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  1. Thank you, Norm! Here is the direct link to the Extinction Event Kickstarter for everyone: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1587114462/extinction-event-campaign-guide-for-champions-comp Best Wishes, Laz
  2. Norm: LOL, my child said the same thing about the 'A' - sadly, too late to fix it now. *We've got the one PALADIN adventure in there (part 1 of a trilogy) and would love to do Acolyte and Outcast adventures too - hopefully, the KS will open some doors! *I'm gaming on Roll20.net too for the same reasons so I hear ya! We can add stretch goals if this thing catches some fire and VTT resources sounds like a great idea. *Answers: 1a. Yes. The $80 pledge level includes the hardcover premium book and the Illuminati level rewards that include the PALADIN level rewards that include the at-cost code. (Maybe we need a table to clairfy the rewards?) 1b. No, but that may change. Our intent is to allow a fan to create their own version of the book with house rules and their own added content for their personal, non-commercial use only. Let's say you love the PALADIN aspect of the book, you could turn it into heavily war-focused book. If Extinction Event catches fire this would be great stretch goal to add. 2. My buddy Carlos is the tech guy so I will mention this to him so we can consider doing that with the formats (he may have already done this). Thank you for the feedback! DreadDomain: Thank you for your support! See ya $unday!
  3. Extinction Event Kickstarter Preview! Here is a link to the preview of our Extinction Event Kickstarter that launches on Sunday, 2/18/2018. On that date the link will redirect to the live campaign. Please feel free to provide feedback on improving the campaign from now through this Friday, 2/16/2018. Please share the preview link, our website and Facebook page with all your fellow gamers. Thank you! Laz
  4. DreadDomain: Thank you for the clarification. That is an excellent suggestion for the write-ups. We went with the standard write-up format in the draft manuscript, but we are giving ourselves time for fulfillment in the Kickstarter to improve the manuscript and incorporate feedback. Steve: Only a few days to go! Thanks for the support. -Laz
  5. Hi DreadDomain, We love Sigil Entertainment Group’s work on the art so far too. Aaron Acevedo has really helped us bring our vision to life with the art for Extinction Event. What you see on the website is the direction he has guided us in and we really like it. How much more help with the art we can secure depends of course on how well the Kickstarter campaign does so please spread the word by sharing our website (http://ee.madferretllc.com/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/madferretllc). One of our goals with Extinction Event is to make a product that is user-friendly. We want to both attract new players to HERO System and also make it easy for HERO system veterans to start playing quickly. It is a fully worked setting in the sense that includes a historical timeline, character templates, geo-political information, weapons and gear, psychic powers, default conspiracies, and adversaries. With that said, we did write it in an ‘old school’ style (i.e. intentionally left some gaps in the narrative) so that play groups can develop their own versions of Extinction Event at their game table. Rules for Psychic Powers: This is a good suggestion and fits with our user-friendly goal – we will consider adopting this format. We used tables to list ammo, weapons, and weapon accessories to portray them as gear instead of powers. For gear like a Medical Scanner and vehicles we went with game information text. We will consider adopting a shorter format for those. We have not included a character sheet in the manuscript up to this point since Extinction Event is referenced to work with Champions Complete and it has one, but this is a good suggestion. Thank you for feedback the great ideas! Laz
  6. Hello Norm, Yes, we will have an all digital package (PDF and Hero Designer files). Thanks for the suggestions, we will consider them. By the way, I am the co-writer of the book (along with Michael Surbrook) not the artist - Sigil has been helping us with the art. Thank you for your support! Laz
  7. Hello Fellow HERO Gamers! I'm the co-author (along with Michael Surbrook) of the Extinction Event campaign guide for Champions Complete and the HERO System 6th Edition. I'm starting this post to provide a place for HERO Gamers to ask questions and give feedback about Extinction Event and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for it that will launch some time in February 2018. A great place to get an idea of what Extinction Event is about is through our website: ee.madferretllc.com. There is also a Loop Me In page there to sign up for email updates about the Kickstarter. Thank you! Laz