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  1. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    I will make figuring out how to delegte that a priority for today. : )
  2. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    Re: GIANT SIGNATURE. Yeah, I noticed that, I hope it's at least slightly smaller now. My hands are kind of tied in that I can't figure out how to upload pics (I mean I can see a button that says "My Media" right there but I can't figure out how to work it) so I'm copying image URLs from my website and apparently those images are actually pretty big! That said, I'm not trying to "rules lawyer" the website, but these are the current signature rules I'm seeing in my User CP, lol:
  3. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I think how I'm going to proceed is to finish writing this adventure in DicePunk and in Savage Worlds (I already wrote it--well, the characters, anyway, and they're about 90% of it--in Delta Green), then figure out the licensing deal with HERO Games Inc. and assuming that nothing about it is completely unacceptable, I will then stat it up for FRED (I hope some of you guys still play FRED/still buy things so you can check it out). If for some bizarre hypothetical reason (I can't even think of one off the top of my head) the official HERO Games license is unacceptable, i.e. requires my first born child, or something, then I'll just release the adventure for the other three systems with art and production values for money, and release the FRED version as "freeware". There was another piece of "freeware" for FRED I was planning on pumping out anyway (stats for every character from the incredibly hilarious 1985 movie Clue as Skilled Normals or Competent Normals, haven't decided yet.)
  4. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    Was a direct link provided?
  5. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    "I can make 10 more posts today. This restriction is in place until I have 7 more approved posts." @LouisGoncey: Me too! I'mma get tangential for a second: Also, the post I make here will not appear until a moderator manually approves it. This is...vexing, and I bet a lot of people have whined and/or complained about it. It makes it hard to have a discussion when my responses have a "rate of fire" determined by someone else's schedule and cue. I have trawled the internet a lot in my 30 years on this Earth and I have never encountered quite such a probation system such as this on any forum elsewhere on the net. It is probably the most restrictive I have ever seen. Yet it does other things that more restrictive sites don't do, like allowing me to have an avatar and edit my existing posts while in my probation period. The activity level here at herogames dot com seems manageable at best. Did/does the site REALLY have such a problem with spammers and other malicious posters that such measures are strictly speaking necessary?
  6. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    Oh, I would definitely describe many games as functionally abandonware. I mean, I could list 10 RPGs you've never heard off the top of my head, or 100 RPGs with two hour's research, that are definitely abandonware by any reasonable definition. And that would be just restricting myself to TTRPGs, too. Unsupported = probably abandonware. Released by a company that is now dead = probably abandonware. Unsupported and released by a dead company = definitely abandonware. I agree it's an awkward definition to apply a "book", but ultimately a pen and paper RPG is just more like a piece of software than it is like a book. It is a kind of program (written instructions, in this case) that can be run on a kind of platform (a table with your friends, in this case). AD&D 2nd Edition is almost certainly abandonware, for instance, as are some earlier editions of D&D. The fact that TSR, the company which published them, is no longer extant has helped fuel the OSR (Old School Renaissance) in the same way that the Open Gaming License fueled the early-2000s d20 boom.
  7. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    zslane, first off, thanks for the quick and insightful response! My response definitely won't be as quick because all my posts are still being manually moderator-approved, though faster than I would have guessed! My specific approach to this will depend on who the stakeholders in HERO Games currently are. If Steven S. Long is still one of the owners of HERO Games, I'd be more than happy to give him $X Dollars, use the logo, and play nice. That man wrote my favorite edition of my favorite game and nearly all supplementary materials almost-single-handedly: he is the bomg diggety and I personally desire to be in his good guy category. On the other hand, I have had less than positive experiences with other stakeholders in DOJ Inc./HERO Games sadly in situations where I felt like they dealt with me less than honestly (this was unrelated to HERO System or any related products, and that's all I'm willing to say publicly). I'm not gonna talk about this here obviously because I don't want my second ever post on these forums to be a DRAMA BOMB but I can PM you about it if you're overwhelmingly curious. The tl;dr version is that if Steve Long is still one of the guys that still owns HERO Games, I would be more than happy to give him $XXX, use the logo, and be in the "good guy" category with DOJ Inc. For anyone who's even slightly curious: The adventure is called No Country For Great Old Ones and two of the other systems it will be statted in are Savage Worlds (I need to get a nod from Shane Hensley) and Delta Green (I will need to get a nod from Shane Ivey). The fourth (main?) system it will be in is my own/my company's own homebrew system, DicePunk. So the HERO Games/DOJ Inc. licensing situation for FRED was by far the most "complicated gray area" one.
  8. Forgive me if this has been asked before, asked before frequently, asked RIGHT ON THIS PAGE, etcetera. Now, that said, some games have (end-user) licenses. The OGL 1.0 license created the d20 boom in the 2000s. I myself authored and published a game whose SRD is released under the Creative Commons License. Creative commons is also the same route that Eclipse Phase famously took. Most games, though, don't have licenses. They full into a weird gray area where you might be able to assume the same things about them you would about software, but maybe not. That's where things get sticky and tricky. Is HERO System Fifth Edition (Revised, if it matters) effectively considered abandonware by the greater RPG community? My basis for assuming that it is abandonware is that it is strictly speaking "unsupported". If a representative of DOJ Inc. personally wants to step in and clarify the licensing status of FRED, that would be BEYOND AWESOME. However, just to clarify, and no disrespect to any parties involved, the answer of whether DOJ Inc. considers FRED to fall under the broad definition of abandonware is distinct from the answer of what the general gaming community at large thinks. Disclosure: because I plan to publish a product including HERO System stats (along with several other systems: it will be an adventure with stats for four systems, one of which hopefully will be FRED), the "official" answer is undeniably more important. Thanks, - Devon