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  1. 6E1 says that to use UAA on multiple targets at once one needs to apply Simultaneously as opposed to Area of Effect. But how does one do that in Designer? UAA does not offer that option.
  2. Superhero: Potions

    Exactly. To me the point of the potions (at least the ones I am looking to create) is to put all the expensive materials (foci), Extra Time, and other limitations in during the 'brewing'. Delayed Effect isn't even recommended at the Super Hero Level (6E) even though several 'potion' power examples are then created with that Advantage. So Trigger seems the more likely way to do it, if it is in a VPP (quaffing the potion) to me so far.
  3. Convert Mystic Ward AA 12 to 6E

    Thanks Lucius, those are some awesome ideas
  4. Superhero: Potions

    Clarification for all... When I am talking about "Potions", I am talking about not just having a focus for a power, but the true potion where all the heavier limitations are done prior to use... Extra time, charges, any END cost, so on and so forth, then just being able to drink the potion on a moment's notice.
  5. Convert Mystic Ward AA 12 to 6E

    Sorry...others had spoken to me calling it AA in other discussions, so it just came out of me that way, lol. Arcane Adversaries. Well, in 5E, it is written as 3 separate powers. Affects Desolid for 6 DEF. Is this Barrier? And if so, how do I write it so that those in/belong in the mansion/base can get out and back in again through the barrier? Personal immunity would at best affect the caster, right? The Cannot be escaped with teleportation... written as a separate power. Should it be combined in 6E? And, being a power that covers a Sanctum, with a summoning circle in it, how does, say, a summoned being once released to do the caster's bidding, get through the barrier, or back in if that is the summoner's desire? And, for the invisibility to magic or mystic sense group, Invis does not offer a Mystic Sense Group. Not sure the best way to factor that in. Plus, I would like a way for all legitimate inhabitants to be able to see out through it while keeping the snoopy ones outside from being able to see in. Ideas? And let's say I want to expand that invisibility to cover more than just the mystic sense group. Designer doesn't let me replace any one of the existing sense groups with Mystic, without removing that replaced group from the available list of check boxes to re-include that one I replaced. I haven't actually played since 4th Edition, so I am behind the times.
  6. Superhero: Potions

    lmao. Well, I work a 12 hour shift tonight so won't have time to read them tonight. You may yet catch up or get ahead.
  7. Superhero: Potions

    Already bought them :):)
  8. AA 12 Mystic Barrier says: "Affects Desolid (+1/2) for 6 Def; IIF Immobile (plaited wire rings hidden in architectural ornaments; -1 1/4)" "Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation (+1/4) for 6 DEF; IIF Immobilie (as above; -1 1/4)" "Invisibility to Magic Sense Group, Personal Immunity (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2); IIF Immoble (as above; -1 1/4) This is for a mansion/base. 1) How do I convert this to 6E? 2) The final goal is to have wards to protect the mansion from outside snooping / intrusion *while* allowing those who are legitimately inside to leave and to view or otherwise snoop outward from the mansion. Thanks! DC
  9. Superhero: Potions

  10. Superhero: Potions

    Damn. Can't find it on the site... I will keep watching...
  11. Superhero: Potions

  12. Superhero: Potions

    Where? Where? lol
  13. Superhero: Potions

    Ok, I like that even better... Thanks! Though the source material seems to suggest Delayed Effect or Trigger...hmmm...
  14. Superhero: Potions

    I would tend to use charges too. But how do you set the spells off? Delayed Effect where it is in the character's system, ready to go off with a half-phase action, Trigger, drinking the potion, something else? Thanks!
  15. Superhero: Potions

    Preferred GM method of making potions: Delayed Effect vs Trigger Even though 6E1 332 says about Delayed Effect, "It’s not recommended for Superheroic campaigns." I have seen examples of Delayed Effect used for potions in superhero environment source books, as well as Trigger. I am looking for what your average GM prefers when it comes to potions.