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  1. Ok so essentially I have a power with a time limit that is set for up to five minutes let's say and has an RSR that is one minute plus one minute per extra point 5 minute max which is whatever the book says it is not important for the discussion. I want to limit the number of uses based on time so you can use whenever you want in an area or on a person but can't reuse it for let's say one hour. The only way I can thing of this is buy Damage over Time at +1A then don't buy any extra uses (so only one use) and then buy it with a -2 to the calculation every hour. This is a -1L which the rules might require I make it a +1/4A minimum (can't remember). In that case since the point is not to have multiple uses of the power but to limit its use on any one area (let's say its an AOE) to no more than once an hour even though it lasts no more than five minutes I will house rule the limitation can be applied as normal. Other than that is this legal and if not is there another way that one could do this? Not sure.
  2. Ok so earlier I asked a question about a character with an astral body bought as invisible always on for a 0 level limitation because it is linked to the projection (desolidification) i.e. the astral body is always invisible. I wanted the ability of the spirit to manifest or become visible so I have to buy a images with set effect to appear as the character's body -1L and obvious -1/4L image appears ghostly so obviously desolid not real etc. I bought this with an RSR and 2x end to make it expensive for the character to use to simulate the stress of maintaining visibility. So what if I want the character to have a magic spell for instance that allows him to change his appearance to appear as any humanoid. This reduces the set effect from -1L to -1/2L. What if I also want the spell to make the image appear real and not spectral getting rid of the -1/4 Obvious limitation. Can I buy this as a +3/4 Naked Advantage (paying 3/4 the point of the power) and then apply limitations such as RSR to cast, cost end and 2x end to maintain, incantations to start (image has to speak in physical world as well as body in the astral) and whatever other limitations that go with casting a spell to mirror that effect? Technically this is not an advantage but the removal of a limitation but does that really matter?.
  3. AS I understand it you can buy powers with a limitation range based on STR to simulate attacks that are limited in range by the strength of the character which you could apply to a Blast or RKA. You could buy extra Strength with the limitation only to increase the range of thrown objects along with the penalty CSLs.
  4. ultimate base (Example Kingdoms)

    I would say that you are building a hero/villain group with various resources. This will entail two things that you have to buy. The first is a base of operations which would be the country, corporation, government r criminal underground that the ninjas represent. There might be one base or several and there might be vehicles as well. All of that would be purchased using the +5 2x multiple to get the numbers you want. This gives the number of safe houses, hideaways, false store fronts, secret training bases, governmental buildings etc. that the organization controls as well as the number of vehicles that they have access to. The next thing to buy is a group of followers again using the 2x +5 point metric to buy the number you need. These are all the leaders, ninja soldiers, recruiters, face men, bureaucrats, criminal earners etc. that make up the organization. In both cases you don't have to define each element of either one just the total number. I would link the base to the followers to indicate they run the group. You should also then buy several perks for the ninja group including licenses and authoritative powers, contacts, favors and money. This will define your ninja group and give your players, once they research it, how many facets have to be undone in order to defeat it eventually. Good Luck with the Insurgency!
  5. If you have the Advanced Player's Guide II there are several powers, advantages and limitations that deal with time powers that you could probably apply The one I am thinking of is a Time Stop limited to the table. By the By what would happen if say a mischievous villain were to say break in and put you in the puzzle. Could you get out.
  6. While as a GM you have the right to rule that way and perhaps that is correct, I am not sure. What I suggest to you is that no player would ever buy the inherent advantage in that fashion because it would be a waster of 25% of the base cost in points. If the power can be drained by affecting other powers then the advantage has no real benefit. Personally I would not allow this for the same reason other advantages and limitations that are at odds are not allowed. IF you have Life Support Do Not Need to Breathe you are barred from having the complication 2x damage from suffocation. By clever manipulation of limitations and advantages a savvy player could probably find a way to avoid the UP limitation by that. But that's just me.
  7. Hmmm..... I am kind of not seeing the bite attack as part of the martial arts. I want the character to be less likely to hit with it hence the inaccurate limitation to halve OCV with the attack. The whole point is the character has to grab and hold his victim first then if he is successful he can attempt the bite which now gets the extra CSL. The trigger was necessary only because from what I read you could only make one attack on your phase. But multiple attack might work. The trigger is bought as a naked advantage so that it does not have to be applied. As to the extra STR for the squeeze. I want the constriction to do extra damage but not increase the STR for holding om. This way the character gets a chance to break out.
  8. This fine with one exception. Inherent advantages and unified power limitation should be mutually exclusive. If your power is inherent and cannot be drained then it won't drain when other powers are drained.
  9. OK So using the Projection rules for an Astral Body I have a desolid bought as projection leaving a physical body behind. I have also bought invisibility to sight and hearing group bought as linked to the projected form (it only works while desolid) and with the always on limitation reduced to 0 as iy is not a great hindrance to simulate a astral body that cannot be seen. I want the character to be able to manifest as a ghostly form where his spirit currently is. To do this I am buying images sight and sound 15 points with a +1/4A area affect radius 2m and the limitation No Range -1/2L and set effect form of characters physical body as ghostly image -1L I also was going to add RSR Spirit Magic roll -1/2L and x2 End -1/2L to simulate it being stressful to maintain. My question is do I have to buy Affects Physical World +2A in order to be seen by normal people in the physical plane. On the one hand it is a power affecting the physical world but the text says there are exceptions such as flight bought as usable on others. Does the advantage apply? Thanks
  10. Glass cannon syndrome.

    Want a character that can take a beating and keep ticking like the energizer bunny. Buy up his recovery and maybe even buy him regeneration. You can even have an Aid that goes off on a 0 phase trigger defined as When my character is Stunned that automatically heals Stun, provides Endurance and even Body. Not that point costly that you can also be Firelord the Great Flame Thrower or Tommy Chong Fist of Iron Fury as well. Just my opinion.
  11. Hi everyone, I am building a template for a serpentfolk type creature. Essentially it has the body and tail of a snake with no back legs. It is the size of a human more or less and has two humanoid arms. It can stand coiling up its body or crawl on the ground as a snake does. The arms are not needed for locomotion. It has the head of a snake with fangs that are poisonous and I am giving it a constriction attack. To simulate the constriction attack I was thinking of creating an Instinctual Snake Martial Arts. The main move is Grab Five Limbs (2+3) +10 STR (+2) and -1 OCV -1 DCV (-2) for five points. I also will add a Martial Escape that ups DCV, a Martial Block, defined as the coils of the body deflecting the momentum of the strike and a Strike, a quick STR strike. To up the constriction ability I will buy a HTH attack linked to the Squeeze effect of a Grab i.e. not with Slam or Throw just squeeze that does extra damage to the target being grabbed when the creature constricts with its body or squeezes. This I think will work well to cover what I want and I have a bite attack d6+1 KA, Penetrating +1/2A reduced Stun damage -1 (-1/4L) AVAD normal PD (-1/2L). I also bought it inaccurate -1/4L to reflect difficulty targeting the bite attack. The point of the bite is that there will be a poison linked to it that requires one body be done to a target i.e. the poison has to get into the bloodstream. This iI can figure out a well. The thing I am trying to determine is how do I get the bite attack to be made while constricting since that is another attack. The only thing I can think is to buy the bite attack with a trigger that is linked to the Grab as a 0 phase action the creature can bite while constricting on the same phase as one action. Note the trigger is linked and not the attack meaning that another attack roll must be made. Not sure how to do that. The last thing is I want CSL in the bite attack (say 12 points or +6 to the roll) that are only usable when attempting to bite a target that is helpless due to a grab to counteract the inaccurate so I guess this equates to a +3 effective addition to the to hit roll on a grabbed target. What do you think?
  12. Why can't it be used that way? Nowhere does it state you can't dispel natural powers or effects and how do you define natural. Can you not sap the strength of a tiger with a drain because he is one of mother nature's creatures? Whose to say that the natural effects of darkness are not just part of God's plan and thus a Dispel can counter it? The darkness has a defined effect that can be quantified into a point cost. In this case that is 3 points for every -2 PER roll. Treat natural darkness the same as any change environment and it can be dispelled. That determination is up to how you want to play the game i.e. the GM but nowhere does it state you cannot dispel natural effects. In the end it is what makes sense and I think this makes much more sense than images or change environment. Images is about illusion. If the point is to make things others see that are really not there then images is fine. But this does not do that. It creates light for the purposes of countering a darkness effect so while one could theoretically use images this is not what is happening. Likewise Change Environment really does not work. It would affect the area evenly. The mechanic does not have an emanation point. You would have to buy that in to the power with advantages and limitations. IF your change environment is to create wind then another party can't just cover up a point in the middle and quell the wind. Sure you can use these two methods to make the power but it is more clumsy and requires more Active Points than a cantrip normally allows and is to cumbersome. This method I think better defines a light spell used to help others see in the dark. It costs less points, is more realistic in how the effect works and is cleaner. So long as everyone knows what it is used for it is fine to use. Just my opinion.
  13. I think you are looking at this the wrong way. Build light as a dispel. Normal darkness is what -4 PER. Lets assume that I don't remember. So four penalty levels is six points. Now it is a radius 32m +1A but is an explosion -1/2 to the Advantage. You don't have to make it mobile but if you do another +1/2A. You can delay the rate the points return at 5/minute +1A. So a mobile light spell returning at 5/minute is 18 active points, 5 per 6 hours +1A more is 24. Now load up on limitations Physical Manifestation-1/4L Whatever you cast it on can be broken or covered negating the effect. Charges 16 is 0L, four slots (light spells) is -1L and Does not work in Magical Darkness -1/2L (assuming magical darkness affects are common and mages and priests know they counter light spells) So 24 points / (1+1.75) = 24*4= 96 / 11 (2*4)+3 = 8&8/11 round up to 9 real points Only 18 is / (1+1.75) = 18*4= 72 / 11 (2*4)+3 = 6&3/11 round down to 6 real points
  14. Mr Smith from the Matrix

    The Duplication could have a limitation Must have random human battery to take over -1/4L. That way the GM could tell the Smith character, npe sorry there is nobody around to see NEO so you can't find him, thus Neo gets out of the Matrix.
  15. Leland Gaunt from Needful Things

    g3taso if you remember from the book the special item that the individuals would sell their soul for or do nasty tricks anyways was at the end shown to be a piece of junk, worn out and useless. He was able to make the individuals see the item as really cool or beautiful because he put his devil whammy on them. Think of it as a mind control which has one effect, make the target want the thing so badly they would do anything for it. If you think about it the level needed might be at a +10 or +20 level tops perhaps adding in the I don't know I am Mind Controlled penalty addition. This is because the tricks themselves mostly seem like harmless pranks. The reason everyone goes crazy is that they seem to make people think an enemy is doing it and they add up. This would require high levels of persuasion, and KN Psychology, Analyze, Charm and other skills such as High Society and Streetwise because he knows what buttons to push. Maybe the victim gets the equivalent of a psychological complication from the mind control. The power could escalate the feelings of longing jealousy and hatred as a trigger through the focus the needful thing. Just some thoughts!