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  1. "Maybe we should make a separate NaNoWriMo thread?"- Pattern Ghost Yeah, let's do that!
  2. Can we forgive old movies?

    I missed my calling???
  3. Justice League Film

    Thought I was alone in that. Disney is wanting Marvel level franchising from Star Wars. I'm not sure it's really going to work quality wise, but who knows?
  4. I'm tired of superhero movies, but...

    I want a Nightwing movie, mini series, or TV show. I would love them to adapt the Dixon Bludhaven storyliine. I want Dick to be fun, a chatter box, and yet clearly shaped and molded by a man who was a second father to him and nearly impossible to please. I want him being the chick magnet he is, and let the ladies (Or gents of that persuasion) enjoy a few man candy moments because that's part of the gag. She-Hulk as Jennifer Walters fun loving Alter-Ego, her classic style, needs to be a thing already. Unfortunately, Marvel's current appearances seemed to have decided her name is sexist or something (Folks accept Supergirl, you think the public would tolerate a She-Prefix) and keep trying to ####ing angst her up! Every bleeping event. We are allowed to have a little joy darn it. Play it up as a bit of comedy action with legal proceedings, and rather than have it be a "I have no control" have it be a way she learns more about herself from both her sides about life love, and punching bad guys.
  5. Justice League Film

    Nope. They've come in a lot of variety (And props to Marvel for that as they have done 70s style Espionage thrillers, to Heists, to Space Opera etc) so not yet. Now, Police and Crime Dramas on TV? If they stopped making those for a 3 year break I'd be quite happy.
  6. This is an experiment to get my ass writing again. Whether I will ever actually use this in a published work or not remains to be seen, but I need to get myself motivated and I figure trying a bit of writing here might help. This will be the roughest of Rough Drafts. I Hope folks enjoy. I'll try to write at least a paragraph each day. Let me tell you something about superhero costumes; they work best in certain situations. Most of us, superheroes that is, are in good physical shape. Even if your powers aren't physical in nature, you end up dodging, chasing (or fleeing), punching now and then, and generally working up a sweat just to get by. Some of us are blessed with super metabolisms and a natural physique we don't even have to work at, sure, but for most it's a matter of survival to get into shape. If you're wheezing within five minutes of a fight- you may die. And we've all heard stories of well intentioned wanna-bes who tried to pull someone from a burning building or other danger, only to find they didn't have the upper arm strength. We are not, contrary to what you might see in comic books, all runway models, ballet dancers, or power lifters in build, but we are fit. And from the point of vanity? Thank goodness, or we might look even more ridiculous than we already do. Costumes are best in motion, or shadow. In motion, we are blurs of color coming to rescue you. We are brightly lit beacons of hope to stand against dark clad denizens of dastardly deeds yadda yadda. Motion can demonstrate power: it forces the observer's eye to grade by speed and grace rather than registering 'is that a grown man in tights'? Shadows keep you from looking garish, they dim the flaws in the stitching if you have any. There's an element of mystery. There's a reason candles are aids in romance; low lighting is a cheap beauty enhancement for the homeliest guy or gal. Now, my outfit? I think it's pretty good. Essentially it's a glorified sleeveless wetsuit of green so dark it's nearly black with regular green highlights. Yes, I know I just made a comment about bright colors earlier, but dark colors are the refuge of the body conscious and that is not likely to change. Besides, the darker green background makes those lighter highlights really pop. Of course, there are added touches beyond that. Gloves and foot wear that adapt when I'm in water, a mask that is a mix of the same material as the wetsuit melded with some goggles, slightly tinted. I keep my hair short, many swimmers do. And, of course, there's the Eel on my chest. It probably looks like a high school mascot logo to some, but it's definitely an Eel, and as Eel is my superhero handle, that's probably a good thing. Why am I going on about my costume and costumes in general? Because I'm not in motion. I'm standing at a bus station feeling like a weirdo. And that's despite having sat next to some bearded guy in a fedora and a Hawaiian shirt who kept singing Saturday morning jingles the whole trip and then every five minutes muttering "No, you be quiet." But no, it's me the crowds are looking at now that I've gotten off the bus and am waiting for my ride from my soon to be new team. One woman is pulling her little boy away from me slowly and shooing him behind her. Great. Two teen guys are snickering and making comments about what they believe to be my sexual orientation. Well, that's open minded. I thought things in the big city would be a bit more tolerant. Then again, the teenage years are that sweet period of time where, if there is a selfish gene, it's getting amped up to the proverbial eleven. Who wasn't a bit of a jerk at some time in their teen years? "I'm a superhero," I explain to them, "My name's Eel. I'm be joining the New Samaritans. Happy to be here in Costa Sagrado" The two teenagers exchanged looks, then snickered, "What ever, butt muncher," One, wearing a t-shirt with a rude gestured stuck his jaw out as if waiting for me to try something about it. I sighed and tried to ignore him, while the teen and his friend chalked it up to be a win in the 'how jerkass can we be without someone putting us in line' test that is their phase in life. Really, what am I going to do? Chuck them into into the sun? First, no can do. Second, that would be murder. Third, people already think superheroes handle every problem with violence and I'm not about to live down to their expectations. Don't get me wrong, I am super strong. I could certainly grab both, leap to the top of the second story building of the bus station and leave them there to contemplate some manners - all in one smooth motion. Hell, I can punch through steel. But, like the man said, with great power comes ...insert copyright infringement risk. Superheroes need to be better than that. We need to understanding, tolerant, and polite. We should show that humility is not weakness and courtesy is not lost. We need.... "You the Fish Guy?" A voice piped up, "Sure as hell hope you're the Fish Guy. Because I'm late to pick him up," The voice was male, with an impatient tone. I searched the crowd searching for the source. It took me a moment, mostly because I wasn't looking down. About four feet away was a six inch tall man with a proportionally sized bow and quiver filled with tiny arrows. Of course, he had a costume, one of blue peasant shirt and green breaches but honestly, the detail I noticed was that he was six inches tall. "I..." I blathered for a moment, I admit it, I'm not the most experienced superhero. Not counting a rather humiliating beat down from a villain team, I've fought just one supervillain, and really ruined a drug cartel's day, mostly I helped with rescue and recovery, "Yeah, that's me. You're with the New Samaritans?" "Yep," He noticed my mouth was still open, "Careful, Fish Guy, someone's gonna put a hook in that. What's the matter? Never seen a costumed archer in this business? A third of the super teams in America have one, the other two thirds suck. My handle's Pinprick. Some folks only use half of that," he smirked. "Well, yes I've seen... just never heard..." This was getting out of hand, "Sorry for staring. Oh, it's not Fish Guy, it's Eel." "Whatever you think will fit on a cereal box, sport," The diminutive archer said, "Follow me, the vehicle is waiting to fly us to the base." He noticed the two teenagers. If they had been snickering at me, they were outright laughing at him. Jokes about him being just 'right sized' as a sex toy were crudely made. My brows knit. I guess I'm worried weird. Give me crap, and I guess I'll take it. Give someone else crap? And I get a bit guarded. "Pardon me, please, you're blocking my way," I said politely to them. "Your way to your boyfriend? " One snickered, "Does he fit up your..." before the comment could finish, Pinprick's tiny hands drew an arrow and fired in a motion so fast I almost didn't see it. The needle sized arrow stuck into the obnoxious teenager's shoulder. Right in front of my eyes, the teenager dwindled, collapsing shorter and shorter until he actually a bit smaller than Pinprick himself, and terrified looking. Not that his friend wasn't freaked out too, "Victor!" Pinprick drew another arrow and looked at the still unshrunken one, "Now, are you going to move or do I need to make is so Fish Guy can step over you too?" "Jesus!" The still normal sized teenager retorted, moving to the side as if expecting a cobra bite. Victor, his now five and a half inch tall friend was running in circles in a panic. I was appalled, "You can't do that to people." "Just did, come on, it won't last forever," Pinprick said and began to walk away from the bus station, presumably towards whatever team vehicle awaited, "He'll be fine. I just cut him down to size- literally. If you want to get technical about it, they were making a public disturbance, nuisance, and loitering. Pick One. One the less legal mumbo jumbo side of things, nobody but me gives my team mates hell. C'mon Fish Guy, you're part of the asylum now." I followed, calling back to the diminished Victor and his friend who had recovered enough to lift his friend up like an action figure, "He says it's temporary." but I kept going after, "I can take care of myself." "If that was the case you wouldn't be doing the strength in numbers thing, relax, Fish Guy. Like I said, I got the timer set on ten," Pinprick shook his head, "Frankly, ocean front city or not, I'm not sure we needed a Fish Guy, but you have a great record in rescue , got the super strength bullet proof thing going, and we're short a muscle man. I can't tell you how much your connections with Atlantis are going to help us out if we do get some water guys invading." "Ah," I paused, "I'm not from Atlantis." "Yeah yeah, sure, you're from one of the Carolinas.." He shrugged as if they were interchangeable , "But I mean heritage. Mother or Father's side?" "Neither side," I said, "I've got some Scott-Irish I can trace, my grandmother said her grand mother was Cherokee, but other than that I'm just your standard white guy," I tilted my head, "You're pulling my leg about Atlantis, right? It's not like that 's real?" We had arrived at a hovercar. I knew it was a hover car because -look ma, no wheels. Any other time I'd have been more suitably amazed. But I was still hoping that I was getting a new guy hazing here. "You don't know about Atlantis?" Pinprick winced, "Tell me you can at least talk to fish?" "Yeah," I said nodding, "I can talk to fish... " "Great, at least you can calm their battle beasts down if they... " He started to say "Like you can talk to your hamburger," I finished, "Does your hamburger talk back? Because my fillet never did." Pinprick put his face in his palms, "But your resume said you were an aquatic hero." "Yeah, I can breath underwater, go down to depths that would crush most people, see in lower light easily, a few other tricks.. but I don't talk to fish. That's... weird." The door opened on the passenger side and Pinprick shook his head again, "Just.. just get in the car, Fish Guy." "It's Eel," I said irritated, and also a bit worried that I was about to have my membership revoked pretty darn quick, "I'm not Fish Guy." "Yeah, no kidding!" He said getting into the driver's seat, "Doesn't know about Atlantis or any of the other under sea kingdoms, doesn't talk to Fish... hell, you don't even carry a trident," Disgusted, Pinprick spoke to the car, "Take us home, Mabel." A husky female voice emanated from the car, "Right away, Tiger... " And the sultry voiced vehicle shot up into the sky vertically like an elevator on steroids. About fifty feet up, I finally found the focus to ask, "Wait, other undersea kingdoms?" (To be continued?)
  7. (I'm getting closer to the end of the 50,000 but realized it had been awhile since I put anything here so here you go.) And I slipped out as the police rushed in. "Minors involved," I told them, "But the immediate threat is over, and the weapons are gone." "You guys can't just take evidence," One fellow in blue protested, "Even if you are heroes." "We didn't," I answered honestly, "It dissolved. Freaky stuff, huh?" The officer blinked as if trying to visualize that, then moved on past with the others. The other New Samaritans were indeed out in force. The whole team had arrived. Tornado was talking to a female reporter, a pretty one, of course. Pinprick was chatting up a commander of the local SWAT team as if they were old drinking buddies, which maybe they were. Arctic Fox has put ice walls up to block said media from swarming some of the kids who had fled the school earlier and had a look in her eyes that indicated that she was not such a respecter of the fourth estate that she wouldn't be willing to make someone wear an ice cube from neck to toes if they tried to ignore that boundary. Fortunately, the police had some therapists on site talking to the children already. I imagined a lot of the kids might need one. For that matter, if they could legally proscribe medication for stress, maybe they could set up a small dispensary for the parents of said kids. I'm pretty sure my parents wish they could sometimes have a hit of something when they heard about me nearly getting myself killed, and I was a grown man. I even saw Valorosa, and she was in a hover cycle! Well, a hovercycle with a side car. Which was amazing, I didn't know we had one of those. I guess that was the spare vehicle that had been hinted at. "Fish Guy, Fish Guy" Various reporters called out. I ignored them as if I hadn't heard them. This was a policy suggested to me by Pinprick, and it was a good one. He had explained earlier on that reporters would call me what they wanted, until I started denying them what they wanted, which was inside information on super hero news and more. My superhero handle is not Fish Guy, there for I would only respond to the reporters who called out – "Eel" it was that lady reporter who had first arrived on the scene, I turned in recognition as if only now was someone wanting my attention. She didn't waste a minute. "Brianna Freemont, Channel 6 news," She said holding up a microphone close to me, but not obnoxiously in my face, "Can you tell us what transpired inside?" "Due to the age of those all involved," I said cautiously, "I'm not sure I'm at full liberty to talk about anything until I've been debriefed by the police, but I can say no lives were lost today." "What were the kidnappers' demands?" Briana pushed, "What did they want?" Closure, I wanted to say. Justice at first, but then they got lost and almost settled for revenge. But answering that way would just stir her interest more, and possibly complicate matters for one or more of the kids. "The police should have that sorted out in the next few days" was all I said, then I figured I could throw her a bone, "You'll have to excuse me, I need to talk to our newest team member." "Yes, who is she?" Briana inquired as she glanced up at Valorosa in her hovercycle. I shot Ariana a questioning look, and whispered on the com, "Okay if I spill the beans? You didn't get to do anything per se, but at least you didn't get spotted next to a giant chicken." Her laugh on the commlink was both musical and indulging, "Oh, fine. Let her know." "That," I gestured, "is Valorosa, and the New Samaritans are happy to have her," I assured the reporter. As am I, I thought. "Okay folks," Lady Obsidian's voice broke through the commlink, "Sorry to intrude, but I need Eel to hit the sewers. Water tests were confirmed this morning, clean as a bell. Can anyone give him a lift to the tunnels?" "On it," Valorosa said, "I know the location of the entrance, and I've got the vehicle, so I'll just give him a lift. Jump on up, Eel." "Thanks," I said leaping up as she flew low over me to make it easy, I didn't quite slip into the sidecar, instead giving her hopeful look. "Great, isn’t it?" She grinned revving the engine. "Yeah," I said, "I bet it is. Ah, would you mind if I?" I looked hopefully at the main seat and tried not to let my dislike of the sidecar show too much. "Mind if you what?" Ariana inquired, then realization dawned, "Oh, you're kidding. You want me to move to the sidecar while you drive?" "Well, you know, since you mention it," I said sheepishly, "Maybe?" Valorosa rolled her eyes and muttered something in Spanish. It is habits like that that encourage me to learn it by the way. She's a bit too quick to retreat into the language I don't speak when I've clearly annoyed her but she's not going to say it in English where I might have a chance at rebuttal. I gave her the big eyes. "Well, it will have to be later," She reminded me, "I'm supposed to drop you off at the aqueduct and since I know the way better, I need to be the one driving." "Fair enough," I sighed looking at the driver's seat hungrily as I slipped into the sidecar. Jokingly, she sniffed, "I remember when you used to look at me like that." "Yeah," I pointed out with a grin, "It was yesterday." She laughed. God, it was good to hear that musical chime again, close to me. Ariana's laughter was like the soundtrack to joyful scenes in the movie of my life. "Of course, if we're talking you, the vehicle and riding, I- " I pushed my luck. She blushed, shook a finger at me in a 'no no no' gesture, and then gunned the engine to drown me out in case I really did want to say something suicidal today. That's my girl, keeping me out of trouble. Something occurred to me, "Hey, this thing makes sounds like a classic hawg," I blinked. "I suppose it does," She said as we shot over the streets, "You like it or hate it? It has a mute button for stealth operations and noise pollution I guess." "I like it, of course," And I did, "I just wonder why it has it at all?" "Oh, Lady Obsidian left it in, knowing certain macho members of the team would have fun with it, and probably pout if it made wimpy little high-pitched whir sounds instead," Another fond smile. "Certain macho members would," I conceded, "And I bet someone else helped her with that decision." She blushed again, then said, "Well, in all honesty, I did push hard for It for rather selfish reasons." "Yeah?" I grinned at her, "Like the sound, do we?" "It's the principle of the thing," She said as we slowed down over the tunnel area they'd investigated earlier, "Drop on down and take the grate there, you can't miss it." "Sure, thanks for the lift," I got ready to jump, then turned to her, "The principle of the thing?" She said to me with an absolutely triumphant smile, "Yeah, the principle. Anything I put between my legs, damn well better give me a low thundering moan of appreciation." I think I lost track of time and space for a moment there, I certainly lost focus on how to balance as I fell out of the hovercycle's sidecar and flat on my back. "Eel," She called out. The mask she wore did not fully hide the myriad mix of emotions playing across her. She was somehow worried for me, blushing with embarrassment, and wickedly pleased with herself all at the same time. It was only a twenty or so foot fall after all. I could land on my head from that and not be endangered. "I may have gotten distracted by something you said," I confessed as I got to my feet, sheepishly. "Dork," Her blush was ablaze now. "Male and no apologies for it," I told her with a grin. "Get to work, Casanova," She pointed in the direction of the grate she had told me about, "And be careful." "Si," I told her, miming blowing her a kiss. And her eyes grew gentle, and the smile softened and remained, "Remember to come into an area where you can make radio contact every two hours." "Will do," I promised as I lifted the gate, and went into the tunnels.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    And here I thought this would be a scenario about a fifty foot tall giant turkey and the galloping Galooper Good luck on your games. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours in return
  9. Wonder Woman

    Ha! Sorry, I weakened But let's be honest, six million isn't going to go as far on bionics as it used to
  10. Happy Tom Hanks Giving Day !

    No no, this is the day our nation is supposed to be using as a day of reflection and gratitude. See, in America there was this actual dinner where Colonists sat down with natives and they didn't try to kill each other. Mind you, you can argue that was the happy exception to a very sad rule, but frankly the folks protesting because of what happened after miss the point. Shouldn't we encourage the whole "Let's not be xenophobic ####s to each other and pass the gravy instead" mentality? I mean, that mentality would lead to a happier if somewhat stuffed world. One time we got it right, then war, genocides, and horrible cultural neener neeners. So the one time is worth trying to recreate. Of course, it also has to do with bounty of the land and how we should thank God or the Universe, or Bob who is the best shot in the village for the blessings on the table and in your life (Bob, it seems can not only nail a wild turkey at thirty paces, the guy gives great advice to young couples). Of course, you can be grateful AND Violent if you try (As Soccer games in England among the winning fans will attest) so moments like Sam Adams pushing a Revolutionary Congress to adopt it so our budding nation could be thankful despite the Brits occupying Philly. (Now a days, many would be thankful if the Brits took it back, but that's another subject, and you are allies now so it wouldn't be nice of us to inflict that on you. And I honestly thing turning over Detroit to a country would be tantamount to a declaration of war on them but I digress) Washington had his say too making the first nationwide one "as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God." Because we were free of British Tyranny, but not yet their excess 'U's in words like Favor. Lot of folks acting like Bill and Ted in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey thanking God, but for a most excellent country (We weren't a global power then, and who knew what was happening in Albania back then really? Was there an Albania then? I digress) The date moved around a bit Then in the middle of the Civil War, Lincoln, motivated in part by editorials and perhaps as a morale boost sent out an official writing to announce a Thanksgiving in November that went something like "Life is full of ####, when you look at it, from just a Civil War point of view. But onward we must go, with the brother vs Brother show, so I'll give you something morale boosting and distracting now to do" (Monty Python would later improve these lyrics in Life of Bryan) . And for the longest time, the last Thurday in every november was Thanksgiving. WHAM (And I don't mean the band) the great Depression smashed into America because of under regulated banks and fat catS (Thank goodness the lobbyists tell us that can never happen again). And FDR said "You know what says thankful? Setting our holidays to be more retail friendly" and moved it up a week. The republicans were furious calling it a betrayal of Lincoln (And snarky comments had yet another reason to exist many many decades later but that should go in the Political thread) . Franksgiving was not a hit with some. But in December of 1941 it finally got compromised to be the 4th Thursday in November no matter how many thursdays that year's November would have. Understand, this was before mustaches were on the endangered species list, the whole 'Movember' facial hair breeding program was still a long way off. And the country breathed a collective sigh of relief because now it knew when to buy football tickets. Of course, FDR's 'helping retail' worked too well, and now glutted with more than turkey, the corporations wanted more. Thanksgiving was eventually seized in a hostile take over akin to the Trojan War. A santa showed up at a parade pretending to be an ally, but hidden in the sleigh were thousands of evil marketing elves who convinced everyone that it was perfectly right that the every store in the damn country get tarted up in red and green like a colorblind hooker hoping to distract folks from her fading allure by wearing the brightest bling possible. Thanksgiving had fallen like a French line strategy, a lot of pomp, a lot of good intentions, and then suddenly it was wondering why a guy named Claus had it on the ground with its bloomers down. Claus, thinking the war with Thanksgiving was done begin the blitzkrieg on Halloween, and that war continues. But there is a resistance! Folks who know that Thanksgiving is not about junk you buy that takes up space. It's about junk you buy that stuffs your face! It's about family, and appeasing them so you can think Karma will get them not you because you put up with them this year without expecting a present. It's a time to be grateful for everything you DO have, instead of what you might get; which means you're less likely to kill yourself when you later hear about what Congress has planned as supposed 'good ideas'. It's about hoping or praying for peace, even as you scream for the death of the little man in stripes who just called back your football team's touchdown! It's about remembering the one time in history some folks achieved the awe inspiring moment of two cultures sitting down without killing each other, and trying to recapture that moment. You didn't kill your sibling's spouse, even though he/she is a horrible horrible person. Yay you! Thanksgiving in America is about gratitude, humility, and hope As we rub it into the faces of starving nations everywhere that we have so much more than them that's WHY we have an obesity problem, suckers! We're that lucky, we've got fat POOR people! I oughta know, I'm one of them! Suck on that folks in that small African country I cannot remember! WOOO! USA USA! I... right.... it's about gratitude. And, yes, we're grateful for Tom Hanks too. Mostly we're grateful he's not another Will Farrell. We have one too many of those.
  11. Wonder Woman

    For a time they did. Jake 2.0 was an underrated show
  12. Complicate the Person Above

    Pariah will be the one delivering the boom tomorrow.
  13. Wonder Woman

    Thank you for understanding. Now, let us go back to exploring the truly important questions like... why are guys named Steve doomed to have trouble in planes?
  14. Complicate the Person Above

    Pariah's answer to that question later in the hallway was "What folks with few metachlorians get" He didn't get an A either
  15. Wonder Woman

    I Mod Hat: Let's play nice and not go with the insults just because someone disagrees. As far as I am aware, direct insults are still something I'm supposed to step on. Maybe someone doesn't think Antifa is all that great an organization, it doesn't mean they're profacist, any more than someone not liking some Men's rights groups automatically makes them a misandrist.
  16. Can we forgive old movies?

    Yup. Like I said, Racism in that movie is portrayed as idiotic, and the racists as idiots. As they should be.
  17. In other news...

    Hopefully we'll be able to post at least as much as a twitter.
  18. 2017 NaNoWriMo thread

    Missed a day. Plot kind of falling apart in some ways.
  19. Can we forgive old movies?

    This applies to more than movies so... in general: Context needs to include details like the time period, maybe a brief mention of what was going on in the current history. War Propaganda, for example, even when you're the 'good guys' (ala the Allies in WW2) is rarely going to be nice to the enemy nor too concerned with their feelings. You need context to explain things like that, even if you feel it will never excuse it. Then comes the big challenge of who decides what is too offensive? Blazing Saddles uses racist language, and that may outrage some despite the fact part of the whole theme is how racism is idiotic and racists are idiots. There are some who want to ban Huckleberry Finn because, in my opinion, they completely miss the substance of the message because of the style of how it is delivered. I know the slippery Slope argument has it's flaws, but I do think that there are some dangerous precedents to deciding that if something has warts, it cannot see the light of day ever, and certainly cannot be enjoyed. I can admire Thomas Jefferson's contributions to this country without approving of his owning slaves. I can laugh at Kentucky Fried Movie while realizing that A Fistful of Yen is the very poster child for "Funny but WRONG". I'd hate to see either TJ's works or Kentucky Fried Movie banned entirely, and not just because returning the Louisiana Purchase at this stage of the game would be a #####. Okay, that's not likely to happen, but it seems to me there is a danger in demanding pristine perfection and modern day morality from all creators of the past and their creation. So, speaking for myself, I'll err on the side of being offended and walking away from something when I find it so rather than suggesting it be forbidden from even consideration by mature adults who have to decide for themselves where they draw their own lines. I detest the term "trigger warnings" but yes, if you feel something is dubious, put a warning on it for others (Though I myself tend to take dates themselves as a kind of warning) and try to provide a little summary context. Of course, things get more complicated when you talk about what you want your kids to see or not see. One person's "Absolutely not" maybe another's "They need to see this"
  20. The cranky thread

    Micromanagers are so damn annoying, mostly because they get really really petty when called on it.
  21. The cranky thread

    This is the thread for when you're feeling unreasonable, cranky, and/or just plain snarly. By posting here, you automatically concede that you're crankiness has made your arguements questionable at best, and that anyone snapping at you is cranky as well so don't get really offended. Don't post on this thread if you're in a good mood,happy, or (god help us) chipper... Chipper is what we do to wood, it has no place on the cranky thread This is the place to B*tch, moan, and complain about how lousy the little things in life are in petulant fashion. Enjoy... only, don't enjoy too much, that'll go against the feel of things. and that'll make me cranky
  22. New Series--The Orville

    Our security chief has had two episodes focus on her. I've enjoyed both. Her conversation with her parents had me very thoughtful. Is she looked down on just for joining the military, or was she already considered somehow mentally deficient and they were telling her despite that challenge she didn't have to resort to her job? Either way, it is an interesting bit on her background
  23. Wonder Woman

    So far, the majority of posters on the board who have seen Justice League have mentioned liking it, some a great deal. I think there are like 5 of us, which is not a good sign for its success.
  24. Animated superhero movies.

    I will second Megamind, which surprised me as I do not like Will Farrell And my God, when Megamind does his heel turn and becomes the good guy to save the girl One of my favorite animated 'fight' scenes
  25. Justice League Film

    Well, the Box Office for the opening weekend was a let down $96M domestic $185.5M overseas With Wonder a surprise hit, Ragnarok still in the theaters, and Coco coming in from Pixar/Disney, Justice League is in deep deep trouble. It has performed under Batman V Superman, and Suicide Squad, which is a shame as it is better than any of them (Yes, I'm sure many will say how can it not be?) Good word of mouth and fan reviews may not be enough to save it by Hollywood standards