men. For you non-Dune fans, consider this "big data" conclusions. I used a class of things on the detect instead of a single thing.
  12. Warms my heart, being the tender age of 47 and all. I also feel too many people are walking on my lawn...
  13. Mr Smith from the Matrix

    In this case I'm not going for a "convert main characters" attack and tend be lean along the lines of working this on mooks for sheer availability and convenience and nothing else. Not that I would be averse to an attack against real characters though.
  14. Mr Smith from the Matrix

    Not at all. It's a killing attack. Instead of killing them, they become you.
  15. Other Universal skills

    Stop right there. That might be the most interesting idea (Lightning Calculator) I've come across.