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  1. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    Thanks for the tips guys. It sounds like I'm on the right track. C-Note, I did already check out the modern assault rifles, but didn't see any with a grenade launcher. I'll look in more detail, maybe I missed that. Also, yeah, I have re-read the rules a few times and specifically while working on designing something. I find until I actually do I think I know the rules but then when I try to use them I realize I don't know them as well as I thought.
  2. prefabs for psychological complications

    Thanks eyocum, looks like they loaded just fine.
  3. prefabs for psychological complications

    Eyocum, I wouldn't mind those .hdp files if you have time to upload them.
  4. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    I do like the list better than the Multi-Power after working with it in Hero Designer. I was also looking at the Compound Power. I guess the biggest different I see on a list vs. the Compound Power is that the modifiers you put on a list apply to all items in the list whereas with a Compound Power it doesn't look like that's the case. Are there any other differences you think I should be aware of? Also, if I am trying to design an Assault Rifle with an under-mount Grenade launcher do you have any suggestions of the best way to do that? Since I can't use both weapon functions as the same time that seems like it might work best as a multi-power, but I've not found any good examples.
  5. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    I also didn't see you could do that in Hero Designer. That's definitely the way I wanted to go. Thanks for the extra input. I've just started playing with Hero Designer and trying to figure it out and a bit rusty on Hero System as well.
  6. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    Awesome thanks. I guess I expected to be able to double click it like everything else and I failed to see the obvious.
  7. Multi-Powers as Prefabs

    Does anyone know is there a way to create and save a multi-power as a prefab in Hero Designer? I can create a multi-power. I give it several limitations, then I add several fixed powers to it. All looks good, however, when I save it as a prefab and load it the details of the multi-power are gone. It has a folder with all the powers listed under it and I can load those into a character just fine, however, I can't load the folder nor can I see any details, notes, or limitations for the multi-power. In the screenshot below you can see the two multi-powers I've created in the left pane. I saved this and then loaded the prefab which shows up in the right pane. Any help would be appreciated.