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  1. Sonic Booms?

    An interesting idea -- thanks!
  2. Sonic Booms?

    Yeah, most people seem to think that sonic booms are constantly shattering windows, etc. It's more of an annoyance. For a commercial supersonic transport plane (SST), it can be as loud as 136 decibels. By comparison, a loud rock concert is around 120 decibels. Pain levels for most folks would be in the 120-140 decibel range, which is why they outlawed supersonic flight over US territory.
  3. Cloaking Device

    Ah, okay. I hadn't read those, "Battlefield Earth" was the first time I ran into them. Have you read the others? Are they worth digging up a copy? (Not just for that aspect, obvviously - for the story) Thanks!
  4. Sonic Booms?

    My apologies, I don't always have the precise lingo yet. That is on me, and I beg the group's patience as I build my vocabulary. What I mean is, assuming there is nothing in the game world that would change this law of physics, what would be some ways in which a character could specify powers/skills/etc that would allow him to travel within an Earth-normal atmosphere at speeds greater than Mach 1 but not to create a sonic boom?
  5. Sonic Booms?

    You wouldn't consider it to be under the heading of "Side Effects" like the various "Dangerous Exhaust" listings on p. 30 of "Ultimate Vehicle"?
  6. Cloaking Device

    Just found this in the 5th Edition book, where it is talking about IPE on p.126: "For example, a character might want to create an Invisible Darkness field which would still interfere with Sight of those inside it (and those trying to look into or “through” it), but whose source and/or special effects could not be perceivable." I could easily see that as an *alternate* solution (with Invisibility being the obvious primary solution) to creating a cloaking device. That would seem to eliminate all the debate over visible special effects, exhaust fumes, etc. provided that none of them leave the area of the Darkness power. Don't you agree?
  7. Cloaking Device

    I am of the same mind as you. Unfortunately for me, we have more than one GM in our group, and they can't come to a consensus, so they suggested I seek input from this group.
  8. Cloaking Device

    But the Hero Generator lists multipliers for Source Only, SFX only, or Hide Effects of Power, as well as options for single sense, sense groups, and fully invisible. > What special effect do the engines have? I believe it was the Psychlo ships in the L. Ron Hubbard novel, "Battlefield Earth" that I stole the idea from: the ships move/fly by means of continuous teleportation. (Game terms: compound power Flight + Teleportation, must pass through intervening space. Yes, I figure I could justify doing either power singly and calling the rest a special effect, but went with the more expensive compound in order to forestall arguments -- a failed effort, as it turns out.) As such, it would be an inertialess drive, with no need for emissions. > Why so anti-IPE on the Flight, anyway? Stealth aircraft have to reduce their hull's radar signature AND baffle their engines' heat and noise. Mostly because I feel like I'm being "over-charged" due to some in-group rules lawyering. The ship already has Stealth to cover the radar/sensor cross-section. I've already bought the power in a very expensive way (see above), and one of the reasons for doing so was to cover things like this. To add IPE, I would probably have to add it to BOTH Flight and Teleport, and frankly, after all the points I've already spent on it, that just doesn't seem reasonable to me. > the laser gunner woefully advises the captain that he cannot get a lock on and is immediately eaten by the captain. Bad gunner! ROFLMAO! Thank you, I needed that! :-) >On the other hand, if the ship moves by manipulating gravity (and would show up like a bonfire on gravitic sensors), the Baddicon cruiser, without gravitic sensors would be totally unaware. On the other other hand, if a Psi-goon ship turned up, their esper navigator may well simply mind scan the location of your ship. Yep, I completely agree -- espers, or several other types of sensors, would not be fooled in the least by this. > Although once your exhaust leaves the area it would become visible (and the same applies to your darkness field). It absolutely would, regardless of which approach the ship uses. ANYTHING that leaves the area of effect of the cloaking device (whatever form that ends up taking) would immediately become visible. > But you can't turn it into Invisibility by applying IPE. And I can certainly respect that position. That said, there is nothing in RAW forbidding applying IPE to Darkness, so what WOULD that do? Again, thank you for your thoughtful replies on this -- please don't take anything I've said to mean that I don't appreciate it!
  9. Sonic Booms?

    Ah, yes. I still love that movie! And the send-up comment I heard about it: Considering that, "In space, no one can hear you scream," they sure made a heck of a racket! ;-)
  10. Sonic Booms?

    LOL Amen! Unfortunately, my GMs don't seem to recognize the "Just That Good" power! ;-)
  11. Sonic Booms?

    Thank you. You all have raised some excellent points, and I will definitely be giving them more thought. Unfortunately, my original question remains mostly unanswered: How, IN GAME TERMS, could you avoid creating a sonic boom aside from slowing down? Mrinku's comment about Flash "vibrating between molecules" might be considered a form of desolidification, which I agree ought to mean no sonic boom. And yes, Flash can canonically desolidify and pass through solid objects. But logic would seem to dictate that either he is desolidified/passes through objects/doesn't create a sonic boom, or that he can interact with the physical world/causes a sonic boom, or that anything he wants to do while running that fast has to have the "affects physical world" advantage. Are there any other ways, IN GAME TERMS, that you can you think of that would accomplish this objective? Thanks again!
  12. Cloaking Device

    I'm completely good with weapon-fire visibility being a separate thing from ship invisibility. But I do have an issue with "Invisibility means the ship is invisible only as long as it doesn't move." That's the description for Chameleon, not Invisibility. Regardless, there is almost always more than one solution to a problem. Do you think that Darkness with the Invisible Power Effect advantage would have the same end result of making the ship non-detectable, as described previously in this thread? If not, what effect WOULD it have, in your opinion? Thanks in advance!
  13. Sonic Booms?

    The Flash. Superman. Iron Man. A Quinjet. The Batplane. All of these and many more can travel at speeds considerably faster than Mach 1, which means they're creating a sonic boom. What is a sonic boom? According to physlink.com: "...[when a plane] is going at subsonic speeds (lower than that of sound), the sound of the plane is radiated in all directions. However, the individual sound wavelets are compressed at the front of the plane and further spread at the back of the plane because of the forward speed of the plane. This effect is known as the Doppler effect and accounts for the change of the 'pitch' of the plane's sound as it passes us. When the plane is approaching us it's sound has a higher pitch than if it is going away from us. Now, if the plane is traveling at the supersonic speeds, it is going faster than the speed of its sound. As a result, a pressure (sound is variation in pressure) wave is produced in the shape of the cone whose vertex is at the nose of the plane, and whose base is behind the plane. The angle opening of the cone depends on the actual speed the plane is traveling at. All of the sound pressure is contained in this cone. " (http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae53.cfm) Note that this is a continuing effect trailing behind the character/vehicle causing it, not just a single-instant thing. So if a character wanted to avoid angering the local populace every time you ran/flew through the area, how (in game terms) could you avoid creating a sonic boom (aside from the incredibly obvious, "slow down," of course)? As a side note, supersonic flight by civilian vehicles over US land. So a military Quinjet would be clear, but any of the others could be up for prosecution, if the authorities could find a way to press the charges and were inclined to do so. In an "Age of Ultron"-type of political climate, I could see them being willing...
  14. Cloaking Device

    You bring up another aspect of this application that I'd been looking at. I'm wanting something more like the ST:TOS Romulan Cloaking Device. My thought was that Invisibility should cover it, but RAW indicates that the special effect from the ship's Flight power would still be visible unless I *also* bought "invisible power effects," which seems like I'm having to pay again for what should already be covered. But like I said, I'm not the GM, so I don't get to make those decisions. Literal "black blob" darkness is not a requirement for the power under RAW. "...Darkness can create a field that’s impervious to one Sense Group (usually the Sight Group). Some examples of Darkness include smoke grenades, mystic spells of silence, and blinding fields of impenetrable blackness." Any way you look at it, though, it creates an area that is opaque to whatever sense, and that very opacity could be noticeable. As has been mentioned already, Change Environment could make it harder to notice the ship, but we're still having to use multiple powers to accomplish what I think should be dealt with by one. And that doesn't consider the PER modifiers for things like possibly loud engine noises, sensitivity of detection devices, etc. What would happen if you bought a Darkness power with the Invisible Power Effects advantage? Would that give you something like the old D&D power, "Invisibility, 10' radius"? (and yes, I know you can add an Area of Effect advantage to Invisibility, but we're still stuck dealing with the problem of the special effects rendering the ship visible again.)
  15. Cloaking Device

    Unfortunately, I can't answer that question, for the simple reason that I don't know yet. There hasn't been a lot of space stuff yet, but I can see where it might become more prevalent in the near future. I'm not the GM, so I don't get to make those kinds of rulings. We have multiple GMs who have a distinct tendency anytime they don't agree on something, to say, "Go see what the HeroGames list group says." And so here I am.