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  1. Well I know the genre, I have all the books on Dark Champions: the Animated Series, Hudson City: the Urban Abyss, etc. I would love to play, just never have been able to figure out the rules or the character creation to make a street level hero. I would love to play, if someone can help me put together a character and everyone would help me learn the rules. I promise to be a fast study. I have played Champions, but I must admit I use the LARP rules since they are so much easier to figure out when you are trying to learn on your own....I have a couple of character ideas, and would be interested in playing a street level detective realistic to semi-realistic game with overtones of a serious nature.....eg. Chris Nolan's Batman movies and Arrow tv series.
  2. Sounds interesting, will the players run independent missions or just wait for each other to respond? Also how well do you have to know the Hero System? Still new to it and not completely grasped all of it even though I played RPGs many years ago...
  3. Not sure why people are so mean spirited. If you don't want to take part in a discussion, no big deal. But not sure why you have to be so dismissive to others who might....
  4. Sounds like a pretty cool team. An interesting mix of street level vigilantes and low powered superheroes!
  5. Often when I read a purchased adventure it will state this is best used with 4 - 6 PCs. So I began to think what is the perfect number for a PC party? I am currently running a campaign with 4 PCs. The number is very good to manage, and even if we were to add another member or two, I think we would be ok. What's the number that has worked for you? Has anyone tried more, like 8 to 10 PCs? Has anyone tried fewer like two or even gone solo with one PC in a Champions campaign? I know it can be done in Dark Champions! Just curious to hear what the perfect number is for your PC party. Thanks!
  6. GMPCs

    In my campaign, my GMPC is named Nocturnal and is limited to only coming out at night. The PCs functioned well without him, but were actually rooting for his return, not because they needed his help (he is much weaker than the other PCs) but because he is well liked by them and considered a member of their team. In group discussions since we have two vocal PCs and two PCs who are more quiet, it's easy for him to remain in the background, and as of yet he hasn't been directly asked what he thinks, but often encourages the PCs if they come up with a decision.
  7. Deadman's Dark Champions Heromachine Archive

    Since the Dark Champions game is so gritty and dark, when you find so few too play, have you ever had to run solo missions for players or do you create NPC vigilantes to balance it out?
  8. GMPCs

    Howdy all, When I started my recent campaign I added a hero to the group of PCs because they were all new to the rules. Just wondering how many GMs or campaigns you have been involved in actually use GMPCs? This would be an NPC hero who is used for more than just in a scene or two, but actually counted as a member of the group of PCs and acts as a PC hero (although the character is controlled by the GM). Just curious to see what positive or negative experiences if any people have had with them. I know some people don't like them, while other people don't mind. I know for myself, I actually enjoy it since it gives me a chance to join the PCs in some of the action as a PC hero. It also adds to the number of heroes that we have in the PC heroes group, 5 heroes which is a better number for me than 4 heroes. What do other people think? Thanks!
  9. I created an NPC hero to help the PCs who are all new to the game. His name is Nocturnal, and he is a "resurrected" hero who has returned back from the dead and is looking for redemption for his past sins. Since he can only come out at night or places of darkness, he truly is Nocturnal.
  10. Favorite character of a fellow player or GM.

    One of the most clever heroes I have ever seen was a player who loved Disney. One of his characters was the Hitchhiking Ghost from the Haunted Mansion. Don't remember all of his powers, but one of the best hero creations I have ever seen!
  11. Although I tried this post idea in the Dark Champions forum and got no response, I wanted to try it here.... I have always been impressed with the clever and original ideas people come up with for their superheroes. What is your most favorite/interesting hero that you have created? I am always looking for new ideas.....thanks!
  12. Howdy all, I saw a post in the Champions forum about favorite superhero team names, and it got me thinking what's your favorite street vigilante from a Dark Champions campaign, either that you have played or that you have ran as a GM. What's their name and their origin story? Why are they so memorable? My favorite street vigilante from Dark Champions is Kiss of Death. Dayanara Sloane is a wealthy socialite by day and a crime-fighter at night. She is the daughter of a mob lawyer, who was accidentally killed by another vigilante Nocturnal (who happens to appear as an NPC in another Champions campaign) in a battle with the mob. He warned Dayanara not to follow in her father's footsteps. Soon, Nocturnal is ambushed and killed. Inspired by his example and ashamed of her father's involvement, Dayanara becomes a vigilante herself to avenge his death and to continue the battle against the mob. This campaign actually exists in another existing Champions campaign, but the adventures of Kiss of Death are more centered on street level threats. Thanks, looking forward to hearing about other street vigilantes.
  13. Howdy all, Still new to GMing a campaign with four new players. I am always looking for new and clever ideas for campaign story plot lines, anyone care to share what was your best or most interesting adventure that you took part in either as a GM or as a player? Thanks!
  14. Your Superhero Team Names

    The campaign I am currently GMing right now centers on a team of superheroes called the Excelsiors. The name is in honor of Stan Lee's motto, Excelsior. The team is based in Los Angeles and was formed by the Mayor of LA to protect the city from superpowered threats, including eventually the Protectors (Protect and Serve). The team is currently made up of 4 PCs (Stars & Stripes, Maiden Mystic, Soul Surfer and Chimera) and is allied with an NPC hero who can only come out at night (Nocturnal) who acts as a guide since the PCs are all new to playing RPG.
  15. Hi all, I am soon going to be introducing a group of British NPC heroes into my Champions RPG campaign. This is a campaign which involves a superhero team based in Los Angeles named the Excelsiors (my tribute to Stan Lee!) I wanted to make it sound as authentically British as possible, so I am reaching out to those who either live in the UK or who have a good knowledge of it for help. One idea I was leaning toward as far as a team name was the Royal Guard. Although I would be open to other ideas. Right now the team will consist of either 4 or 5 members The Leader is named Lion's Heart The other members include....Nightmare (a British female version of Batman), Master-at-arms (a cyborg hero) and Full Throttle (a speedster), not quite sure on that name, is Full Throttle used in the UK? The Villain would be someone trying to take over the world named Lord Ravage Attached below is the figurines of the heroes.... Any ideas? Thanks for your help and advice. Shadow7