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  1. Hiya! Ok, got it all just a few minutes ago. Here's a crappy pic, but hopefully it's clear enough. Looking forward to giving it a run this summer! (hope this shows up...) Paul L. Ming
  2. Hiya! Will do...once the books arrive. Where I live, it's "2 - 6 weeks"...probably closer to the 6 than the 2, but you never know. But at least I get the PDF's to read until then! I'll try and remember to take some pics or video or something. Can't imagine what the "duty" on the batch will be when it crosses the border into Canada (hell, shipping was a couple cents under $95). Expensive hobby! Then again, if I get even a tenth of the value that I have gotten out of my BECMI box sets and 1e AD&D books...it's a steal! Paul L. Ming
  3. Hiya! Thanks guys! I think I got myself a nice, fat Check Out Cart from RPGNow.com of...well... a lot of things (about $615 worth; multiple copies of a few, all in Print). I figure that should do it for now. Thanks again! Paul L. Ming
  4. Hiya! Question: If money was no object, what books would everyone recommend for an experienced RPG'er looking to get the "Full Delux Experience" of the system? Thanks! PS: I'm a very experienced RPG'er with 38+ years under my belt (and about 38+ pounds above it!... ), mostly as DM. I'm just a newb with the HERO system is all... Paul L. Ming