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  1. D6 Star Wars to be Republished!

    To be honest, those reviews sound to me like they'd confused Force Powers (which were underwhelming if anything) with Force Points. The latter were the systems equivalent to other systems' Luck, Hero or Fate points and were available to all characters, not just Jedi. And Jedi got no special advantages there - they were actually heavily restricted as to the morality of their actions, while your Rebel Pilot or Bounty Hunter types could burn them for questionable actions without retribution. If a Force User used a Force Point for such an action they'd get Dark Side points. Force powers didn't "add" to anything as a rule, but were separate tricks. My Quixotic Jedi's most used power was "Resist Pain" to keep going while heavily wounded, as I recall. The characters that actually dominated were those that avoided Force powers and just sunk their characteristic dice into being ace pilots, or crack shots. Another little difference between 1st and 2nd edition Star Wars that I just recalled is that the former was set by default between Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back, while the latter was by default set after the events of Return of the Jedi. So the whole Force User scenario was quite different. In 1st edition, you simply were not allowed to play a fully-fledged Jedi. There weren't any left; Kenobi was dead, Skywalker wasn't trained and Yoda was unknown. There were Alien Students of the Force (non-Jedi tradition), Quixotic Jedi (Crazy guys that thought they were Jedi), Failed Jedi (broken guys that somehow escaped the purge but ended up crawling into a bottle), Minor Jedi (had some training but wasn't up to scratch). Pretty sure that's the 1e list; 2e added some more. Because 2e was set in the era that Luke was starting to re-establish the Jedi there were more options.
  2. More space news!

    Well, maybe it'll fire its thrusters soon and change to an elliptical orbit.
  3. Headlights

    Actually... no. Night vision lets you see in the dark, not illuminate the dark. A car with a night vision system (which WOULD require purchase) gives the operator and maybe passengers the ability to see in the dark, but won't have any effect on someone outside the car. To make it work like a headlight you'd need to start adding UOO and area effect and quickly start to realise you're overthinking it. Images provides the desired effect as a standard option.
  4. Can we forgive old movies?

    Dude, that one was pure Chinese racism. At a time when America was supporting the Chinese against the Japanese invasion, I might add. This isn't wartime propaganda, just everyday yellowface racism from 1937.
  5. Age Manipulation

    Given that there is actually no aging mechanic in HERO, it's pretty much a matter of choice. What matters points wise is how different the target is from initial condition to final condition. Transforming someone from a 10 year old to a 30 year old is a big change; changing a 30 year old to a 50 year old isn't, I can assure you. Maybe shuffle some points from characteristics to skills in the latter case. You could probably build what you want with a general Transform Into Older Self, Requires a Roll and a custom limitation; something like "add one year per point skill roll made". Maybe a -¼?
  6. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    Because you may not want to destroy the hands of the target, for a start, or maybe your powers wouldn't reasonably allow that to happen (you need to heat steel to around 1300-1500 C to actually melt it, but I defy anyone to hang on to metal heated to 100 C with their bare hands...). There may also be a reason that you need that item intact. "Unhand the crown of Kings, varlet!" "Never!" (Mumbles, points wand) "Centarius Celsius!" "Aaargh!" *Clang!* But I just picked that as an example. Another special effect that might do the job is an electrical zap that causes the hand to spasm and drop the tool. And all this gets back to the point I've been banging on for the whole thread in that Dispel only turns a power off. How it gets turned back on isn't defined by the effect, but informed by the chosen special effects.
  7. Hero System 5th Edition

    I'm generally on board with DreadDomain's post, but I found the merging of Gliding and Flight (Gliding was NOT removed!) a good thing. The power allows you to have one or the other easily enough, but having Glide as an option for a Flyer by default works for me. I used to basically build all my winged characters that way anyway, with both (sometimes in a multipower). IMHO Instant Change should have been formally merged with Shapeshift. You can still construct it using that power (Persistent with the Instant Change adder) and probably get a custom limitation on it if the change of clothes doesn't change your identity. Derek the Super-Model's ability to instantly change into any fashionable ensemble is probably worth a -1 or more; being able to instantly go from Barry Allen to Flash is a normal Shapechange identity change and wouldn't qualify for a limitation. Ironically, high speed characters probably don't need to bother with it, since they'll likely have a spare phase to change clothes under the standard rule. The changes to starting points and complications/disadvantages don't concern me. I didn't agree with the 5e changes to those defaults and am setting my own numbers (losing figured characteristics does need a 50-100 point increase for superheroic). Always worth keeping in mind that those have only ever been suggestions. Even 3e (as far back as I can reliably go) talked about changing the base points to suit the campaign and taste.
  8. Mass Producing Pistols

    Since it's the character that uses the item that normally pay the points for having use of it, your actual weaponsmith who is producing inventory is making skill rolls (PS: Armourer, Weaponsmith etc). Unless he's planning on equipping and using his product, he'd not need to burn points but sell them in exchange for money. This only applies to regular items! But, if mass production of enchanted swords is normal for the setting, then they MAY be considered "regular items". Typically, however, magic items are singular and require a points purchase (Fantasy Hero goes into this issue in more detail IIRC, but I haven't kept up with FH since 4e). A skilled swordsmith may well be able to make a superior quality sword with some bonuses, just as a top gunsmith can make a quality firearm, but those usually fall under normal stuff you can pay (a lot of) money for. However, it's setting dependant. By definition, true mass produced items aren't the product of expert artisans, though high quality manufacturing processes have an effect. An artisan that makes five vases a month is NOT mass producing. A factory that churns out 500 similar vases in a month is mass producing.
  9. Headlights

    Indeed. But not required normally. Same as light fittings and plumbing in bases.
  10. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    Dispel is the cleanest option to my mind. The power isn't destroyed - they can potentially put it on again. If you also want the target moved somewhere, you'll need to link it with a Teleport UOO. Teleporting the armour off the target could be done with just Dispel.
  11. Wonder Woman

    Yep. He should definitely go for planes with non-lethal bombs.
  12. Can we forgive old movies?

    Have a look at how they were portrayed before that. It's not pretty. Though to be fair, before the Thirties they were most likely to be depicted the same as Chinese anyway. A reminder of Detective Comics #1: (And those are Chinese he's fighting, in an American Chinatown.)
  13. Headlights

    GPS? No worries. That's not a universal here, but it's not such a big deal either. Phones have largely taken that role over anyway. Radio and music player of choice for sure. Vehicles are built as a normal character with a list of exceptions. If the characteristic isn't excluded, the vehicle has it. Your base Vehicle starts with STR and BODY set by Size, DEX 10, OCV 3, DCV 3, SPD 2, PD 2 and ED 2 PD and ED are resistant). It's simpler to have vehicles buy their movement because most vehicles only have one mode. Vehicles some things for free (zero END movement, a couple of points of resistant protection). All this for the cost of nothing. Leaping is specifically excluded, but that's probably a redundant hangover from previous rules where it was derived from STR. Better to mention that point, especially if people are mixing edition rules.
  14. Mass Producing Pistols

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_production https://www.ammoland.com/2014/12/making-of-a-smith-wesson-an-inside-the-gun-factory-look/#axzz4z7vohjnQ I imagine robots are largely involved these days. It's mostly a matter of precision machine tooling parts and putting them together. Some components may be suitable for casting, stamping, or injection molds. Guns were some of the earliest things to use mass-production (Samuel Colt was a big mover and shaker in that regard).
  15. Can we forgive old movies?

    Actual, deliberate propaganda is likely to be pretty bad anyway, whether it's Fascist, Democratic, Soviet or Imperial.