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  1. HS6E GM Screen

    Thank you very much.
  2. I was searching the one for MHI and I've only found the official ones for Narosia and generic Hero system, sorry to say this but the support for the games is really bad.
  3. It's an optional rule, perhaps they changed it for this game, personally as it is optional I would not have included it but I'm biased, I also dislike the to hit modifiers, -8 to head with 3d6 is a big percentage down, -6 to hands which should be smaller than a head... I'm surprised, I find the editing really good, perhaps I dislike some design choices and costs but the only problems I've found are 3-4 erratas in the monsters for the rPD/rED totals, another possible errata with the teamwork skill for wargs and a bad explanation for armor rolls. Compared to other games like D&D, Warhammer rpg games, first Savage worlds deluxe, etc full of erratas this game is top notch. I also like the clean background, good layout (except some advantages/disadvantages), etc. What I don't like is how it has some retouched photos for some monsters insteads of drawings, they don't look good. In my opinion the only thing lacking is an introductory adventure, I would have put one instead of some "playable" monster templates, the NPCs from other organizations and the optional rules. Some more info about the other organizations and how they interact could have been interesting, but the first books don't use them, that's another thing I don't like about them, I was hyped after reading the game but they've been a bit disappointing for me.
  4. I think I'm going to let the players roll their armors, it should be fast and they will like rolling dice. From what I've read the multipliers go before defenses, at least it works that way with stun using the standard rules and the optional rules don't contradict them. The hit location table makes things more random and variable, for players it's a double edge sword, a good sniper would be able to kill faster but he would also die easier, another thing is that for some monsters doesn't work well, for example vampires are already dead, there are no vitals, I should add the no location rule to them. Another option would be to not use the damage modifiers, only the locations, perhaps use a d10 or d12 to roll less dice. As monsters are not designed with weak points for now I'm leaning towards armor rolls for players and a flat -5max to hit an specific location, I'll have to think about it a bit more or try both methods, perhaps reduce the damage negation of some creatures in some places, to represent the weak points they have in the book. In MHI you can only add damage with special ammunition, better weapons, some combat maneuvers and powers, combat skill levels only add OCV or DCV. I think the author have used some kind of maxima, for example Franks is capped at 20STR as werewolves, but they come with powers that add damage, and most humans are below 20 in their stats, OCV is below 8 for most, etc. I think I'm going to use a hard limit (to avoid problems with the group min-maxer) and a lower soft limit for character creation instead of changing the price of the combat skills. My idea is to let the players create some noobs, survive an incident with some monsters, then start training for MHI (I was going to use the competition instead of MHI and a doppleganger assassin, but I've started the second book and the author already went that way with a better plot, I'll save the plot for later as the books have not been published in my language and my friends haven't read them), some initial hunt with a twist (here they should have their 200exp) and recreate the Machado incident my way (I like when the narrative stays low profile, not apocalyptic with resurrections, chosen ones, temporal disruptions, etc). Or perhaps start directly with the training to let the players get accustomed to the system while they compete on different tests. Has anyone done the 6 adventures that come for 5$? I would like to know if they are interesting and how much do they last.
  5. Thank you, practically is only a few errata. 3 mouths identical and 3 claws identical, same damage and costs, only different numerically. I think I'll use the autofire rules as they use them with the optional zombie. The power says you get an additional EGO/5, but the only NPC with this power doesn't have this bonus, that's basically the doubt. The template of the minotaur also says 12rPD/8rED, so it seems the errata is in the total. I have only read the first book so I don't know how they are in the novels but this monster in the game is a super tank. I'm also going to change Harbinger's minotaur hide jacket to 12rPD/8rED instead of Damage negation (12DC physical/6DC energy), it makes more sense (why would he use the MHI armor?) and I'll avoid players searching minotaurs to poison them. I've seen the Zombie has Autofire as an option for multiple arms, without an official answer I'll use the same with the Soggoth but only for different targets, it will be more dangerous if the players aren't separated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another doubt, the armor works with a roll, it says: "Activation Roll representing how much of the body it covers. An activation roll 14- means the armor covers Hit Locations 3-5 (the helmet), 7-14 (the arms, torso, thighs), and 16-18 (lower legs and feet)." Add ceramic plates : "protects hit locations 10-11, activation roll 11-". Do you roll 14- for armor and if you pass 11- for plates, or do you roll one time and if it is 14- you add armor and if it is 11- you add armor+plates? If you use the optional hit location rules I suppose you don't have to roll the activation of armor, no? I was going to use those rules but there are some problems, damage can be doubled (if the rule is optional the monsters are not built around it and they could be killed faster) and percentages are very different between the two methods: 3 0.46% 4 1.39% 5 2.78% 6 4.63% 7 6.94% 8 9.72% 9 11.57% 10 12.50% 10- 50% 11 12.50% 11- 62.50% 12 11.57% 12- 74.07% 13 9.72% 13- 83.80% 14 6.94% 14- 90.74% 15 4.63% 16 2.78% 17 1.39% 18 0.46% For example: Ceramic plates: Hit locations 10-11 --> 25% Ceramic plates: Armor activation roll 11- --> 62.5% Full jacket : Hit locations 7-13 --> 74,52% to hit the location <-- 12- =74.07% Full jacket: Armor activation roll 11- --> 62.5% MHI armor : Hit locations 3-6, 9-13 --> 67.12% <-- 74%=12- , 62.5%=11- MHI armor : Armor roll 14- --> 90.74% I don't understand what's the point with the hit location table, it changes the balance of the game with different damage maximums and defenses. Also the MHI armor looks like it should cover more parts of the body than what the description says. This is also rare, the combat levels, not sure how they were tested but for example 10 points for +1 OCV or DCV is bad value when you can have +1 to both for the same price, I suspect my players won't use the ones with high costs. Perhaps I should change the costs of CSLs, or cap the stats at the minimum value of legendary level, this way if my players max the OCV they have to pick CSLs, and most NPC who are "normal humans" are below those levels with the exception of their Stun and Endurance stats. Did you have problems with the combat levels in your games?
  6. Hello, I'm new here, just bought the game one week ago, it's great but I'm having some problems. There are some things I don't understand about the total PD/ED of some creatures, not sure if they are wrong (is there any file with all the errata?) or if I'm missing something: Zombie 4PD c=9 Total: 4PD(4rPD) 2ED c=3 Total: 2ED (2rED) Zombie's body --> 2PD c=4 only slashing or piercing (-1/2) Zombie's body --> 2PD c=3 only piercing (-1) Zombie's body --> Resistant (+1/2) 8PD/2ED c=15 Does it work this way? 8rPD against piercing, 6rPD against slashing, 4rPD/2rED against the rest. Why not 4PD against piercing (-1) and 2PD against slashing (-1)? To save points? Wight 8PD c=6 Total: 8PD(6rPD) 8ED c=6 Total: 8ED (6rED) Wight's body --> 2PD c=1 only slashing or piercing (-1/2) Wight's body --> 2PD c=1 only piercing (-1) Wight's body --> Resistant (+1/2) 10PD/6ED c=8 I'm lost here, I can only think on 2 options: - 12PD/10rPD against piercing, 10rPD against slashing, 8rPD/6rED against the rest. - Wights body --> Resistant (+1/2) 6PD/6ED c=6? Minotaur 12PD c=10 Total: 12PD(3rPD) 8ED c=6 Total: 8ED(3rED) Hide --> Resistant (+1/2) 12PD/8ED c=10 ¿¿?? Burrower 6PD c=15 Total: 14PD(12rPD) 3ED c=6 Total: 11ED(10rED) Burrower's body --> 2PD c=4 only slashing or piercing (-1/2) Burrower's body --> 2PD c=3 only piercing (-1) Burrower's body --> Resistant (+1/2) 8PD/2ED c=15 Armor plating --> Resistant protection 8PD/8ED c=48 activation roll 11- (-1/2) 8rPD/8rED rolling (11-) + (10PD/8rPD against piercing, 8rPD against slashing, 6rPD/3ED/2rED against the rest) ??? 14rPD instead of 12? Gargoyle This is not important, only related to cost, the damage negation is a defensive power and standard power, but it doesn't get multiplied by 3 as the Takes no stun power says. Shoggoth Something is missing here, the rest of monsters have claws, not claw I and claw II as powers, this one has Mouth I, Mouth II, Mouth III, Hand I, Hand II, Hand III, each three of them exactly the same. It seems it should make more than one attack per phase but there is no multiattack. How have you used the Shoggoth in your games? 1 attack or multiattack of mouths+hands or multiattack of mouths or multiattack of hands or 3mouths+3hands at the base OCV or 3 mouths at the base OCV or 3 hands at the base OCV ? Another question, do you add EGO/5 to Mental defense? Thanks for your help.