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  1. Online Champions Review

    I like Black Paladin.
  2. Online Champions Review

    Thank you for mentioning us.
  3. Online Champions Review

  4. Podcast Support

    Chimpions-RPG produce an actual play RPG podcast using the Hero System rules. We are a small non profit group who produce the podcast because we enjoy what we do. We decided to reach out to Hero Games and ask if you would be willing to support us in our endeavour. We're not hoping for anything ambitious, may be a mention in the Hero Games site, or something to offer listeners as a prize. If you would like to listen to what we do, you can find us at chimpions.Co.UK, iTunes or Stitched. Thank you for your time and consideration. Mark.
  5. How about trying something different! Chimpions is a Hero System Actual play Podcast. You can find us at on Stitcher or Itunes. We would love to hear your feedback.