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  1. Help with Magic Items

    Ummmm...why? There are multiple ways to construct everything. I know that Useable Simultaneously is one of them. I originally took Useable Simultaneously as 'per casting.' I guess I could be wrong... But that would make it awfully tough to Ever create a true magick item. My character pays CP for a spell, "+1 OCV, Focus (H-H weapon)". Which he originally intends for his mage's staff. If he ever uses UOO to create a weapon for someone else, he can Never ever use it again either for himself or to ever create another such sword for someone else? Unless of course he wants to pay an ever increasing cost for an item for which the power never increases? I have to wrap my head around this... Speaking of multiple ways to construct everything, a Persistent beneficial Spell/Power bought to 0 END can be cast in an area and affect multiple allies without incurring the ever increasing Active Point cost of UOO (Simultaneously) as another way of creating a power. Let's take that same +1 OCV. It can be built with Weapon Foci to affect everyone in the area of effect. Hmmm...still trying to wrap my head around this...
  2. Help with Magic Items

  3. Help with Magic Items

    1) True 2) Not sure I understand this one. 2A) The cheapest version of UOO is +1/4 (as long as my character isn't paying END each time the power is used (UGH, +1 INT, every time the recipient Thinks, lol) which would make the UOO free) (Or remains close to the caster, which isn't much of a magic item, lol). At +1/4, which I have to pay anyway to use it on others at all, it can also hit any number of targets, given time. Sure, if using on others (as in the originally listed magic item concept), my character would have to pay that +1/4 so it remains a little more expensive than AID (if you don't factor in AAP costs no END, and to match that you make AID reduced END 0 for +1/2) (and Persistent, if you really want the AID to match the AAP for another +1/4). 2B) If this was a 'spell' for just my character, AAP wouldn't even have to have the UOO, making it far cheaper than AID. 3A) AAP is already Persistent, so the only way the magic item is turned off is if my character "consciously decides to turn it off or dies" (6E1 128, 334). Plus, switching VPP slots does not undo ongoing powers taken on a Focus (6E1 412) as long as the Focus was taken on the individual power instead of the Control Cost, else the Blaster mentioned on that page would suddenly stop working for the NPC who stole it, for example. 3B) Plus, UOO (UBO) Switching Powers in a Framework does not shut a Power off when the slots are switched (6E1 357) Uncontrolled: Would I even have to apply this Advantage to the power? There are many mechanics to create a power, and Uncontrolled is just one of them. (6E1 352) Uncontrolled, just as with 'any ordinary Constant power,... 'But unlike an ordinary Constant Power, if he’s Stunned or Knocked Out, or loses Line Of Sight on the target, the power does not cease working.' However, Persistent already handles that. Plus with my note 3B) above, it makes it seem even more like Uncontrolled isn't needed in this particular case. Thank you so much for your thoughts either way. They are helping me think this through, both to have a power created that is less likely to be rejected after all the thought put into it, and as a potential GM. DC
  4. Age Manipulation

    One of the characters I am building, and constantly re-adjusting, since I haven't played her yet lol, has a group of medical clinics, which includes plastic surgery services, which serves the rich and famous. She does this as a way to earn both favors, and as a way to generate resources so she can provide such services for more-deserving-but-can't-afford-it NPCs. In these clinics, she can truly 'transform' someone's age, making them younger in every way. But I need her to be able to finely manipulate it so it is Believable as simple, yet the highest quality rejuvenation services (surgery plus healthy...medicine). (Nevermind that she slips in certain other...adjustments which make them 'nicer people, lol.) On the other hand, while Transform cannot kill outright, it would be nice to know if it is legitimate to, and the mechanics for, turning a 30 year old nemesis into a 110 year old nemesis (albeit a very healthy for their age 110 year old (if they were healthy to begin with)), LOL.
  5. Help with Magic Items

    Bless you. I am always interested in how others build VPPs anyway. I often look at the various source books to see how NPCs build them for inspiration (at least the ones that come with sample powers for them.)
  6. Help with Magic Items

    Buffs themselves are not all I am interested in, I kinda put that badly. "Support" characters are what interest me, which just happens to include Buffs. Team healer, transport the team, dig the tunnel as the way in, find things for the team, build/create things for the team, interrogate for the team, etc. As for the GMs, I do not envy them (and am trying to learn to be one) already, especially in a system that, while very rich which is appreciated, is also very complicated. I too, as a player and a potential GM, greatly prefer story over combat algebra, or even very much combat at all. Which is why I am asking such a question; I am trying to see it from both sides. In this case, building a characteristic buff spell, I truly want to know the reason one way is so cheap and unlimited and the other costs END and has a built-in time limit, and what the intended purpose of the 'cheap way' is meant to be, and where it is appropriate and inappropriate to use. There is even a selfish reason to ask from a player point of view: I don't want to go to all the trouble of creating a character, especially a complicated one, and have it tossed out like it is yesterday's news, lol.
  7. Help with Magic Items

    But why the continuing charge, other than, "GM says so?" Why not just leave it going forever? And if, "GM says so," is the only reason, refer to the questions in the OP? Thanks! DC
  8. Help with Magic Items

    So, AID I understand. But Characteristics as Powers, am I missing something? Something as simple as a +1 Sword (OCV). UOO It is already 0 END to cast and maintain. It is already Persistent. Add in the focus (the sword itself). It is already Difficult to Dispel, Drain, etc. Is that really all there is to it? Castable as often as I like. Never ending. Has its own Power Defense (if the magic makes it unbreakable). So, my teammate has a sword. I cast my spell granting that player's sword +1 OCV. 3-4 point (OAF vs OIF) spell I can then cast on any teammate's weapon at 0 END, for any number of teammates (one at a time). Or, I could cast AID 1d6 to OCV, which has a duration and an END cost on their weapons. Hell, even simpler, who needs . I can cast +1 INT on myself for nothing, lasting forever, or AID INT 1d6 on myself with a built-in duration and END cost? Why would I ever use AID instead? 1) If the only answer is "GM says so," why even create an Official power that way, where every GM would want to overrule something just about every time? 2) If the only answer is, "GM says so," then in the opinions of the GMs here, when would it be reasonable to use Characteristics as Powers? As always, I am thinking more in terms of Superhero level of play, and from the perspective of a player who likes playing 'support characters,' or BUFFers, in the MMORPG sense. Thanks! DC
  9. Age Manipulation

    Champions Powers 50 How much should someone age? Especially if Partial Transform is involved? A certain amount per Body rolled? If so, what are suggestions? I assume that if Partial Transform is removed, its all or nothing to any age?
  10. Age Manipulation

    Champions Powers 50 How much should someone age? Especially if Partial Transform is involved? A certain amount per Body rolled? If so, what are suggestions? I assume that if Partial Transform is removed, its all or nothing to any age?
  11. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    I was...as an Eco Warrior power, literally cleaning polluted water, with new pollutants being the way of "healing" the clean water back to polluted. Appliable anywhere, whether to an existing oasis or lake or whatever, to filtering the water coming into a building in which characters are trapped for a while, or any other situation if used wisely, cast as a spell or another 'on the spot' power but able to continue to function on its own (0 End Persistent) until someone Dispels or otherwise 'breaks' the system. DC
  12. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    That was my leaning as well. I suppose in the case of water, if I wanted the character to clean a polluted lake, a stationary area, Change Environment might work fine (unless something negative really is supposed to be produced by that power). But to provide a steady source, Transform just seems more appropriate. So I guess the same would be true for an ongoing air cleaner. Thanks
  13. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    What do you think about an air cleaning power. Transform, or Change Environment?
  14. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    I like it though. Makes sense to cover major pollution with a stronger form of the power, but still have better results if the same amount of effort is put into an easier task.
  15. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    Then would it just be better maybe to make it Major, and if I do pay for Major, would it likely just process more water if said water was less polluted? Or would it still only process the same volume of water regardless of pollution in your opinion?