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  1. COH builds

    An archer with a difference So this was a Archer/ gadget blaster. I found that this build was very interesting as the gadgets gave me a bunch of ideas for other tools/ devices and tricks. He does come across like a super agent type, but given the tools this is almost a given. I decided to make the archery a mutant power using Sundance from the Algernon Files as an inspiration. And I made him Mongolian because I could. Power wise, he's a classic blaster. Sit at range and pepper your opponent. Use the grenades to set them up.
  2. COH builds

    Powers of darkness and NOT a goth. Impossible! So this was darkness and mental manipulation. So I melded them together. Her mental powers have a visible dark manifestation, and the one physical power she has uses her OECV to target (they get to use regular DCV to defend). Add a couple of creative utility powers and I think she's pretty competent. Personality wise I went the NON goth route. I am so tired of darkness based characters being made Emo's. PLEASE NO! So I went the opposite. Perky blond. Then it was a matter of thinking of a backstory that justified the skills and her reasons to use them.
  3. COH builds

    Classic blaster. Can't go wrong with a classic So an electric/electric blaster with flight. I decided to make him an energy absorber for use against opposing energy users. All in all he is a pretty straight up build with a lot of room for improvement!
  4. COH builds

    So my first inspiration So this is based on a Pistol- Martial Arts blaster. I started with the idea of a talented agent, basically on detached assignment. He still has access to the agency and a small pool of equipment. This includes his jet pack, vision goggles, basic armour, and his pistol. The pistol has multiple loads including a multi fire setting, fire rounds for those who are resistant to physical attacks, cryo rounds to take opponent out non violently and impact rounds to knock them off their feet, usually to set up for an ally. As well he has good HTH abilities. So he's a bit expensive, even with the discount on equipment, but a skill monkey is expensive. As well, if you think some skills are too low, go ahead and improve them!
  5. COH builds

    SO I have decided to have a little more fun with this thread. So using the power sets as inspirations, I will make five PCs from each of the following Achtypes: Blaster Defender Dominator Scrapper Tanker Note these will not be exact versions by any means, but just as a means to get some creative juices flowing and see what I can come up with! So stay tuned!
  6. COH builds

    So again some team tactics. First, assume that there will be agents about. Sands can request them any time he wants. And Sands is a good tactician and will use his agents effectively. Sands himself will be at the back directing the agents and firing blasts towards his enemies. His drones will support him, firing at usually the same targets. Wretch and Silver Mantis will take point. A combo attack from them can be devastating. If ordered Silver Mantis will sneak to the rear of the enemy and strike when Sands deem the moment right. Ice Mistral and Barracuda will hang back. Both are ranged specialist and prefer to be there. Sands is the lynch pin. The effectiveness of the other four should be a lot less if he is taken out.
  7. COH builds

    He's the simplest and most interesting of the team He's got the most interesting backstory, which means plot hooks. Power wise, he's the team strong man. Find the biggest opponent, and take him out.
  8. COH builds

    Another stone (or is it steel) cold killer So the lady makes for the villain the players will want to take out. This suites Arbiter Sands as if all concentrate on her, then that leaves the rest of his team free to attack. Power wise she's a spines stalker, and unlike Mako will certainly make more use of her stealth abilities. This is the reason she his hard to capture. She will slip away if ordered, or if it looks like she will lose.
  9. COH builds

    She's as cold (cold) as (as) ice (ice) So she's a bit of a cypher. I had to extrapolate a bit on her background. I like that she is an unknown quantity. This adds to the idea that Arachnos is NOT monolithic, and has factions than can be played against each other! Power wise, a Ice / Storm Corrupter (reverse defender). So a suite of traditional ice attacks with the Storm abilities that I gave to Scirocco. She's cheap, but her powers all work well together.
  10. COH builds

    Just don't call her a cold fish So the Powers are OK, but the hooks she provides are nasty. I may have gotten some of it wrong, but mostly I focused on Psychic and Cold powers. Add more at your choice.
  11. COH builds

    His Drones!
  12. COH builds

    So now the B-team, led by one of the most interesting villains in COH I loved this guy. For me the defining moment for him is the Statesman TF where he complains he can't finish his tea. Then he attacks. Power wise he's a Wolf Spider with the Mace, Sight Sheild and body armour. If that were all, he has two drones with him that will attack any opponents he designates, adding to his fire support. As a result, he's expensive.
  13. What can you Smash and Grab?

    High end hotel may have internal vaults for their patrons. A show called Masterminds had one episode about some crooks who did that on New Years Eve. And they were never caught.
  14. COH builds

    She's loyal, but not that loyal
  15. COH builds

    Just who is he working for? The one to watch. Of all the minions he actually is one of the more interesting. In a FTF conversations with him would be like talking to Deep Throat (Watergate) or Garak (DS9). Power wise he's a reverse of one of my COH heroes Lord Cumulus, a Storm/Lightning Defender. I just messed with the powers a bit, and added some sword attacks. He's versatile, but it does make him expensive!