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  1. Another SHAZAM types, only a lot less powerful as he gets his powers from old Kings, not gods. So he's not very powerful really, but as he is still a teenager and is still developing, I can see him coming into more abilities as he gets older. I am thinking more MA abilities and maybe some leadership and tactical abilities. But certainly as written he could be a lead in to those Sleepers mentioned earlier. Power wise he's a Martial Artist and possible Captain American type.
  2. A witch queen with a whole country behind her! She's a queen who relies on a nasty spell to keep her alive. I am surprised she has no arcanist pool. After 500 years she should have some magic items lying about after all. The best part of her is she leads the Academy of Set an amoral set of wizard mercenaries. So I have mixed feelings about her. But in the right hands, she could be a very cool continuing NPC! So I approave!
  3. Chapter Ten Eastern Europe So we start with another of those time honoured traditions in comics, the fictitious country… The Barony of Volkavia. A small country kept backwards and poor because that suits the ruler. Oh, she has been keeping it this way for 500 years! With the backing of a cabal of sorceror mercenaries (A cool idea in and of itself) Poland is next. A tie to a lost hero that is needed is offered here, but little else. It mostly is we need foreign heroes to save us. But what is mentioned is a location of a WW II super battle that was very bloody and world changing. We are offered three of the victims and some hooks for them, so it is not all bad. Next is home of the vampire, Romania. WHY????? The most interesting entry here is the NON vampire, a gypsy (I know) crime fighter. Czech Republic, Slovakia And Hungary is given a small entry. Too bad, cause if you got rid of the vampires, something could have been thought of. The Former Soviet Union. Finally we get two cool ideas. One is the Old Guard. A criminal organization made up of ex spies, government supers and renegade scientist who lament the lack of experimental freedom. Another WWC in the making, but one that could be defeated. Two are Sleepers. People who had superpowers but kept them hidden for fear of being co-opted by the state or arrested and experimented upon. Now with the new freedoms, they are coming out of the shadows.
  4. Again more NPCs not as fleshed out, but enough to give a nice beginning.
  5. World traveler, mysterious benefactor, secret protector and defeater of dragons! This is the man who guards Amsterdam from the secret world beneath it. I find this guy interesting. Some good hooks and a good power level. It mentions that the secret world beneath Amsterdam has its own super humans. I could see him as a mentor to them. Power wise he's versatile. Strong, tough, manuverable and a decent ranged attack.
  6. Hell's Angels with powers City of Heroes had a group called the Freakshow, basically super powered bikers and gangers. Mostly they got their powers from experimental drugs and crude cybernetics. Well MENACE has gone one better. These guys have state of the art cybernetics. Be aware that these are the rank and file members. Higher ups will have more extensive additions with better stats, more armour or force field and more exotic weapons like sonic cannons and mono whips. SO I LOVE these guys. They just beg to be beat up. And they have enough plot hooks to make them interesting. Also you can drop them anywhere and they will fit!
  7. Chapter Nine Central Europe So we begin in Belgium. For a small country it has a lot of information. First a lost hero with a magical ring of power. Then we get a sword, or should I say SWORD, the Special Western Operations for Reconnaissance and Defense. This is NATO’s super team, made of of four squads, each specialized for different roles. Each squad had super powered members and some specialist and support agents. I really like this idea and could see it ported to other area, like the UN. Germany comes next. We get the reason for Germany’s recruitment after an attack by the WWC. We then go through various cities and some of the heroes and villain that may be there. One I really like is a shadow war in Munich where different WWCs that usually are cordial are actually fighting it out. I like this idea that the WWC is not a monolith and has its own internal fights that could be taken advantage of. We also get the German super team (really Britain?) and some some retired heroes from the former East Germany. We also get a fairly interesting super villain team called the Fables. I’ll go into them later. Ahhh, Austria. And a NEW WWC. Nice thing about these guys is that they seem to not want to play nice with all the other WWC going around. Even their name is cool, MENACE.( Multi-Eugenic Network for Acquiring Control of Earth). They seem to be the go to guys for bionics, cybernetics and even super-powers. The Netherlands and its more open society follows. Here we have a city above and a city below. And the sub city has links to all sorts of interesting possibilities. Here the Morlocks from Marvel are real, and they have their own super powered members. I could see a campaign revolving around a team here. Also Amsterdam has its own really powerful defender ( he took on a dragon at one point and won). Finally the financial capital that is Switzerland. And the home to ANOTHER WWC. WOW! I have counted at least three so far, and one in the making. This one is the reason that the Swiss have no superhumans. And he seems to be so entrenched that NO one could possibly connect him to anything. (I smell a large dose of heroes are stupid and easily fooled because they are good, you know the classic Lawful Stupid!) His major fly in the ointment is the MENACE, that seems to be going out of its way to peeve others off!
  8. Big, strong and violent. Perfect for those distractions! He's a human sized Weapon of Mass Distraction. The only reason he doesn't get caught is he can change form and hide among the populous! Power wise. A straight brick. Str, def, and lots of staying power!
  9. He's hairy and shaggy and has a PhD. I like to call this type the fast brick. Less strength, but better SPD and CV. Classic Beast from the X-Men. It works. Add his intelligence and you have an interesting NPC. In fact I'd seriously add to his skills. Acrobatics, Breakfall, more sciences, Survival. Play up that 23 Int.
  10. Haven't we seen this build already? OK he's got an interesting back story. But he's Cyber Viking without the robot horde. Seriously, go look, I'll wait......... am I right? One hook is that they both worship death, so a pairing would be possible. Add a second robot horde and NOW things get NASTY!
  11. A street level sort of hero. I think! The best part of this NPC, is that he's three in one. Thus he can get a lot of legwork done in his secret ID, and if one is injured, the others can replace him. Cuts down on those long hospital stays. Power wise, he's a standard street level detective hero.
  12. A high tech retro genius. You'll get it! So this is your Batman type nemesis. The one who has the intelligence, tools and man-power to pull off very impressive hauls. I actually like him a lot as he has some great hooks AND he seems more fleshed out than many other entries so far. He feels like a NPC from an ongoing campaign. Also with a bit of work, he can be dropped in anywhere. Power wise, his tech looks weird, but it works. One note, in his skills it mentions a bonus with a laser rifle, but there is no stats for it in his powers. So either make it a device from his VPP, that occasionally he does without OR stat one up. I'd suggest a dam 12 ranged, removable (12d6 EB, OAF) . This makes him nastier as he now has full use of the VPP.
  13. So here are some of the other supers mentioned. Though just given a quick one paragraph spot, again there is enough info to make them up if you want. SO..... El Águila de Sangre Grandson of a hero who has been given the powers but also a warped view of society. He’s more terrorist, but he views his actions as saving Spain from a soulless and godless future. Basically turn back time to 1960. Basically an energy controller like the human torch with at least five different attacks, flight, force field, and a high presence. They don’t give a PL but I would say at least 12d6 for attacks minimum. Sandalphon The angel I mentioned. They say an elemental, but as I don’t know what that is, I’ll say a paragon with a Str of 14 (70 in hero) a toughness of 14 (28-30 pd/ed) and flight. Maybe add a blast of some type as well. Espada and Escudo. Gifted with alien battlesuits. Hers uses a power sword on place of the ranged blast so 12 dam with penetrating (12d6 eb, no range, penetrating), and a few bonuses with the sword. His gets rid of the blast, and replaces it with a move object (TK affect whole object) and deflect (Missile deflection). El Matador Experimented on and then given a magical cape. A Martial Artist with stats at 6 (str 30, dex 30 con 23) and toughness 10 (pd/ed at least 20 resistant). He has a sword with Martial Arts to back em up so he can do dam 9 (9-10d6) and a cape that allows him to teleport 4 (20” with x4 NCM and a change direction adder). Los Nuevos Invencibles Spain El Abanderado and La Menina A brother and sister pair, that use the paragon template (Super Str, Fly, Invuln). Imago A mutant who leaves his body behind when he becomes superpowered. He’s an energy controller (Psychic) with fly, force field, and an array (Multipower EB, TK [affect whole object], telepathy, and mental illusions). Nevasca An experiment with cold powers. Again energy controller with cold. So the MP has a force wall and a change environment extreme cold. I’d add an entangle as it is almost a given. Grifo Another experiment who can turn into a griffin. He uses the warrior template which a fast brick (Lower str in return for extra dex/ocv/dcv). So str 10 (50 str) and OCV/DCV of 8-10. Add wings and claws and beak (3d6 hth) La Brigade Fantastique Marianne Leader of the group. She has police investigator training which she uses in addition to the psychic template. She’s a classic TK type fly, forcefield, telekinesis and a blast all at about power 12 (12d6 range) Baroud the ranged specialist. He’s a weapon master with str and sta 6 (str 30 con 23) and fight 8 (OCV DCV at least 10-12) with a set of pistols and a healing factor (healing self only and a high recovery) Arsenal Science specialist and gadgeteer. So a flight device, force field device and a blaster with an array (MP blast, flash, NND and 2x KB effects). Esmerelda I found this one very interesting, almost deserving her own build. An intelligent self aware robot built from magic and alchemy. So a brick with str 11 (Str 55) and toughness 11 ( pd/ed 25) and regeneration (heal self and a high recovery) and lots of life support.
  14. So a representative from the Faerie Court. A BIG, NASTY representative... So this is the guy to bring out when you want a big cross over event. His machinations are many, and he's powerful enough all on his own to take on multiple teams. Power and personality wise, he's a classic dragon. Smart, resourceful with enough raw power to require team tactics to beat. Seriously I like him!
  15. Chapter Eight Western Europe Well the first good idea here iis ECHO (European Coordinated Heroes Organization) an information network and warning system for heroes in Europe to get together for threats any one team can not handle on its own. I could see a UN version of this! Spain and Portugal. Well this is a rich mine of NPC. We get a legacy villain of a former hero, an angel (literally) who is called upon when things are their most dire, a husband and wife team of battlesuit users called Sword and Shield, and a pair of bionic mercenaries who seem very nasty and have ties to a new WWC, this one that is very hidden and very dangerous. Not finished, we get a representative from Fairy that can literally take on multiple teams (his first appearance forced the summoning of the angel mentioned above, if that gives you an idea) and a cyberpunk villain who looks strange but is more powerful than he looks. We finish up with a solo hero who reminds me of Cheshire Cat from Champions and a spanish super team called Los Nuevos Invencibles. France and Monaco. So a history of french heroes, the event in 1961 that made them actively locate and recruit supers and the modern heroes of France (I Thought WW II killed all the heroes leaving the area vulnerable to the WWC?). Some heroes include a street level hero in Paris, the French super team and an independants and two villains, one very nasty. (as an aside where is the UK superteam? Seriously!)